Saturn in Scorpio – Spider Senses

“Spider sense” is something given to Scorpio, but with Saturn transiting Scorpio, this is a skill everyone should hone. To understand this, recall Saturn’s transit through Libra.  Relationships, balance and social grace are Libra’s dominion, but during the transit, we were are schooled in social arts.  So what is “spider sense”?

“Spider-Sense presents a psychological awareness of Spider-Man’s surroundings. It allows Spider-Man to detect danger. The greater the danger or how close the danger is increases the tingling sensation. It also allows Spider-Man to navigate when unable to see or disoriented…”

– Marvel Animated Universe Wiki

Scorpio is known to scan for risk but is not limited to such. Scorpio will scan opportunity of any kind and this is for good or ill.  For example, there are things my husband wants to convey to my son, so he’s got his feelers out so he can pick the most opportune time.

“Spider sense” helps a person navigate life. If you learned manners and boundaries with Saturn in Libra, you’ll navigate with grace, taking your skills to a deeper level.

Do you try to sense things? Have you tried to hone your skill?

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  1. My intuition got cracked open wide about 2 years ago. I’ve been trying to figure out how to manage it properly since. It’s difficult when so much ‘info’ big and small is coming at me in various forms and I have to decipher what’s important and what’s not. It can be confusing. I have this weird thing going on right now that I will say something, either in my head or out loud and immediatly on the TV or radio someone will either repeat exactly what I just said or answer me using the exact subject in their words. And it happens with billboards and street signs too. It’s usually an immediate response, like having a conversation with the Universe. It’s kinda cool but again it makes me say, “what does it mean?” I’m thinking it’s just to show me that I truly do have the power to create my life. What you think is what you become sort of thing. That’s my take on it. I get vibes off of people but in the past have tended to ignore the warnings b/c I always want to believe the good in people. I have learned that I ignore these warnings at my own peril.

  2. I sense things whether I want to or not, and have learned to listen to it.

    Pluto in Scorpio is trine my Moon/mercury conjunction in the 12th.

    Spider sense serves me very well, and I’m looking forward to honing these skills even further.

    Saturn in Libra was downright grueling, I’m already feeling more at home with Saturn in Scorpio. (At home, lol…. it’s in my 4th house.)

    The challenge for me is not seeming like a total basketcase when I act contrary to all logic and common sense based on knowledge I can’t communicate.

  3. “The challenge for me is not seeming like a total basketcase when I act contrary to all logic and common sense based on knowledge I can’t communicate.”

  4. Funny, I was thinking of making a thread on this for the boards when I was trying to sleep, instead of actually sleeping. *smiles* Slightly different tack, though. I was specifically thinking of “hollow people.” It’s hard to explain (which is why I never made the thread), but it’s something that sets my Spidey-Senses to tingling. 🙂

    I’ve tried to hone my gut / instinct / intuition in the past and it may have even worked at one point. But then I got turned around a bit and wondered how much was true and how much projection and kinda slipped off the scales… I still have the talent. I just have to re-learn to wield it!

  5. Also, I wonder if anyone’s going to say they don’t have a Spidey-Sense at all. I think everyone believes they have it (and everyone does to an extent), but where on the continuum do you fall?

    Yanno? *smiles*

  6. Same as you Elizabethe. I try and keep it to myself but sometimes its impossible… I was singing this song and then it came on the TV. My mum wouldn’t speak to me for 24hrs.

  7. Thanks, E. I thought it was thread-worthy, too! 🙂 I just can’t get it out in less than 10,000 words at this point. *lol*

  8. I give my emotions proper weight and I think this has been a boon to my major decision-making. I don’t know if I have spider sense in the sense of being psychic, but I do try to intuit the flow of energy in my life, try to go with the momentum. And when I feel resistance, feel inertia, I know I’ve got to try a different tack. None of this is purely rational so I will venture to say this is my version of spider sense.

  9. I have a strong sense of peoples “energy” If its too negative I have to move away from them so they are out of my space.I have never really spoke of this because to some it is weird..I also can see negative energy in peoples eyes as well. My husband tells me I am a mentalist and very perceptive.

  10. I didn’t think I had spidey-senses at all. I thought of myself as of someone who can be easily fooled. I was being too Libra-ish, ignoring my gut and trying to be fair (because after all the person didn’t do anything…yet). Just recently I started to listen to my gut and be more receptive towards those senses. I still don’t know if I had positive results or not but I find this is a skill definitely worth honing.

