Reality Check On Love: The Thrill, The Agony, The Accidents, The Fears

With Saturn in Libra, what I am noticing now is that people are really finding out where they are as far as relationships go and many if not most feel quite compromised. A gal on the boards just mentioned she wants to stop her divorce, her husband says no. Another man I know of cheated on his wife for a decade and it’s all come home to roost… now.

I know of a man divorced with two children. He’s so tired trying to see his kids and work enough to make child support payments, it’s a terrific impediment to forming a relationship with another woman. Another man had a fling with a woman he didn’t like that much. He know has a child he loves and a broken family that never was in the first place.

Some are realizing they are on a viscous cycle on the dating sites. Some are rethinking the idea of leaving their husband for a screen name on a computer screen and others are realizing they best get out because the next beating may be the one that kills them.

Most definitely there are people lowering their standards, in some case because their standards were not realistic but in other cases, because they realize they just don’t want to be alone. Others are raising their standards because they realize they’ve been letting any horse into the barn.

Some are happy or course – I am but I worry about my husband’s health and I surely don’t take him for granted.

What all these scenarios have in common is this: Love meets reality, yes?

How is your love?

51 thoughts on “Reality Check On Love: The Thrill, The Agony, The Accidents, The Fears”

  1. i am so happy i never moved in with or married my ex, as much as that would’ve been easier short-term. i waited for years for him to grow up financially. it didn’t happen and that’s the answer i needed.

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