Transiting Juno In Scorpio

JunoJuno is often simply known as the marriage asteroid. However, it can be passionate commitment energy in general. It’s got a bit of Saturn, bit of Pluto flavor to it. So in Scorpio, Juno is depthy, watery, sexy, possibly scheming, definitely intense, probing. Transiting Juno in Scorpio can bring an energy of delving beneath the surface to look at what it is you really desire in a committed relationship, or if you want one at all.

This is particularly the case today given the fact that the transiting Moon in Aquarius squares Juno while Mars sextiles. An intellectual, cool Moon as a mood is open. It doesn’t promote depth, but it doesn’t necessarily avoid. It would be a mood that can handle the idea of “maybe I don’t want a relationship like I thought I did.”

That Virgo Mars is in a good position for sustained, detailed effort. Juno and Mars travel together in this sextile for weeks to come, through Christmas and into the new year. It’s a great time to work on your committed relationships or to go to work on finding out how and where they figure into your life. One permutation of this energy is doing detective work on your committed partner. That is not a particularly “high” focus, so be aware of this propensity, particular if Mars and Juno are transiting your personal planets. Digging into yourself is the cleaner side of this energy.

Where is your Juno? What type of committed partner do you seek? What kind are you?

17 thoughts on “Transiting Juno In Scorpio”

  1. LOL
    My natal Juno is @ Scorpio! conjunct the transit Juno
    My natal Moon is @ Aquarius also squaring my natal Juno…

    natal Juno aspects my sun, merc, moon, saturm

    i seek profound unions… like meat and bone, 2 individuals/one mind.
    My Juno in in my 3rd

  2. Juno’s hitting my Scorpio AC/Moon/Neptune and opposite my natal Juno in Taurus.

    Funny though, the last few days I’ve been digging waaaay deep, waaay back into the dynamics of my relationship with my son. I thought it was due to the energy from my current Chiron return (which happens to be trine this Juno transit). Call me crazy, but I also think there’s some fuel being added by Saturn’s transit through my 12th House as well. There is a ‘come to Jesus’ quality to it all.

  3. Juno in Scorpio/11th. Conjunct my guy’s Moon in Scorpio…we recently became engaged:)
    We were friends for 13 years before we began dating…he claims he was waiting the entire time for me to be single.

    Due to my Pluto/Moon + Pluto/Venus aspects, I need that little bit of fresh air the 11th House brings in, otherwise I fall into full-on obsessive mode.

  4. My Juno is gemini in my 11th house. I like open communication, not just in my marriage. I do not tolerate liars well. I also like an independent spouse. I love witty people.

  5. Hi well, looking at my chart, I am Juno Sagittarius at 0 degrees, and 52 minutes. It’s in my 8th house, along with Ceres and Pallas in Sag., in my 8th house.

    Pray tell, what does that mean? I’m serious, I want to know!

  6. I was just thinking about Juno yesterday, my Juno is on Algol conjunct IC opposition Uranus/MC exact in Taurus 4th house, i do look for a solid, stabile partner, thats not a bore … so far no luck

  7. juno is in fourth house aquarius, conjunct black moon lilith and exactly squaring my scorpio mars.

    so im looking for a caring, eccentric partner with a profound & high sex drive.. why not indeed?

  8. I know I’m not supposed to be starting things, but there’s a woman at a local business that I chat with and we have decided to take the plunge and see if we can be friends. I’ve been meaning to get together with her for some time, but just have not made the time, so I am posting it as catch up business.

    She seems grounded and real and I am looking for close friendship, like let your hair down, be who you are, have some adventure together. So Juno in scorpio would be about intimacy (that’s what 8th house is for me now… Mars in Virgo progressed 8th. Make good use of it.)

    We will be sharing an adventure and hopefully she travels well (8th gemini). I am getting too old to jump from moving vehicles.

  9. My Juno is in Capricorn. I need to be with someone who is really good at whatever it is that they do with their life. They can do anything, but they need excel at it.
    All that said, it’s been 20 years of no relationship. The past job kind of got in the way of being able to meet anyone since I worked nights and weekends. Enforced hermitude (I know, not a word). Quite honestly, the upcoming Pluto/Venus conjunction in Cap is directly on top of my Juno. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that perhaps the stagnant energy surrounding my Juno gets shaken up by it all

  10. Juno Virgo 7th.

    I never wanted to get married, but with Juno in the 7th and Venus on the ASC, it guess it was inevitable.

    I also have Pluto Uranus Virgo 7th. When I get married, I do what the wife is supposed to do, and expect the husband to do what a husband is supposed to do. That Uranus can be pretty open-minded, but the Virgo expects order and commitment to the relationship. Traditional values with a twist.

  11. Hey Satori!

    I just noticed that Juno and the North Node conjunct sometime in March-April in Sagg, and then Juno retrogrades for a bit… and then around September 11-12 2012, Juno, North Node and Eros conjunct again in Scorpio.

    Hoping you will continue writing Juno articles. Wondering if this means that after a realizing the need for freedom in committed relationships, that maybe theres more of a need to more towards passionate committed relationships… or something. LOL!

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