  11. I realize how little spider sense I have. Saturn in Scorpio is pushing me to learn to identify creepy people and to anticipate things on the road in advance. I see how I have too much tunnel vision and I need to have my eyes and wits about me.

    I hope I can learn this lesson in time. I see I have to learn to be calm, to see what is around me and to deal with things as they come.

  12. @SaDiablo~ I constantly am checking to see where I may be projecting what I want, that’s where the confusion seeps in for me sometimes too. Most of my stuff is just random like thinking to myself, “should we go to the columbia restaurant tonight or should we stay in?” then almost immediatly someone will cut me off in traffic and they have a columbia university bumper sticker. Or one morning I woke up thinking about taking singing lessons again, later that day I am in line at the store, there is some hold-up, and I end up talking to the man in front of me. Turns out he’s a Julliard trained singing coach and gives me his card.(can’t afford him though) It’s this kind of stuff that happens constantly to me. I don’t know if that’s spidey-sense per-se but I know its something funkadelic. But then I get big ones very specific instances. Freaks me out. Not b/c it happened but b/c I don’t know what it means. I guess time will tell.

  13. I am a live antenna for sensing things, even when I don’t want to. My whole life has been a swim through vibes and atmospheres and absorbing other people’s energies, which I put down to my moon in the 8th along with mars/saturn/pluto conjunct there, mercury pluto trine and my pisces sun square to neptune. It used to overwhelm me but I think I’m learning to handle it as I get older and use this sensitivity for the benefit of others and myself.

  14. @elizabethe, I call that synchronicity, but if that’s your spidey-sense at work more power to you! 🙂 When I was talking about my projection issues I meant more along the lines of sensing someone is hurt or going through a rough time — is that real? Or is it me projecting my shadow?? Live or Memorex? Hm… *smiles*

  15. Sort of. When I was younger I used to have good “spidey sense” about people, but ignored it because everyone was telling me to “give [inset person here] a chance.” Of course, my spidey sense was always right.

    However, I’ve gotten emotionally healthier in the past few years, but it feels like I’ve lost the spidey sense. Or maybe people have gotten better at hiding their true intentions, who knows. Thankfully, the people that I had trusted who should have triggered the spidey sense have been removed from my life in the past two or so years, so I guess this transit will be for me to rehone it?

    (And, uh, hi!)

  16. Oh yes. Spider Sense … the tentacles of 8 are a perception that has been fined tuned over the decades. I came with it and survived childhood because of the ‘high-strung’ nature of Scorpio. Life and astrology have, and continue to hone these Spider Senses of 8. At first I have feared what I knew and swallowed within chewing; now I use my tentacles to feel it all, and what is right I eat digesting it for all its worth.

    Aging is an awesome journey with that sort of sense(s). Thanks, Elsa.

  17. There was an instance at a friend’s college graduation party. I walked through the door and alarms in my head went through the roof. On the surface there was nothing peculiar happening. But I just felt this permeating anger lingering in the atmosphere. Everyone was smiling and having a good time on the surface. My best friend was chatting with a guy that does her hair. His name was Pinky. My head almost exploded as I watched her talk to him. I told her after she finished talking to Pinky “These girls are mad. They are mad. They are angry. We have to get out of here.”
    But we had just gotten there and my group was having fun and getting comfortable. Well, I let them have there one dance on the dance floor and then I rounded up my group and rushed them from the party. I made my brother put down his drink before finishing it so we could leave. He was mad but followed my directions and did it anyway. I was in such a rush. We ended up going to another party that was less fun but felt better energetically to me. We woke up the next morning and on the News the anchor person said that a person was killed the previous night at a graduation party. A gun wielding woman shot through the crowd killing a bystander. The bystander was Pinky.

  18. @SaDiablo- yep, synchronicity. In the big instances I referred to those are more like what you say you get. Those are the ones that freak me out. Live or Memorex…exactly.

  19. I should listen to mine more. I went out Friday night, for a coworkers birthday. I didn’t want to go at all. I ended up getting a DUI. Smdh, my life.

