The Moon In Astrology: Mess With Blood And Whoosh!

Harvest moon soup labelI’ve seen it a few times now. Someone attacks me and my sister, Annalisa flares and strikes. Someone attacks her and I do the same. I don’t think we can help this, you’re messin’ with blood.

I cop being fascinated with the Moon, especially the Pluto-flavored Moon, detriment or no.

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I am sure I am not the only one to notice how Annalisa and I rise to strike when the other is threatened but what you probably don’t know is we have no agreement. We don’t plot. We don’t talk behind the scenes. This happens organically and at least in my case it’s like whiplash. Smack my sister and you’re going to piss me right the $#*&^$ off.

Even if she was wrong I would probably side with her, I’m just being honest. If it’s you or her it is going to be her because she’s BLOOD.

Now our husbands are exempt. If it’s my sister or my husband, my sister is out the door and I know she feels the same but guess why? Because it’s in the blood of course! 😉

Name one thing PRIMAL about you…

10 thoughts on “The Moon In Astrology: Mess With Blood And Whoosh!”

  1. My Moon is flavored with Pluto as well. I have three sisters and if anyone attacks either one of them it’s on and they’d do the same for me. The last time avenged on of my sisters it caused great strife within the larger family(aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) but it was well worth it knowing that the perp will never show his face when he thinks that one of us will be around, no matter how big of an event.

  2. I’ve got a Sag Moon (conjunct Neptune, so I never know how I feel 😛 ) but … Mars in Cancer. Step on my sister’s toes and I will holler, as we say. You do NOT fuck with my family. Period. Even if they are wrong. I can tell them they are wrong or out of line but nobody else better dare! *chuckle*

    Most of my family is the same way and I’m willing to bet there’s a mars/moon thing in whatever flavor that runs through.

  3. Yet another pluto flavoured moon here (nice trine from Pluto in Scorpio to my cancer moon) and it’s the same thing with me and my family, particularly my two brothers. Same with my husband and a couple of my very close friends. You touch the people I care about, I kill you.

  4. I have an aquarius moon squared pluto in scorpio…My half-sisters and I have never loved each other. ever. I got to endure horrible family dramas from the time I was three with no positive outcome on the family front. Personality-wise, it truly shaped me into what I am today, for the better. But if anyone messes with the people I love, I become a force you do not want to mess around with. Mars sq Uranus and Scorpio rising, add to that warrior attitude. Yep, I am coming to terms with all the mars energy in my chart- it has not been an easy ride, let me tell you.

  5. Libra Pluto square Moon Capricorn with a loaded 3rd house, including a Scorpio Venus, here. It’s a stressful aspect that can go many ways: I’ve had some family members, mainly two female Acquariuses (squere Venus, of course), treating me really poorly. On the other hand, when they’ve done so, others – especially my three Sun Pisces (sextile Moon)- have never failed to be there for me.

    I, on the other hand, am very protective towards my younger siblings and cousins. My “baby brother” may be now in this 20’s and 6’3, but I’m still worried about Pluto hitting the apex of his yod.

  6. If anyone’s unkind to my children, that’s it – there may not be a row, but the perp is history. Moon conjunct Jupiter square Pluto/Uranus and pretty much everything else.

  7. maternal instinct is fierce. and i’ve had it directed towards my younger sibs since i was little, but when it’s my actual baby, it’s a towering thing….

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