Communication Blackout

I haven’t been able to call out for almost a week now.  I reach for my phone and realize it’s pointless. I have no service.

I’m not sure what the problem is.  I’m not even able to make a call over wifi.  T-mobile sent me a huge router last week. It was no help. They are now shipping me a mini tower, which will give me 4G service, right here in my rural house.  That’ll be nice, huh?

In the meantime, I’ve used the quiet time to reflect on what I’m doing and how close it is (or isn’t) to what I should be doing in my life. I haven’t really enjoyed this. I prefer an energy exchange, but it’s been productive.  8th house / Scorpio types really do need to pull their horns in at times.

When is the last time you shut off the outside noise?

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  1. I accidentally left my phone at home today. I don’t miss it. I’m on a library computer. I love the idea of not having a phone. It’s addictive. I told my ex-husband he should cancel cable and the internet. We can use the extra money to take trips as a family. It’s a weird situation that confuses most people. We’re functioning as a family but are happily divorced. We’re planning on doing something for spring break, maybe taking a camping trip. Our son is constantly on his tablet and this worries me.

  2. I don’t know. Saturn travelling through my 12th house has turned down the volume in my life quite a bit. As a Libra with a 5th house Moon, too much silence and brooding makes me twitchy. All the losses and failures in my past come to the surface to haunt me when I’m left with my thoughts for too long, and then the sadness comes in.

    Years ago, I had no Internet for a few days. Felt like I’d fallen through a big hole. But something about being disconnected with the world felt nice, like hiding out in a monastery. I visited my sister and her Internet was up. Inside, I was torn–part of me liked the solitude of no social media! (I have a 12th house Neptune.) But I caved once my Internet came back on.

  3. By the way, my mom just wrote about this on her blog. She struggles with Internet addiction like I do (we’re both easily bored). So she bounces back and forth between pulling out of social media, and joining in. (There’s an opposition between her Uranus in Leo, and Aqua stellium.) She has Dad block her phone and computer after a set amount of time each day to keep temptation down. Now she’s noticing that her attention span has expanded long enough for her to work on her quilt and actually READ her cookbooks (the ones collecting dust thanks to Pinterest!) She’s also enjoying a book she has long wanted to finish reading. Like me, her attention span had shrunk to the size of a 2-year-old’s. 🙂

    1. I think that’s my cue to declutter my old sitting room and use it, LOL

      My laptop sits in the living room, so my coffee table has become my desk!

  4. My phone was dead? Does that count?

    The weekend that has passed, I intentionally reduced my internet access. I’ve tried to reflect and it was scary, loads of things needed to be communicated.

    It was heartbreaking, but worth it.

  5. 911. Here in NYC everything was off. My husband was driving his bus in Manhattan and both my daughters were working in Midtown, I was teaching at a College way out in Long Island. A 25 minute normal commute took me three 1/2 hours to get home. My TV and my landline phone were working. I suddenly became ground zero. Didn’t know if they were ok for hours and hours. I had fallen asleep from exhaustion and when I woke up there was a crumpled yellow post-it on my door. It said Tony called the Garage he and your daughters are ok. It was another 18 hours before they walked into my arms.
    Never again!
    Aries Rising

    1. 9/11 I couldn’t call anywhere and I’m in Connecticut. I was at work trying to call a rep in New Hampshire. My co-worker couldn’t get ahold of her sister who was near the towers ?

      When my husband and I go out on the boat or are traveling and on the go doing fun things, we rarely look at our phones. It’s really nice. But otherwise, I have it nearby a lot.

  6. A few summers ago during a monsoon storm. Other than getting too warm in the house, it was peacefully quiet and the house was glowing in candlelight.

  7. Last summer when the electric company’s manhole covers blew up in the air from the fire under the streets in downtown Long Beach. No street lights, businesses dark, elevators out, hotels dark. Creepy. Quiet. Nothing to do but sit on my 11th floor balcony and have a cocktail. Other neighbors on their balconies doing the same. For 3 days. Kinda hope it happens again.

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