  20. Hello OhDear. You said it very well for me:
    “When I was younger I used to have good “spidey sense” about people, but ignored it because everyone was telling me to “give [inset person here] a chance.” Of course, my spidey sense was always right”

    People were always making me feel guilty because I tend to really like or dislike people on meeting, and some I’ve never met before, I can hardly bear to be around. In the liberal arty circles I spent most of my time, you weren’t suppose to dislike anyone – even someone trying to screw up your life! Tolerance is a virtue in such circles, all on its own

    I wish I’d trusted my spidey senses better – it would have saved me from one and maybe two really protracted unpleasant situations.

    These days they don’t operate so well since I’m almost always sober and so are the people I meet. My own spidies work better when they’re sharpened by a couple of drinks, and I can pick up on other people better too, when they have lost an inhibition or two are are showing themselves more clearly

    People who get mean and nasty in their cups are rarely very nice sober, although they can disguise that better

  21. I’ve always had good spidey senses, but I have been willfully ignorant from time to time (usually in romantic situations)to gain temporary satisfaction. I’ve figured this out and consider the internal problem solved.

    When it comes to groups of people my 11th House Uranus works in my favour. I’m comfortable remaining completely detached for extended periods of time. I don’t let the energy ‘land on me’ so to speak, because I’m not standing still long enough to be cornered.

    A few weeks ago I was walking down the street and a woman in hospital garb was standing on the curb, like a statue, with her middle finger up to passing cars. People were noticing but also avoiding her.

    I kept a healthy distance (enough to turn and run if I had to) and asked her if she needed help.

    For me, it’s all about keeping enough distance. I trust myself. I am brave by nature (Aries Mars/SN) but I am not foolish. I can also run very fast.

  22. Observe a spider to better understand this. They weave an intricate web which is often very difficult to see. The slightest breeze or movement will cause the web to adjust. The spider waits, patiently … with endless patience it would seem .. not moving, just observing, and then waits for the prey to get caught in its web, or, sensing danger, moves somewhere else to create another web.

    Your own web can be spun for good or evil. But patience and observation are key. Hope this helps to better understand the energy of it.

  23. My husband is a Scorpio sun, and he is always unconsciously scanning. He always spots things (animals, etc.) in the woods. He’d make a good hunter or cop. He just notices everything.

    I notice the emotions in the room, but that’s about it.

  24. I have all kinds of sense! Sometimes like now I’ll feel a tingling sensation on one side of my head which tells me a spirit is there, probably a negative one. Then if a spider is a wee bit too close to me I literally get that disgusting tingling sensation to back off from it. Then there’s the jitters you get from reptiles and insects.

    But anyhow as far as life is concerned. Hmm… this is how I personally work with it. I AVOID getting into danger by my intuition. I AVOID problems that would arise if I hadn’t listened to my intuition/sense. For instance, I was on the bus one day and as soon as I started talking about politics I sensed maybe it wasn’t a good idea cause the man behind my friend by a seat or two was listening and making all sorts of judgements in his head about my responsibility to make a right decision which was his decision. So after he exits the bus he says blah blah blah this politician is bad! I seriously wanted to tell him something in a knee jerk reaction way but my intuition said “WAIT A SEC THIS IS A FAT, LOOSER ” they are usually angry, with digestive problems which arises from it. So I kept my mouth shut and sucked it up. So he left then I had to let it out and I said “Go Fuck yourself” of course he didn’t hear it. But from now on I will totally avoid politics or religion on a bus out of all places LOL. But Doreen Virtue also complimented me on my intuition which actually gave me a big head! lol. My intuition is spot on sometimes! I think it also has some influence by the moon… I tend to know to what others are thinking behind what they actually say. But I can’t say it out aloud lest I offend them. So I really hate that I have to suppress it. Its like LIAR LIAR where you want to say ” No bitch your just saying that to make yourself look good” etc. Actually if your good at reading in between lines too, you’ll see that this entire post of mine is my way of sharing my big ass head for having good intuition!!! Mars/Saturn in Scorpio and conjunct…

  25. Also to go beyond our human predisposition I recommend what Christians call “The gift of discernment” now that is some supernatural stuff. When I had it for like 30 minutes at a really vulnerable time (met with a satanist liar through school) God gave it to me so I can get out of his way and see how much evil lurks in our world through our beings and such. It was so creepy. I saw our negative sides like in shades of black and I was convinced that something beyond us influences us in addition I saw how some are weaker than others. It was really creepy but useful to know what is wrong vs. right. I wish I had it for a lifetime . but ignorance is bliss.

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