The Sextile: Aspect Of Opportunity

Chocolate The sextile is the 60 degree aspect. It is considered benefic, along with the trine. At 60 degrees the simplest way to pick out a sextile is to see it as every other sign, one sixth of a circle, or half a trine (120 degrees, one third a circle). The trine is an aspect of ease, the sextile one of opportunity. Signs in sextile, and planets in sextile, are complimentary, different in nature but pairing well. Trines are apples and oranges, peas and carrots. Sextiles are apples and cheese, peanut butter and chocolate.

Take, for example, a planet in Pisces sextiling a planet in Capricorn. Pisces can be grounded by Capricorn. Capricorn may be lightened by Pisces. Capricorn can put Pisces dreams into reality through work and tenacity. Pisces may connect Capricorn to the ethereal. A trine is easy; a sextile requires blending to access its benefits.

Do you have sextiles in your chart?

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  1. I’m so glad you posted this, Satori… Well, ‘glad’ may not be the right term… Maybe you or someone else around here can explain how these sextiles could be considered ‘benefic’:

    Sun /sextile/ Saturn
    Pluto / sextile / Neptune
    Pluto / sextile / AC

    I’ve only experienced this to maybe fuel my ability to reinvent myself, sometimes without my even seeing it on the horizon… A great ability to have (no doubt), but it can be exhausting.

  2. Moon sexitle Mars
    Neptune Sextile Mars and a few others (around seven all together!). Not sure what it means except that I have the ability to be creative if I put the energy into it. I did write songs for awhile, almost profusely and then it stopped just like that…

  3. sun and moon in pisces sextile jupiter and saturn in capricorn….like your example of pisces/capricorn grounding,
    there are probaby my saving grace.

    i also have mercury and chiron sextile venus
    pluto sextile neptune and mars….

    i have to think more about those

    satori, great examples, really helped me understand the difference in trines and sextiles!

  4. Thank you Satori:-)

    I have Moon Virgo Sextile Uranus Scorpio (grounded change or uniqueness maybe)
    Venus OOB Capricorn Sextile North Node Scorpio (Grounded creativity leads to my spiritual path maybe)
    Saturn Leo Sextile Pluto Libra (Not sure)
    Neptune Sagittarius Sextile Pluto libra (Philosophy and intuition combined with power through diplomacy)

  5. I have Capricorn Venus sextile Scorpio Saturn. I think this just adds to the overall experience of having a Saturn Venus.

    Cappy Mercury sextile Scorpio Pluto. This probably makes for my interest in human psyche and astrology and other deep-delving subjects. Cappy Mercury here makes me capable of writing boring scientific text well.. I suppose that’s a talent like any other 🙂

    Sag Sun & Uranus sextile Aqua Mars. I often feel more masculine than feminine regardless of how I look like. There must be something worthwhile I could do with this energy, I just haven’t figured it out yet.

  6. Thank you for the great post Satori. I have been wondering about sextiles for ages and none of the things I have read have explained them quite as well as you just did.

  7. I have sextiles:
    Gemini sun and mars/Aries jupiter
    Pisces moon/Taurus merc
    Taurus merc/Cancer uranus
    Cancer Venus/Virgo saturn
    Leo pluto/lib neptune

    I’m too much of a freshie to fully understand the meanings

  8. Avatar

    Hi Satori , I have 4…sun /moon moon/ saturn neptune/pluto pluto/ ascendant…whats it all about?, beats me Alfie ..newbie 2 astrology…but thank you for the lesson

  9. thanks for the explanations. seeing the chocolate photo made me search for chocolate & am now consuming hershey’s as I type…

    I have quite a few sextiles!

    Moon sextile Sun/MC (conj)
    Sun/MC sextile North Node
    Mercury sextile Mars
    Venus sextile Saturn/Uranus (conj)
    Jupiter sextile Chiron

    generational Neptune sextile Pluto…

  10. I love finding this old Satori post (because Elsa highlighted it in the Forum!) Sextiles being opportunities, like chocolate and peanut butter:) On a day like today when I wear a mask to cook outside because that’s ALWAYS wear I cook but not always wear a mask. The fact the air is filled with wild fire smoke, but the fog seems to be absorbing ash particulates is a SEXTILE. Not quite as delicious as chocolate and peanut butter but I love the magic of the metaphor to get through this!! I have many sextiles in my natal chart (7 of them), and this post couldn’t have come at a better time to appreciate them and keep open to them.
    Moon sextile Mercury
    Mars-Saturn conjunct sextile Uranus
    Venus sextile Neptune
    Neptune sextile Pluto
    Moon sextile Chiron
    Jupiter sextile Black Lilith
    Chiron sextile AC
    Mars sextile MC
    Seems important to see these opportunities, at this stage of my life (I’ll turn 73 in November), and at this time in history. So much is OFF, and awful. But the easily missed angles like these sextiles give me lots to recalibrate the miseries. I so appreciate. xo Moki

    1. Happy belated birthday, Mokihana. ? Good wishes for a happy year, benefiting from sextiles through transits as well as the bunch in your chart. ?

  11. I have quite a few sextiles in my chart. I think they’re also useful for shifting gears – though it’s possible that metaphor suits me because my Mercury has sextiles on each side ::Mercury Neptune opposition, too::

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