Chiron In Pisces: The Endlessly Seeping Wound

chironHaving Chiron in Pisces, I’m well acquainted with the “endlessly seeping wound”. This came up in a consultation yesterday.

It’s quite a phenomena; someone can strike you at some point in your life, including verbal abuse, criticism, cruelty or whatever.  You’re left with a sensitive spot, susceptible to being triggered.  Someone pokes you there and the old tapes play. That’s a well defined example but your wound may not be so obvious.

There uses to be a phrase, “the walking wounded”. The meaning seems to have been obliterated or perhaps overwritten but it referred to someone who was walking around, oblivious to their emotional wounds. Because of this, they would act in different ways. They might be mean, but more often the person would sabotage themselves; self-undoing and the like. Or the person may have some pervasive, crippling feeling they’re not good enough.  They walk around like that. Wounded.

Some say there is nothing you can do about things like this but I don’t agree. You can address your wound and it will have an effect. To illustrate, I’ll use the same example I offered the client. I. WAS. HOMELESS.

I was homeless when I was fifteen; I have mentioned this to many, all my life. It explains why I am careful with money. ‘Hey! I don’t want to be homeless again. I know what that’s like!”  I guess, people are supposed to back up and say, “Ooh. Elsa was homeless…”

I making this sound stupid because it is stupid, but I never realized it until my husband snapped me out in this way: “You haven’t been homeless for million years!” he said.

Jupiter in Sadge, he exaggerates, but it has been decades. I got his point and it was a good one. What the hell? Why would that matter, all these years later?

In reality, I was homeless when I was fifteen years old, but I masterminded my way off the street, also when I was fifteen years old. Why not focus on that?

Do you have Chiron in Pisces? Have you tried to dissolve your wound or transcend it? 

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  1. Hi Elsa, this hit home for me. Not because I’m chiron in Pisces – I’m chiron conj moon exact 2H gemini.
    But the danger of being homeless is very real to me if I let anybody take care of that for me. I’ve actually been locked out of the house by my father, the place or room invaded by neighbors and flatmates. And guess what, I’ve been kicked out by my then by and his mother when chiron was in Pisces (2015). ANY time I trust people have my back it comes back. EVERY money I lend do people I’m supposed to trust, it never comes back. EVERY thing i let people borrow from me gets broken or just never gets back. How can I NOT walk around all these years with THAT wound. I kid you not…

    1. If this has not been resolved, then it’s an open wound. In my case, it has been resolved and I derive no benefit from clinging to the injury. In fact, it harms me.

      This is not to say another person may benefit from keeping their injury near.

      1. I see what you mean. It just that in my case, he way the world is right now, it feels like chasing a 🥕 for me. I don’t see how I can buy a home anytime soon. 😕
        It’s an open wound that I really would like to suture… thks for understanding. 💙

  2. OhYESSSSSSS–not just Chiron in Pisces but Moon also, conjunct 2 degrees. With all my earth signatures this does soften me up a little but I do tend to hold on to the pain induced, even if I have long forgotten the perpetrator (perhaps the earth stuff contributing to the holding on, as well); although I believe it is such an ingrained trait that I have incorporated it into my personality?!

    How I cope: Moon in Pisces, I believe, which aids greatly with detachment, employing the hibernation techniques perfected therewith, and it giving me enough sensitivity to try to practice compassion for the perps (trying, anyway). A lot of growth, especially these days. With Mars in Aries in the 3rd, you can imagine I’m no stranger to “cutting a bitch” verbally. At this point, with various more factors contributing, I retreat as I realize some people just don’t or won’t get it. You can’t enlighten or reasonably engage with a block of cement. A block of cement that is equally convinced they’re right, but I am certain they don’t know as much as I do!😇

    Truly, it’s been this way pretty much my whole life. I’ve learned to be gentler with myself as to allowing the frustration to affect me. The wounds don’t happen as readily but people still do try. It is not appealing to have those people in my life so I avoid them, remove them.

  3. Chiron Pisces 9th house. I was wounded from dropping out of University at 17 and returned for my degree at 51 during Chiron returned to Pisces. It was wounder AND healer.

    1. Congratulations @teeceedee7! That’s something to be proud of.
      I don’t have Chiron in Pisces but my S.O. does in the third house and it sits there with his Moon and Jupiter. Three things about this-1. He is hyper sensitive to any slight in communication- what seems minimal to me is a wound in the gut to him. I do have to be extremely mindful. 2. He was not treated well by his mother (moon) who was a bit abusive verbally to him. Thus his extra sensitivity when being committed with. And 3. I have never known a man with more shoes (foot problems-Pisces rules the feet), they are piled up in the house! He has a very difficult time finding the right shoes. And talk about the wound you can only heal yourself; he made his own orthotics better than any Podiatrist could for him!

