Neptune And Chiron: The Damaged Dreamer

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“Let’s be friends!”

Almost everyone has bad dreams. Scientists say everyone dreams; not remembering your dreams is not proof that you don’t dream. One theory of dreaming, probably the most accepted, is that it is your subconscious’ way of sorting through the input rattling around in your head. In a way it is emotional, psychological collating and filing. Bits that are stressful or fear-based can result in nightmares.

Night terrors are a different category of sleep activity. They are abnormal. They are classified as a sleep disturbance because they are not part of the healthy model. Night terrors take place during non-REM sleep (REM sleep is when dreams normally happen) and are associated with disturbed waking patterns and sleep paralysis, seeming awake, eyes open but still in sleep mode. The result can be an overlap of mentally created images with the belief that one is conscious, and the result is hallucination.

I have night terrors as does my son. It’s not unusual for children to have night terrors and grow out of them. He used to wake screaming several times a night. He used to complain that his talking Barney, the big purple dinosaur, would occasionally speak in the middle of the night. I just chalked it up to nightmares and took Barney out of his room when I put him to bed. One night, though, I heard Barney outside MY room. That creeped me right out.

My two daughters have never experienced any such thing, though they’ve occasionally experienced regular nightmares. We all have similar familial patterns in our charts but my son and I are the only ones who share the combination I believe is reflective of our night terrors. We both have an 8th house Chiron aspecting Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and Uranus. His Pluto is in the 12th house; my Jupiter is in the 12th. The 8th house and Pluto are deep, dark and taboo. Chiron is wounding. Neptune and the 12th are dreaming. Uranus in aspect to Chiron is neurological anomaly. Jupiter is exacerbation.

Certainly these combinations could manifest in totally different ways but it’s easy to see in this case the connection. This combination could just result in really bad dreams, not night terrors, as well. Damagingly shocking dreams rather than neurological anomaly.

Anyway, some people are disturbed by spiders, snakes or clowns. I’m disturbed by talking dinosaurs, purple ones.

Do you have bad dreams? What are your dreams normally like? Do you have Chiron involved with the 12th house or Neptune?

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  1. Chiron in Pisces trine Neptune. Sun/Mercury/Mars in the 12th house. I have bad dreams sometimes, when they are bad they are not repeatable. Like demons etc.

    One thing that I bet 90% of my dreams have in common is that the atmosphere is dark and foreboding, like before a bad summer storm.

  2. I have had “visitations” and experienced some strange stuff, but I don’t relate to night terrors like that, and don’t have the astrological sig. you’re talking about. Not to be a smartass, but I noticed that my ex (the bad dad) has a grand trine w/Chiron, Neptune, and Mercury. Unsure of birthtime, and I don’t know if he has night terrors, but he sure has been a nightmare for us.

  3. I have Chiron (Cancer/9th) and Neptune (conjunct Uranus in Cap/4th) in exact opposition. I don’t like sleeping because I feel I dream too much and never feel rested. I have traditional nightmares occasionally, but more common are dreams about being abandoned or abused by lovers, exes, friends, family. I have one at least once a week and I always wake up in an emotionally weird place and feeling physically ill.

  4. I have had night terrors more than once. Where you wake up screaming and see something in the room. A couple of times I am sure though it was astral images.

    I have Neptune in Scorpio in the 4th house. I have Chiron in Pisces in the 8th house, conjunct south node, oppose pluto, and trine that Neptune.

    12th house is pretty quiet.

  5. not so much nightmares but i do get night anxiety sometimes that makes it hard to sleep. chiron in the 4th house. neptune conjunct moon though. sometimes emotional reality is slippery.

    i think shared familial aspects are so interesting. wish i had more birth data for my family! (no kids yet)

  6. I remember sleeping over at my best friend’s house once and being woken up by her brother’s night-terror screaming. I had never heard anything like that in my life, it was incredibly terrifying waking up in a strange house too those kinds of screams but what I remember most is his (Scorpio) dad saying “Troy TROY wake up, you need to come out of this everything is okay”. Troy is a soldier in Afghanistan, he was run over by a tank a few years ago but came out of it healthy and alive. Remarkable family.

    You know they say if you remember your dreams it means you are not sleeping restfully, that you wake up mid-REM cycle and therefore are not falling fully asleep. The only times I remember my dreams are when I take my sleeping pills (I’m such a Pisces cliche lol), and then they are intensely bizarre, profound and sometimes creepy. I feel very deeply in my dreams and and suffer for days sometimes with the emotions dredged up. I have Chiron squaring my Venus is Pisces, most of my most sad, affecting dreams are about love.

  7. oh. interesting. chiron (pisces, 8th) aspects sun (12th), moon, neptune, mars, the pluto/uranus conj… but i think pluto is too far out.

    interesting. i never did think in terms of night terrors with the paralysis/halucinations business. (i guess my research went in another direction cause night terrors is what little kids had.) or the time i got tossed across the room from my bed. (i was alone.) i was sent to a woman, though, who basically did a new-age sort of exorcism. apparently a trio of dumbass pissed off energies had glomped on to me. never got thrown again after that. i don’t think about that bit tootoo much. freaks me out.

  8. Chiron in second house. But Pisces Moon in the first gives me very vivid dreams. My nightmares are bad when I have them, but they are not night terrors. Those are excruiating to watch. My youngest, the Aquarian, used to have them and he would stand up in his crib with his eyes wide open and scream as if someone was killing him right at that moment. I could stand in front of him or touch him and he never saw or felt me..he was that deep in. My oldest, the Gemini, walked in his sleep. We had to put locks at the tops of all the doors because we found him asleep on the porch swing once and were afraid he would wander out farther.

