Client Testimonial: Cogent Analysis, Frank Advice

x writes:

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Elsa for another immensely useful email consult. Last time I contacted Elsa I was having some very interesting things going on but Elsa’s cogent analysis and frank words of advice got to the crux of the matter, made sense and really helped me get a grip on the situation. That was just over a year ago and in that time, Elsa’s words proved themselves even more true!

Things have changed massively since then, and I went to her with a whole other set of potential dramas about upcoming transits. I’d been worrying about a few things but I feel so much better already!

Elsa brings clarity, focus and calm. Her observations are frank – blunt even – but her experience rings true. I would recommend her to anyone facing a dilemma or obstacle. Even with cash very tight, it’s $60 very well spent.

I’m so grateful to have found this pool of wisdom in a mad, mad world! Thanks Elsa.”

Thanks, x!

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