  4. I, too, was homeless when I was young, along with other horrible events in my life during that time. True, that was decades and decades ago, but the scars that were left by these experiences are like raised wound scars that are on my arms that I see every time I look at my arms – the wound has healed, but with lasting scars will be with me for the rest of my life here. The experiences of long ago also shaped who and how I am today – more street savvy, more cautious, less trusting, more realistic – and, unfortunately, with health conditions today directly attributed to those long ago days. It can’t be helped because those experiences were real time for me that so many others I know have never and will never go through. Like a painting on a canvas with many paint overs – the original is still there no matter how many layers of pretty are painted over. I don’t dwell on the past but it is a part of who I am today.

  5. I have Chiron in the 9th and I have always felt dumber and less educated in all forms, book smart, street smart, emotion iq people savvy, and even astrology. The Chiron is at 21 while the MC is at 26 of Gemini. I don’t know how that plays out since I don’t really know that more than basic things in astrology.

  6. I have Chiron (conjunct Mars & Venus) in Taurus but it sits just above my ASC in the 12th and I realize some may say it should be more related to being a 1st house thing, I definitely FEEL the Pisces in it. I’ve been consciously working on my wounding for 20 years and still have not been able to completely figure it out. I’ve had help from so many people and still it’s not resolved. I feel like there must be something I’ve been missing this whole time, something buried deep and I just need to uncover it, I’m in my own way somehow, not wanting to see or know something about myself. I also have a lot of Neptune in my chart generally. My Chiron return will be happening soon so I’m kind of trying to figure it out before that literally kills me 😖

  7. Avatar
    Cristi Rasmussen

    Chiron conj moon in Pisces in 10th house opp Pluto and Uranus. Mother’s moon conj Chiron/moon too. Intense!
    Karma? A psychic told us I was the mother in a previous life.
    Any thoughts? Feedback is appreciated!

    1. I have your chart.
      The current Mars Saturn is aspecting this very sensitive part of your chart. I’m sure it’s overwhelming but I also think there will be an opportunity in the next two weeks, to transcend your wound… to heal your wound, perhaps inexplicably. In other words, if you are feeling hopeless, hope is on the way, for real.

  8. I have natal Chiron @ 21 degrees conjunct natal Saturn ( my ruling planet) @ 23 degrees. I felt hyper sensitive to any criticism in my childhood & as a young adult into my late 20s. Yup I had Chiron return about 8 years ago. I was able to overcome some emotional barriers then. Having Saturn in Pisces currently brings back some old memories for me

  9. Thank you for a thought provoking post once again.

    I watched the first pass of Saturn in Pisces go over my natal Chiron that is tightly opposite natal Pluto, both at 6* & only 8 mins apart. I noted that we signed the next rental lease for 12mths, during that pass, thus we have a roof over our heads in this extremely tight rental market we have here.

    Mars return on 19 July followed by Mars transiting over natal Pluto & opposite natal Chiron on 20 July, then Saturn will transit over natal Chiron on 21 July for the second time. This is my H4 Pisces/H10 Virgo axis.

    Endless seeping wound has been home/father. Father issue has been healed, but home security/stability, not so. Thanks for the words, “mastermind your way out of this”. So appropriate! Hopefully, I will be successful in securing a decent job. This gives me hope.

  10. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Chiron in Pices 1H. I feel like there are so many wounds – some caused by others, and some caused be me. I work on the ones I caused daily by living life in recovery. The other wounds reopen every so often – just recalled a situation that happened over 30 years ago where a “friend” absolutely obliterated me verbally in the presence of 3 other people. Nobody tried to stop her or defend me against her fiery rage. Was painful and humiliating. To this day if anyone tries to humiliate me, I verbally bury them.

  11. Holy cow. Your story of how being homeless at 15 (decades ago) and how it shaped your thinking long after…now I get Chiron in Pisces!!!

    I have Chiron in Pisces, 7H. I think I can look at this with more understanding now! Thank you!

  12. Chiron in Pisces at 8 degrees (and conjunct my Ascendant) directly opposite Pluto at 8 degrees (which is conjunct my Descendant). A big slash across the axis of my chart.

    I don’t have a weeping wound, I’ve got a missing limb lol

    1. I feel ya! I have it across my MC/IC opposite Uranus/Pluto. I have been navigating it in meditation for years. Its endless.

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