    The Aquarian’s chiron is in 4th trine Neptune in the 8th. The Gemini’s chiron is in the 8th no interplay but his Neptune is first house and he has a Pisces Moon

  9. My 2 year old son has Chiron conjunct Neptune and Jupiter in the 8th House (Aquarius) and he keeps waking up at night and screaming/crying in his sleep. Yesterday he was crying out about wanting to be going out to play. I am hoping he will grow out of them. Guess only time will tell.

  10. I have Chiron/Mercury/IC conjunct, and Neptune in 12th but no regular occurrence of nightmares. I mean–I’ve had them, but usually they are very easy to shake off (a period of time after a head injury is the exception to this).

    I once lived with a couple and a 2 year old and she had night terrors–sad!:( But she did grow out of them.

  11. No, but I have Chiron in aspect to my Jupiter Uranus Neptune and Pluto! And it is found in the 12th house! Does that count for something?

  12. I had them as a child; my mother said it scared the crap out of her.

    As an adult what I tend to find I have far more often are prescient dreams. Chiron in Taurus in the 10th opposite Venus in Scorp in the 4th.

    Many of my friends reported sudden weird dreams– strange unsettling things, not quite nightmares but much more vivid– with all the recent Aries energy.

    And Satori… that quote is just creepy in context. 😀

  13. ok this is embarrassing i also have bad dreams about barney the dinosaur he just creepy the only one im afraid of is the original barney that did the “backyard show” (the 1st three episodes) my daughter wanted to watch it i wanted to see if i could handle it but i couldnt i made her turn it off smh his voice is soooo creepy look it up on youtube you’ll see wat im talking about he is soooo creppy looking and once in a while he’ll be in my dreams and i see him and hear his voice its sooo scary jus had one last night just want it to go away. now the other barneys after him im not afraid of i can dream about the other ones and be ok the other ones are not creepy and the barney that is out now his voice is real high.

  14. my son is 21 also. I just looked up Barney on wikipedia and was surprised to find out that Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato were kids on the show. huh.

  15. I either experience night terrors, sleep paralysis and sleep apnea or visit beautiful otherwordly places in my dreams. Chiron in 12th opposing Neptune in 6th.

  16. I hd night terrors s a kid! I have the Sun and Moon conjunct in the 8th house exactly sextile chiron in the 10th. I have Neptune square the Sun and Moon and Neptune rules my 8th house. I have mercury in the 8th square Uranus and Jupiter in the 4th. Pluto is in the 3rd exactly sextile Neptune at 29 degrees in my chart. Pluto is also sesquare Merc and quintile my Asc/bi quintile my Sun/Moon creating a yod to my Sun/Moon H8.

    I used to have night terrors where the floor would push up. Where, I would be elevated out of bed and I saw all kinds of creatures including gnomes and fairy creatures in my room. I saw my stuffed animals move! Crazy stuff. Needless to say I was traumatized. I was a bed wetter for the longest time. I slept with ny head under the covers every single night eveb though I vould barely breathe. Crazy stuff!!!

    1. Sorry so many misspells above. I forgot to mention the scariest part…. not beling able to move or scream! It’s the scariest thing ever. Feeling paralyzed like that.

  17. Natally I have Neptune in the 12th house as part of a Yod. Sometimes I consult the dream dictionary when I have vivid or disturbing dreams (during my Saturn Return/Pluto crossing Ascendant transits, I had a ton of dreams that seemed very potent with meaning—house dreams, car dreams, dreams of my appearance being foreign or haggard and old). The other night I dreamt of seeing someone hanging from a noose—twice. Maybe I feel like my life has been a failure?? I don’t know. Different dictionaries are saying different things about hanging dreams. ::sigh::

    ST used to tell me he didn’t remember his dreams, but he also believed the Gavapentin he took to calm his hypnic jerks may have put him in too deep a sleep to recall them. Once in awhile, though, he had a dream that he WOULD remember. One night he dreamed that he was being shot and felt the bullets hit him. The next day, his favorite caregiver had a car accident and was never the same after that. ST had no 12th house placements. Chiron in 3rd, Neptune in 10th.

  18. There is nothing scarier than night terrors. When you are fully awake and aware, eyes wide open, yet dreaming/hallucinating and cannot move your body.

    I used to think it was demons tormenting me.

    1. Sorry,looked it up…night terrors are suddenly awakening from a nightmare usually screaming thinking you are still dreaming. I have those too, still. I think whay I experienced as a kid was sleep paralysis with hallucinations. I’m telling you it is terrifying.

  19. My Neptune is trine Chiron, in a grand trine with my ascendant. And yes, I had night terrors as a child and was the occasional sleep walker. However, as an adult, I have beautifully vivid dreams, rich with symbolism, full of wisdom and guidance. Wouldn’t trade them for anything!

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    I have Chiron in Leo in my 12th house. When I was a child they were so bad that my mom’s friend knit me a dreamcatcher and if I stayed the night somewhere other than home I always took it with me. To this day I have vivid dreams and nightmares often. I try to write them down in the mornings as a lot of times they contain messages and visions.

  21. My daughter (5 years) has night terrors and has Pluto in 12th and Mars in 8th.
    My son (10 years) dreams a lot, also talks a lot when he is dreaming. And always remembers his dreams. He has neptune and chiron in pisces in 12th.

  22. Ow I forgot to mention myself. As a child already and now as an adult I dream a lot. Sun in pisces square neptune. Always remembering them and also analysing them because they are always messages from my subconscious. Since I am doing a lof of shadowwork my dreams are becoming much lighter.

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