Astrology and Claustrophobia

jupiter tarot cardI’m just back from having an open MRI. While I think I am a relatively mild case, I suffer from claustrophobia. I just can’t cope with the regular machine.

Lying in the open machine today, I was able to turn my head and see out a window so there are no issues. But if I turned my head so I was looking straight up, the top of the machine was very close in my face and it’s just amazing the feelings that come up.

I am pretty claustrophobic. I have Jupiter prominent. Anyone with a strong Jupiter signature is going to crave open spaces and very likely deplore restriction, especially if they lack Cancer planets which might like the “womb-like” atmosphere of being in a place closed in.

I noticed this on a cruise ship as well. I’d be much happiest to sleep on the deck and I would never consider a windowless cabin. Even with a window, I’m only going to want to be in a space like that for a very short time unless I am asleep.

Anyone else suffer from claustrophobia? How bad is it and what is your Jupiter situation?


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  1. Just fyi, I have no serious medical problems. The MRI is to scope out the torn discs in my back which I already know are there…

  2. I have Jupiter and Cancer. I can sleep in small spaces, but that’s it, I need room to breathe or I get panicky.
    I also am frightened of very high places, and this has increased as I have gotten older. I hate being on the balcony of the 57th floor, type deal. 20 floors or so is ok, but no higher, I always imagine I am just going to step off into nothingness and for some reason I feel tempted as if I could fly.. what is that.. uranus? who knows.

  3. Wow, so interesting. I have lots of Jupiter/Sadge and have become claustrophobic in the last few years. I would definitely want the open MRI and over the summer had to get out of the back seat of a tiny, sweltering car crammed with people. For some reason, I still choose the window seat on a plane for its coziness, but recently was wedged in alongside to two very tall, very large people and their equally large baby and if I thought about it too much, my heart beat faster. I made it, though. 🙂 Zero Cancer.

    I hope your MRI turns out free and clear.

  4. I’ve got Cancer planets but am claustrophobic — I avoid elevators, only take them if i HAVE to. If there are no stairs, but I have been known to walk up 15 flights to avoid elevators (at times). I can fly these days — used to be afraid of flying. And the subways don’t bother me. But those little boxes, elevators, still make my heart race.

    I have Sag ruling my 4th… and I live in a small studio apartment. Took a few days to get used to it and I do get cabin fever sometimes. Hmm. Wide open spaces fascinate me but also make me nervous: like looking at the ocean. So vast! Yikes!

    Otherwise, my Jupiter sextiles my Venus but squares my Cancer stellium

  5. So what does it mean if you have Jupiter in Cancer?

    I dunno if I care so much about closed spaces so much as I care about LOCKED spaces. Being locked in at my work for the last 2 weeks has annoyed me and it’s not like I was penned in a small cage here. I just don’t like having the freedom to pee when I please without hassle or the ability to go outside for 15 minutes.

  6. There was a fire in the pediatrician’s office, Vid was there for his 6 week old check. I ran down the staira and out of the building, carrying both kids, Vid in a car seat. I was out of shape from the pregnancy, muscles loose, wearing sandals and the stair were open. I was trying to move fast but not trip or catch my sandal, load was lopsided (car seat in one hand, 4 year old on my other hip.
    We got out but I fucked my back right up and it’s been that way ever since.

    It is not as bad as it was (I baby it – limit my movements so I don’t make things worse) but anyway, they shoot it with steroids every now and then and they also look at it every few years, make sure they are shooting it the best place to be shooting it I guess.

    In whatever case this is prelude to however he decides to treat it this time because there are several choices. I prefer he just guess which choice is best but you know these docs – they love MRIs.

  7. I am extremely claustrophobic – I not only would avoid the room without the window on the cruise ship, I would avoid the cruise ship altogether. I like cozy spaces, but not sealed in, shut-off,or otherwise quickly unescapable. I have Jupiter at 0 Aquarius, conjuct Saturn in Cap. Probably compounded by my heavy Neptune…seeking escape. Thank god Elsa came in with the fire engines and saved me from the mercurialspam jail I landed in on this blog way back when. 🙂

    Elsa, I hope the MRI sheds light on location of your discs and ways to ease the pain.

  8. I do get claustro in enclosed spaces moreso when there are a lot of people surrounding me and chatting it up loudly(sensory overload big time). My Jupiter is in Leo in the 2nd house and Sag is my 7th house ruler. I am also afraid of heights and flying I will do it but I will not go up those open escalators at the mall that hover by themselves, yikes. I do have Cancer in Venus in the 2nd house also.

  9. Glad to hear there’s nothing new going sideways, medically.

    I have Jupiter in Cap – it’s a little hemmed in anyway. But I have Mars/Venus in Cancer and I nest. In my bed I have just pounds and yards of down comforter, pillows, etc, and they all tuck in around me so I’m in a little cave when I sleep.

    I like living in the city where everything is kind of closed in and together and people are everywhere. I’m not agoraphobic but I’m definitely not claustrophobic either!

  10. I recently had a MRI on my brain..I was attacked and hit in the head with a shovel by a CRAZY woman…two months later I am still having gripping headaches and the 4 inch gash hasnt healed..they gave me xanax…I left there not remembering what they said….Neptune conjunct ascendant

    Anyway I am glad I am finally posting here…
    Freeked out about the 30,000 boys going to war for obama…I worked so hard on that campaign…I was a FOOL…….they had me …stupid..he is one of them and we need to get our shit together cuz shit is gonna hit the fan hard….

  11. Howdy Elsa – delurking to say it’s great that you’re taking care of yourself. My mom has herniated disks, it is no fun when they flare up.

