Grand Cross Solar Return: My Son

Dylan in BudapestMy son had his 21st birthday yesterday. It’s been a rough ride for him lately, with his job, with school, with friends and finances. This is a kid with a hellaciously tough chart, cardinal Grand Cross, Pluto rising, having a solar return with the Grand Cross in the sky right on all his stuff. I really hoped he’d have a nice time, but realistically I thought it might instead be “interesting.”

He started out the evening having drinks with his dad and grandfather. I figured that was pretty safe; what a responsible young man! So when I asked him this afternoon how it went he said, “I had a great time, what I remember.” What? What happened? “Oh well, it was all fun and games till I was throwing up behind the bar.” But he was clearly happy. I asked if he was hung over. “Oh yeah,” he said cheerfully.

So of course I asked who he was hanging out with at that point and he said, “Oh dad, of course, all night!” Zoinks. He just got home and I see there’s a huge gash on his forehead! Again, what the heck happened? “Oh, I don’t know, but it sure hurts!” he said with a wide grin.

So my whole point here is that things haven’t been going his way and the sky is brutal lately. But he’s happy! He’s having a great time! Sure it hasn’t been easy and things have gone wrong, but right now he’s heading out of town, spur of the moment with some friends. The only thing he asked was, “Do they have a tattoo joint there?” Lawd.

Even in bad times, there are good times. How are you feeling under the Grand Cross sky?

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  1. Well, on the bright side, none of his friends shot him with a BB gun.
    (I’ll never forget that story.)
    Happy Birthday Kid!

  2. Happy birthday!!!!

    I was feeling marginally better and then got more bad news. One of my friends is in hospital with severe facial trauma and fractures and is doing very poorly. It’s really hard to stomach.

  3. Happy Birthday to him Satori… wow! 21 eh?!

    I think he’s going to be just fine… point is, he may have a tough chart, but he has YOU to guide him & you are anything but blissfully UNaware.

    As for me? Well, I’m still standing =)

    Sorry to hear about your friend @Kashmiri… I hope they pull through ok.

  4. (((kash)))

    Glad your boy’s alright, Satori!

    Me, I’m doin’ fine. ๐Ÿ™‚ Things are tight, but it’s all water off a duck’s back, man…

  5. I love the quote from your son – ouch. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I feel a bit better than I did earlier, and I’ve just got home after escaping for a while, so I have to get myself busy doing something for a little while (working on something), and then see if I can get some sleep tonight. Drink some chamomile, and hope for better dreams and a better day tomorrow. (I had a very vivid dream about being sort of held prisoner by a stone-cold killer. If I did anything wrong, he was going to kill a young mother, and whoever else was there, picking them off. it really felt like I was there. then the dream changed slightly, and I woke up.)

    Sorry to hear about your friend, Kashmiri. ๐Ÿ™ โ™ฅ

  6. I love how your pictures are so similar!! LOL Same positioning of your heads and it look like you are watching over him like a good mother.

    Your son just sounds like a Cancer to me.

  7. I’m having so much fun I just wanna punch somebody in the face!!!

    It’s important to keep the big picture in mind right now. If the Cardinal Grand Cross isn’t beating up on me, that Pluto opposition to my natal Moon/Jupiter conjunction (in Cancer in the 12th) sure does like to give me a good smack every now and again. But that Moon/Jupiter conjunction also likes beaches…and sunsets…and sometimes when you’re gonna get beat up on (so to speak) a beautiful view can soften the blow. Your son has the right idea, and you know how much Cancer loves to take off and seek adventure. I’m taking my ass to Jamaica.

  8. Happy 21st!!!!!!!!! to your son Satori!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!

    and sorry about your friend ((((Kashmiri)))) ๐Ÿ™

  9. your classy son is a cutie satori!
    and if you ask me, sounds like he had a proper 21st celebration : )

  10. Happy Birthday to your son, very cute! Just in case he does come home w/ some ink keep this in mind on how our daughter told us.

    The summer after her freshman year in college she was yearing an unusual t-shirt “Jesus love me & my tattoos”. Dad asked “who’d you borrow that from” “no, one I thought this was the best way to tell you I have a tattoo & to remind you Jesus loves me & forgives me, so should you” to which he replied “Jesus doesn’t pay your tuition”.

    They have meaning to her & are inside her hip bone & can’t be seen even in a bikini. I still don’t get the tattoo thing but whatever.

    Best of luck to him & his future!

  11. thanks! “Jesus doesn’t pay your tuition.” ::snort::!

    my son got a tattoo on his right forearm a few months ago. he never even tried to hide it. I thought he was joking, thought it was a temporary one and he was trying to get my goat. turns out it’s definitely real. now I just sing the Popeye song at him. I think he was trying to get my goat with the tattoo joint remark, though, but my track record on that is not so good at this point. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Solar return for me on Monday. “… Things havenโ€™t been going his way and the sky is brutal lately. But heโ€™s happy! Heโ€™s having a great time!”

    Good for him, and yeah, aside from some brain in a blender feelings, I’m having a blast, too. Happy birthday to your son!

  13. Avatar
    Blessed Place

    “hey, he DOES look like me, doesnโ€™t he!”

    Hahaha you mean you only just noticed? lol. First thing that struck me – very forcibly between the eyes – when I looked at this blog entry

    Sound like you son is enjoying pushing the boundaries, as every young man must. Doesn;t soudn like he’ll go too far. Some of us need a degree of risk and stress in life – like those racehorses which adore getting into trouble in a race, so they can force their way out of it and bound clear to the front!

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