How To Deal With Mars Opposite Saturn

shoulder to wheelBusy week ahead. Mars will ingress into Virgo tomorrow morning. This is not a slacker Mars! Meantime, Saturn is retrograde in Pisces. The opposition is applying from both ends.

Saturn pressures things. Mars acts. This can go exceedingly well so long as you pressure yourself. If you pressure someone else, or if someone pressures you, bad things can happen. The key then, is sustained self control.

The sky favors this. If you make an effort, you’re likely to get a good result. If you avoid making an effort, there will be consequences for that as well.

You’re likely to find yourself dealing one-on-one, but be aware you can use both sides of this opposition. Act (Mars) with compassion (Pisces). This may also play is the real world. I have a (male/Mars) plumber coming over this week, to stop (Saturn) yet another leak (Pisces).

I will be happy but surprised if I don’t witness cruelty this week; violence or harsh rejection. It’s just the nature of Mars Saturn. I feel a person’s “no” should always be respected, but this is particularly true during this period. It’s a F around and find out type energy.

I don’t mean to blather, but there’s another hideous thing to mention. It’s fairly common, anger and frustration rises in a person; they’re roiled up inside. Conscious or otherwise, they look for someone to victimize or more specifically, they look for someone to sacrifice.

Friend, family, waitress, customer service rep, it doesn’t matter. Baby can’t handle the heat so you get cut. If this happens to you, transcend (Pisces) the rejection (Saturn). This is a skill (Mars).

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7 thoughts on “How To Deal With Mars Opposite Saturn”

  1. There are definitely factors for such…
    I have no immediate agenda
    I am pretending we are in August and soon will be released into September and there’s always a shift. I mean summer allows me to count up a couple thousand I’d still like to do all that !!just haven’t got to the gate so while I wait I’m looking for a good book And a little yoga . Time to fry eggs on the sidewalk here but I did notice the cows were laying down so I’m hoping for a little more rain by time week is out.

  2. Many young people are starting Basic Training in the military next week. My son is one of them ! After days of in processing and uniform distribution, looks like they will get busy. I pray this energy gives them the help and motivation.

      1. Elsa, its so perfect that my enlisted Son has Saturn transiting his 10th house right now. The moon transited his 9th on the airline flight to Basic. Mars was in his 4th house that day too to push him out of his childhood home.

        His sibling had Saturn transit his 3rd house, loss of his big brother? But its all in good hands !

  3. I have a natal Sun Saturn opposition (12th- 6th house) at 6 degree Gemini and Sagittarius axis.

    So I will have transiting Mars and Saturn squaring both my natal sun and Saturn. Recently I have started becoming really frustrated at my work place (high turnover and always under staffed). Just hope this does not end affecting my health ☹️

  4. “anger and frustration rises in a person; they’re roiled up inside. Conscious or otherwise, they look for someone to victimize or more specifically, they look for someone to sacrifice.”
    Found this really useful! I would add – to protect their ego identity, someone or something external is betrayed, victimised, abandoned or abused. Originally this was the soul (or the truth) of the person, and the experience is now being projected (got rid of) onto someone else in order not to feel pain or vulnerability.

    The psychological actions tell a story, that requests witnessing. Getting in touch with the original experience of self sacrifice is key to resolving the projection, but it may be too unbearable.

  5. “The key then, is sustained self control.”
    Well, aint this familiar. i have the opposition in my natal. Mars 1H taurus @27 / sat @26 sco. The transiting opp is therefore hitting my 5H/11H. Its the least scary (to me) post ive read here lately because of the said natal. I feel the frustration building up. This time i think im acting out the saturn bit. im frustrated to, but im also very aware of this, so im hitting the brakes sooner rather than later, irregardless of who’s about to act up.
    Transcendence is half the process; the other half being truly trusting my intuition that what doesn’t smell right, invariably isn’t.
    On the other hand, I am also acting out my Mars in another arena, much like yourself i have also decided to do be creative! I’m doing digital art/collage on IG since early this year and I love it, despite being just a newbie/beginner!
    It’s my 5H house after all, and the tr Mars will trine my sun, AC, then NN then Mars!
    Let them *TRY* being cruel to me. Let them cut me off.
    I know my way/direction is NOT where they at anyways. Not mentally, not emotionally. Soon enough, not physically either. I’m using this opposition + Tsquare to my moon/Chiron @6deg gemini to propel me fwd into a long overdue venture that will take a few months to conclude but ultimately will result in more options aka new sense of freedom.
    blessings to all. stay focused on what’s true and valid and nurturing for yourselves 🙏

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