    I have a Jupiter in Capricorn apex t-square, and I do like feeling cozy in a protected space. There is something about very large, open rooms that unsettles me.

    relurking – happy holidays!

  12. Hi there.. Elsa.. sure hope you get some relief from the discomfort I know you’re experiencing..

    I am mildly claustrophobic too.. it’s been more intense in years past.. Was this a Jupiter transit?

    I looked up claustrophobia in The Rulership Book.. Uranus Neptune is listed..

    I have a grand square –
    Jupiter /Aries/8th (only planet in Aries and 8th)
    Chiron /Capricorn/5th

    Neptune is conjunct Saturn, 7 degrees apart.
    Venus is 9 degrees from Chiron, so a wide conjunction..

    Too, Jupiter sextiles Mercury/Aquarius/6th…

    With this square Jupiter opposes Saturn, squares Chiron, Venus and Uranus..
    and exactly squares my Vertex

    I look forward to your insight..

  13. Thanks Elsa..Glad to have found you… I was astrology surfing for info on the upcoming Full Moon…and… somehow I arrived on your blog! See that as a meant to be sign! I look forward to reading more on your website…. and… the continuing thoughts about claustrophobia.. I’ve always wondered about its trigger or residence..

  14. I’m quite the opposite. With a 12th house sun, I find I sometimes like being in spaces people find dark, oppressive, no windows etc. I love architecture that employs concrete. My Jupiter is in 8th and I have 3 Sag planets though so I still need lots of travel and places to roam!

  15. I only suffer people claustraphobia. Lots of people closing me in, I tweak. Otherwise, I used to hide in closets when I was a kid.

  16. I have claustrophobia. small places, and even more, people in small places make me feel like I can’t breath. in fact, crowds of any kind make me dizzy. I can not ride in crowded buses and I only take elevators I’m used to. I always had a fear of being buried alive.
    I was looking for some clues in my chart about this, but I’m not sure. I think saturn in cancer in 9th house is the problem. it squares scorpio uranus in 12th (on the Asc), and Aries Jupiter in 6th.
    Moon is prominent in the 1st house, but does not help.

  17. Gemini Jupiter in the 1st trine Virgo Mercury in the 5th. No claustrophobia.

    On the other hand, I’ve got a bit of what may be claustrophilia. I sleep encased, rather as if I’ve fashioned a shroud around me. This leads to comical effect sometimes, like the time a hotel cleaner came into the room while I was asleep, and thinking no one was there, threw off the comforter and found ME in the bed, much to his horror (for anyone who knows the movie Four Rooms, it was like he found the dead whore in the mattress).

    I figure this might be attributed to both my Taurus Asc (even when visible, I find comfort in blankets), my Libra Sun conjunct Pluto, and my chart ruler Venus in Scorpio conjunct Dsc. All of my Libra/Venus is linked to Pluto/Scorpio, so maybe it’s subconscious vanity that wants me to be shrouded when I have no cardinal control over how I’m seen?

    Just guesses here – no expert.

  18. the opposite. i found the mri cozy. it helped i had headphones and picked my own music…
    no cancer.
    i’m not exactly agoraphobic, but i don’t like wide open spaces. i’d prefer dense forests… lush greenery, or complex topography- like mountains and arroyos.
    moon’s in the sixth. aquarius. aspecting sun

  19. It’s been my experience that people born under the sign of Aquarius are most likely to suffer from claustrophobia. Uranus makes them need to escape. They hate small spaces and always know where the exit signs are.
    I’ve heard this over and over from kids to adults. Just put an Aquarius in an elevator and be prepared to hand him out a sedative. I agree that Jupiter likes freedom but just stick an Aquarian or any person with a strong Uranus to the angles or personal planets in a confined space and they will freak!

  20. Ooooh, I really resonate with the assertion that Aquarius/Uranus has a hand in claustrophobia. I have Uranus conjunct Moon in the First House,plus wounded Aquarian energies, Chiron in Aquarius, South Node in the 11th. (Does Jupiter in Earth/Virgo in the 2nd House add to my extreme claustrophobia, too; its detriment, after all?) AND what about the grand 12th House with its old associations of, sigh, prison? With a 12th House Cancer Sun, Cancer Rising, Cancer Mercury, I cherish my work in the dark, love to hang out alone, chewing over the karmic implications of everything, but, with God as my witness, LOL, I’ll claw my way out of any confined space. A closed MRI is not a happy crab shell or womb. Noooooo! I hope you feel better soon, Elsa. Namaste.

  21. “I agree that Jupiter likes freedom but just stick an Aquarian or any person with a strong Uranus to the angles or personal planets in a confined space and they will freak!”
    Patricia, thanks for this. it explains a lot. Uranus conjuncts my Moon+Asc, and I really do freak.

  22. Thanks for the info Elsa, and Patricia. I am extremely claustrophic. I don’t think I could handle an MRI. I have Uranus in my first, contacting most of my planets, and opposing my Jupiter/moon conjunction. I can’t stand to be hugged too tightly. Sometimes embraces can be confining. I hate having people moving around on the floor overhead. Luckily I live on the top floor now. My ideal place to relax is a nearly empty room with white walls and a wood floor. I try to create this space wherever I live. I’m a cancer though, so the clutter seems to follow me.

  23. Jupiter rising in Cancer, and I don’t mind enclosed spaces much. I do agree with miss, though, I get triggered by too many people. Put me in a crowd and I’m one miserable puppy: too much noise, too much heat, too much slowness and stupidity, too much energy, just too much! Gah! *flees*
    It always amazes people that know me that this short, unassuming gal can plow through a crowd like a linebacker. 🙂

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