The Difficulty Of Finding A Serious Partner

magnet and steelFinding a partner at any age has become inordinately difficult. This trouble is inorganic, from my perspective, just based on experience. Without interference, people find each other.  They are designed to find each other.

Astrology is just one of the ways this is made clear. Do we not resonate with some people more than others? If you mind your feelings, you will be lead towards the right person for you and away from the wrong people.

Consider, you have your own “GPS” embedded; tailored to you and for you – why would you shut this down?  You probably wouldn’t shut it down. It’s been shut down for you. There is no other explanation, really.  Who and how are a different subject.

I’m writing this because I just worked with another person trying to keep their good relationship together. No, that’s not a nonsense sentence. I encounter this several times a week, at least.  Couples who are struggling for no organic reason, mainly because there is so little support for serious, committed partnership, plus swirling around, confusing distraction.

Yesterday’s Scorpio moon client described what she feels lying next to her boyfriend of six years.  What she described was LOVE. She knows what it is, she feels what it is, she cannot deny what it is. Her man wants to be with her. He wants to continue their relationship, because he feels the same way.  In all logic, shouldn’t this be it?

Eureka!  These two have found the holy grail, so why not shut out the noise, focus on and enjoy the gift of their love?

I’m going to leave that question for you to answer. It’s enough for this post, to throw light on this disturbing trend or widespread disconnect.

It seems to me, if you shut off the noise, and get in touch with your true self, you will gradually (or quickly) move to where you need to be, to manifest the situation that’s best for you.

And when you do find this person, for Godsakes, stick with them. If you have to “exit the matrix” to do it, then why wouldn’t you?  It’s a choice between being with the right person and wandering aimlessly.

What do you think? Have you every experienced magnetic attraction?

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16 thoughts on “The Difficulty Of Finding A Serious Partner”

  1. I’m needing understanding of my Solar return as things are changing quickly. Would it be best to get a Reading?

      1. Was absolutely NOT READY for another man when I met my current spouse. I didn’t really like him at first contact,eihter.But.then, like “magnet to steel” like that old song goes..we could,not.stay.away. It worked. We’ve had our glitches, our miseries, our joys, our stellar years ! our totally shit years.The broke years, the student loan years, the too busy with caareers to go have fun years, and now, the retirement years.. oh, and then the COVID YEARS. And the last years of taking care of a grown son with long covid/vaccine injury years. Many years.I still love him like crazy. I still love to have sex with him (and I am old!) (TMI??) SORRY) and we are each others “density” as they say in “Back to the Future. there was JUST NO GETTING AROUND THIS MAGNETIC ATTRACTION. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

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          Constance Walsh

          Madeline, Do you know how good it is to read you, my sister! (yeh, another oldie. I think it’s important info, as we’re being read my young-ies who’ll wonder “why can’t I do that?” if they think it’s a generational peer). After dicades of running I now share your Eternally Grateful in a two-decades long relationship with all many of the cycles you describe. Thank you for speaking of enduring love.

  2. I’m trying to do just this. Shut out the noise, live, get in touch with my true self. Find ways to be around people in real life instead of trying to meet through a screen. Hopefully partnership will naturally pan out.

  3. I have been widowed for 4 years. This is the longest I have been single since I was 14. I would love to have someone that I could be that close to again. At 67 and a half the odds are slim as there are 3 single women to every single man. Even bigger odds at finding a widower that can relate to what I have been through.I have been trying to accept the fact that I will be alone until I die.

    1. so true, about 3 to 1, and the men going off to war and in war, it’s awful. 🙁
      but i have seen some adverts always popping up on the internet, for singles over 40 or over 50 or over 60 looking for partners so there is always hope ^^

  4. Thank you Elsa for a beautiful thought. Yes, sometimes the magnetic polarity is reversed, and we are pushed away in unrequited love. But sometimes, the love is gentle, subtle, and truly appreciated. It needs time to grow, organically, naturally. Then it will be strong and lasting.

  5. In the past women had little or no say about who they married. In my parents generation it was expected that every one would fit into rigid gender roles and stay together to build a stable family life. Now we’re trained in an extremely individualistic and consumerist mindset. This definition of freedom has its advantages but most people aren’t aware they’re being seduced by it. People of all ages shop online for a partner or just a date but are confused by the illusion of endless choice. If you never choose you end up unable to commit to learning how to love.

  6. Hi…I wonder about when it’s one sided. I found someone that felt fated and it clicked…my Venus conjunct his Sun. And our Moons are trine. I don’t know his Asc but suspect he is Taurus rising and my moon is on his ascendant..but he only sees me as a friend and I see him as more. I think sometimes people’s natal might show a block. I have Sun opposite Pluto in 1st 7th and Moon opposite Uranus in 2nd and 8th and always struggle to find tbat serious partnership that you describe.

  7. Can’t picture that for me, the encoded thing I mean. Chiron in 7th, capricorn moon, venus square saturn. Don’t know how people date these days. Looks like a headache and a half. Wish I had been born a decade earlier. I would have liked to be fourty now. Live the younger years without social media, a different paradigm, have significant contact with people. I miss it when we would send eachother letters. Caught the tail end of it. Of course there would have been other struggles but in the end I think it would have been different and meaningful. Send me back in time and let me live there.

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    Constance Walsh

    “And when you do find this person, for Godsakes, stick with them.”
    Love this, Elsa. Indeed. Finally did just that.
    I credit Astrology for seeing us through the narrow passages (I was the runner). My man’s chart illustrated his destiny and character. I trusted this when human trust was challenged.
    Thanks for your generous wisdom and lively writing style!

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