“Comfort Food” aka Channeling Your Ancestors

mediterrano.jpgThe Moon is in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn – This calls for comfort food which is another concept that has an undeserved bad connotation. For some reason our culture vilifies various things…. quite stupidly I think. I address this stuff now and and then. The idea that “power” is bad or “ambition” is bad and more recently, my remark in that story, a keen mind is just a keen mind and we can’t judge it good or bad until we see how it is applied.

The phrase, “comfort food” conjures up the mental picture of a fat woman, sitting on a couch eating bon bons as they say. Or as one person said one and the masses repeated it but that image does not describe “comfort food” at all. Addiction, maybe. Compulsion? But true “comfort food” is connected to your ancestors. Comfort food is the Christmas nacatamales I made for the soldier with his grandmother’s recipe per his families tradition.

Tonight the soldier and I are going out for a Zorba platter which is our tradition rooted in our culture. We like the smells of the Mediterranean, we like the wine and the energy and the sound of the language. When the waiter say, “Opa!”, it resonates with us… we feel part of a community.

I have a new dress to wear. It is a quintessential good looking Italian-woman-of-my-age dress and soldier plays his part – he’s an unapologetic man and it’s not a fake thing. We fall into these roles because these roles are described in our DNA.

I hope you can feel this. I hope it stirs you to connect with your own roots tonight because if you can (if you dare) I bet that you are richly rewarded.

What is described in your DNA?

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  1. My great grandmother was from Oklahoma. She moved to Arizona with her extended family when her daughters were in their thirties. She was something of a conjure woman. She died when I was a baby but the stories I’ve heard about her are fascinating. I wish there were more. She grew amazing things in the desert including gorgeous roses. She chewed tobacco and would spit the tobacco around the flowers. I don’t know what her reasons were but I know that tobacco kills insects so that strange habit protected her gardens from pests.

    She had a temper and hexed people when she was angry or so some of the family believed. Once it was a flat tire occurring before the offending family member got to the paved road.

    When there is talk of ancestors, she is the one who comes to mind. I’m going to plant roses around my new home and hope they grow as well as Great Hughes’ roses grew in the Arizona desert. As to any other powers I may have inherited, well I try to only use those for good.

  2. As far as comfort food goes, I relate to my Sicilian ancestry. Lots of pasta, fresh vegetables, eggplant. Tooth-breaking cookies. Also, I think suspicion is in my DNA. It’s a Sicilian thing.
    My mother’s side is pale, midwestern, and originally from northern europe. They eat “hotdish” with potato chips sprinkled on top. And also jello.

  3. Being the style/fashion fanatic I am… I would LOVE to see that dress! 🙂

    And I do agree with your view of comfort food. It gets you in touch with your roots… what’s familiar. That’s how I feel whenever I eat Filipino food. In fact, my Mom and I cooked some when I was with my family during the holidays. My Mom is married to a non-Filipino and I am dating a non-Filipino man as well. It was nice being able to share a part of your culture – a part of who you are – with somebody 🙂

  4. Very pretty – I love the collar! (I love ruffles : )

    Wish I had some traditional “comfort food” but I don’t. I do love homemade soup – any kind – most especially this time of year.

    Enjoy your night out!

  5. I just love Anthro!

    I’ve got Southern in my DNA, big time. Even though I was raised in the frozen Midwest, it’s there by birthright. I know how to dress like a lady and how to bake biscuits.

  6. That would explain the ache in my heart for my grandmother tonight…it’s been almost 12 years and I still can smell her house after a summer storm.

  7. I have strange comfort foods. My grandmother used to make me bacon sandwiches on white toast with orange marmalade – that’s probably my top comfort food, to tell the truth. That just takes me back to being ten years old and playing rummy with her at the kitchen table.

    The other big one is chocolate chip cookie dough. That one connects to my mom, big time.

    One I love, but never make, is fried cabbage. No one but me will eat it, and it makes the house smell bad, but fried in butter with a dab of vinegar, and I’m a kid again. Big pots of pinto beans cooked with a ham hock. Fried green tomatoes.

    I think I’ll go dust their altar now, maybe light a candle there for those women who formed my life.

  8. traveling. exercise. reading. painting. fighting. my female ancestors are very, very strong but the males are freakishly strong.

    my uncle gave me a ton of birthdates/times when i went back to scotland this summer and i was staggered by the amount of sagittarius. (i have sagittarius ascendant). loads of us have intense never ending wanderlust, which the current generation pins down as my dad’s fault.

    all of them except the current generation have served in the army. i made up for it by being a taurus with mars in aries. 😉

    traveling. exercise. reading. painting. fighting. my female ancestors are very, very strong but the males are freakishly strong. physical yes but especially mental. lots of depression but even more bouncing back!

    comfort foods (which i almost never make or eat at home) are mashed turnips with butter and salt. day old rye toast. slices of oranges. hot black tea with sugar but no milk.

  9. Everybody’s comfort food is making me hungry. I am trying to think of a comfort food but my Gemini moon in 12th is making it hard to identify. What childhood? what food?

  10. Right, Lupa? I mean, I just can’t quite think of one. Plus, and I know you have Gemini too, I’m not even that into food. I’m going to work hard on remembering though, because I believe Elsa. Or I’m going to channel my ancestors a different way.

  11. Yeah I have a bunch of stuff in Gemini including my sun and to make it worse I have Saturn in Pisces in the 4th. I need a disclaimer. *caution, reality subject to sudden change*

  12. Avatar

    So does that mean the process of becoming an adult able to care for yourself or “parent” yourself includes being able to cook all of your favorite comfort foods? Because boy have I been doing that lately. Also some new recipes.

    I got comforted today, surprise trip for my mom and she came to help me on a huge house project and loved my new cookie recipe. Very happy, especially as she always struggles when the moon is in Cancer. So I’m happy it was really good for her.

  13. Elsa you look beautiful!!! I wish I could see the full dress (for some reason that link is not allowing me), but seeing the neckline so far… Wow! 🙂

    And wow, you like Anthropologie! We don’t have that store in Canada so I actually eBay all my anthropologie stuff online 😉 much of their stuff is sooo comfy!

  14. I love your dress too! Goregous.
    I dont have any particular comfort food either. Maybe coffee is mine.
    I have 12th house moon too. Mines in pisces.

  15. Funny this should pop up tonight! My ex-husband made manicotti tonight. He’s German-Irish. After dinner I sat on the sofa eating croutons out of the bag with our German Irish Scottish Swiss French Cherokee son. I am taking them out for bacon cheeseburgers on Elvis day, this Thursday. Elvis has always felt like family.

  16. Spaghetti (the simple tomato sauce, garlic) is my go to food as an adult. They’re quick to make and tasty and I am a Gemini. Now if there’s about fav foods and foods from childhood this might take me longer. Grandma’s doughnuts come first to mind and my mom’s special cake, but I am such a foodie that you could give me a tomato from the garden and sprinkle some salt and I’d say it was king’s food. Just remembered my neighbor used to make homemade bread in her oven and they had lots of sour cream the whole year from their raised animals in pure green pastures, so just thick delicious sour cream on still a bit warm homemade bread. Man.

      1. Yes, Elsa, they are as yum as they sound!! 🙂 I had such a big list from childhood years, (oven sweet pie, another cake that looks like a mountain or meat preserved in lard over winter) but I will just try to contain myself, hahaha

  17. Just made a bowl of noodles with fresh scallions, bit of a chili sauce, tomato sauce and two hard-boiled yolks. On this dark, sleep-inducing, cold weather day, my belly couldn’t be more grateful.

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