Voice of Scorpio: “There is no one you can trust…”

I was talking to pal, Ben last night. “You need an assistant,” I said. “But you’re not going to get one.”

“I’m not going to get one,” he repeated. “No I’m not. They don’t make them around here. There is no one you can trust.”


“Really. You can’t trust anyone around here. They’re all deceptive. They act dumb but they are not dumb.  There is only one thing thing they are interested in, it is whatever you have. Yes, Elsa, all they want to know is how can they get what you have.”


“Arrgh is right.”

Who can relate? Is it hard to find someone you can trust?


26 thoughts on “Voice of Scorpio: “There is no one you can trust…””

  1. Yes, but not in the same manner. It’s hard to find someone you can trust with information, sure. Because people like to blab and I’ve found that when you say, “This is just between us” it’s not.

    But I don’t think people seek purposely to take from other people, all the time. It’s just that loose lips are the norm.

  2. Also – not ALL the time. But I’ve worked in plenty of places where this is true and certainly have “quality” over “quantity” of friends for this reason.

    It’s not EVERYONE, but it’s an epidemic. People that CAN be trusted are valuable.

  3. I’m not like this but every man I have ever been in a relationship is like this…which I guess says something about me, they all have/had Scorpio ha ha

  4. also, it’s interesting in how this can play out…the people i am close to are concerned with intruders.
    i can relate to that part, for sure. i don’t like feeling intruded upon and this plays out in a multitude of ways. perhaps that’s why i have a lot of scorpio in my life–people can say they value privacy but then something happens and you realize they do not (or they value their privacy but not yours)

    the only 8th house action i have is Saturn, but it is in aspect to every planet in my chart by trine, square, or sextile.
    (but inconjunct my saturn-ruled Capricorn moon). as you can see i have a lot of ideas about this…been thinking about privacy since i came from the womb

  5. Hell yes ! I’d say I trust on varying degrees. Depends on the situation, the importance of what I’m trusting someone with, and just how I intuitively feel about that person. Scorpio rising, scorpio 12th house, with lots of libra and virgo in the 11th-10th. Very sociable, but deeply mistrustful underneath. I take EVERYTHING I hear or read with a grain of salt. Everything being relative, you know ?

  6. I trust rarely and like Kashmiri, I attract people who are non-intruders and I am very much the same. People tell me they can sense a strongly-guarded wall around me at all times. I’m a multiple Gemini with Libra rising but all my personal planets square Pluto in the 12th house–I am very private, very quiet (I write more than I speak) and very loyal which is why it drives me crazy when people say that all Geminis are talkers, flirters, flakes, of shallow character and can’t be trusted. I’m the most trustworthy person in my large extended family: I know everyone’s secrets but nonbody knows mine (except my husband who I’ve known for 30 years).

  7. Hi Elsa:

    Sun, Venus, Merc, and Neptune in Scorpio. I don’t mistrust everyone, but at one and the same time I know that human frailty and weakness can result in loose lips irrespective of the amount of trust one places in them. My motto is that I will tell no one anything that I wouldn’t be willing to defend if it were on the front page of the newspaper. It works for me!!!! How Scorpio is THAT??

  8. I trust too readily & easily, even though I have my Sun in Scorpio. I do see all human interactions as a game of risk though. Trusting someone with a certain amount of information me requires whether I would be willing to risk that information being mishandled and inseminated to the wrong party. I have too much cooperative spirit though and would die if I have to handle all the workload myself.

  9. It’s been my experience that if you do find someone you can trust, and you trust them with your stuff, you make a good, good friend. It’s good to be on the look out for trustworthy people to find friends. Just give them a bit of yourself to trust with and you’ve made a friend, and a good one.

  10. I have come to the place in my life that I realize I do not trust myself enough to know who I can trust.(Neptune)..Lot of my friends have the mantra “you cannot trust anyone” I do not want to live that way…but lately I have come to the realization that sometimes you just have to be more careful who u do trust….I ahve become much more private and find myself isolating me….to protect me from..not being smart enough to know who I can trust…Except ofcourse my offspring and theirs!

  11. My Scorpio Sun has long been suspect of easy talk and loose lips, so I don’t have a lot of friends and over time the true friends really get tested ‘cuz my life is a rough road. Jupiter in the 11th gives me a token of luck in the friends arena and I’m grateful for that. The Pluto-Saturn energy is tightening things up for me and it’s a long haul so …

    Grandonna I’m there with the “I realize I do not trust myself …” at this time with Neptune squaring my mars for the past two years and until mid-January trying to hole up and partner with the tried and true friends is the best attempt at shoring up the trust-corner of my life.

    Trusting in my Cancer Sun-Libra Moon man is another good use of the energy I do have cause like someone said, and I agree, (even Scorpio) needs to trust someone.

  12. i’m getting pretty good at pegging people i can trust.
    but there have been places where that’s been “no one” and i’ve always found that unnerving…

  13. and claustrophic.
    i can be self contained, if necessary, but i start stewing when i’m shut up like that an eventually need some kind of outlet…

  14. I had a harsh lesson about 5 years back, where I fairly newfound friend that I naively trusted to be my newer best friend in a new small town, who bailed on me, and told our whole social circle that I was fucking her boyfriend. Not. Well that started a whole new friendless, lonely sad path for me, as she had way more social power and charisma than me, (she (Libra) could be Sarah Palin’s exact twin in every way).
    Yet it was ultimately most spiritually rewarding. And my one remaining and very wise friend said to me at the time that “She wouldn’t accuse you of something unless she didn’t trust herself to do the same thing.” Well that didn’t sink in for quite a while. And finally a few years or more later, as I began to get more info about her sleeping around town with anyone and everyone, I totally got it. She didn’t trust herself.

    Now I try to bring to mind that quote that says something like, If you were to know your enemies worst pain, you wouldn’t hesitate to forgive them, or something like that…

  15. Oh boy. i’ve got mercury-pluto conjunct in scorpio. Do you really need an explanation? Lol
    I mean while my Venus in Libra & Shiny Moon in Aries! tend to give off a different vibe… this is like behind the scenes. I analyze and I’ll make a few statements in my head,”I won’t be caught up in a relationship. I won’t give in.” ..then love trickles in like a cherry blossom tree on an autumn’s day and all that scorpio ice begins to melt and transform into transparent, fresh, water… full of life.

  16. Strong Neptune & Jupiter here … I’ve made lots of mistakes that way even though my intuition just KNOWS: these days I’m better at knowing who’s trustworthy. For really important stuff I still don’t know if I’m too cautious or not enough, I’m confused. In the end its back to paying attention to my intuition, trusting it and actually acting in accordance.

    Oddly people loooove to trust me with all kind of stuff.

  17. LOL this made me laugh. I feel very much like your friend Ben. I have a packed 8th and scorpio and I dont trust many people. I remember being 7yrs and telling my sister “Trust no-one, everyone has a motive”. My sister is the only one I trust she is a Virgo oh and my brother He is a triple aries with a packed 8th house

  18. I am a Scorpio (Sun, Saturn, and Pluto) and do not trust anyone completely. There are those I reveal more to than others, but I’m fairly certain if I allowed anyone full access to everything going on in my head they’d run like the devil. Instead I reveal little facets over a period of time to test how much a person can handle. My closest relationship has been with an Aries (Gemini Moon, Sagittarius Rising), but even though I have revealed a massive portion of myself, there are times when I still feel misunderstood by her. She has a tendency to assume the worst in me despite knowing more about me than anyone else. Needless to say that doesn’t exactly motivate me to be a more open person.

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