Client Testimonial – “BANG – ON correct!”

C.E. in New York City writes:

“I just finished a 30-minute whirlwind call with Elsa and I still feel as I am in a ‘Whirl’- but a joyous one! Yes it was a fantastic reading, including tons of new information!

My reading was an eye-opening experience with reveals that I never knew existed in my chart.

I must say that all of the testimonials I have read on Elsa are BANG- ON correct! She is simply OUTSTANDING in her astrological analysis as well as a BRILLIANT astrologer, teacher and consultant! She truly knows her subject matter down to every little minuscule detail and delivers her findings with crystal clarity.

There is so much to hear, so many unknown astrological aspects going on that I have not been aware of, and there is a plethora of information to learn from her.

She answered all of my questions clearly and completely, but there are many more that have arisen since our consult.

For me, 30 minutes clearly was NOT enough time to barely scratch the surface. I am currently finding the time in my schedule to set up my next appointment with Elsa.

Elsa is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! (Just give yourself plenty of time!)”

Thanks, C.E. New York City!

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