Pluto In Capricorn: Signs Of People Going Into Survival Mode

Are you seeing signs of people going in survival mode? I am. If people (in the US) are given money as stimulus, will they spend it? I doubt it. The days of women my age standing in line to buy Beanie Babies is gone, it is done like dinner.

We are no longer driving as much and if some of these states (Virginia, Oregon and there are probably others) decide to implement the so-called driving tax we are sure to drive even less.

I am also noticing people begging to be paid in cash, and other people accommodating as them as they understand if they don’t the hair salon is liable to go out of business.

As these business close (and they are closing). less tax revenue will be generated and we have less and less choice where we can go to get what. We also have less choice of where we can work.

For some, these facts are already in their face but I think everyone knows this stuff on some level.

Do you see people making significant changes in how they live and work? Specifically, what are you seeing?

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  1. The people I know are all being very careful at their jobs. Whether there have been layoffs or not at the employer (some of both), they’e mindful of how they behave, how much time they take off, not standing out in any negative way. My friend who hires people says the last generation’s attitude of entitlement in employment is SO over. The ones that don’t let it go are history quick nowadays.

  2. I see it at work when taking people’s orders:
    ‘It’s $8.05 to get it to you today, and $6.90 to get it to you tomorrow.’ More and more people are opting to get it tomorrow.

    One client who gave us thousands of dollars in business in the past was refused service this Christmas (they are a luxury shop who does gift baskets).
    They were taking until May to pay their bill. This Christmas they snidely told our boss that ‘we’re losing out on tons of business’ but the thing is if they don’t PAY their bill it’s useless to the company.

    They are on a cash only basis right now, and our accountant is refusing more and more people our service who don’t pay upfront the privilege of having an account to which they can bill their goods.

  3. And on the living front two of my friends who are single parents now have roommates. While rent may be fine utilities are going through the roof. I think it’s particularly hard for people used to privacy.

  4. At the groom shop where I work we had a very modest holiday season. People usually go crazy getting their dogs groomed right before any holiday so they’ll look cute in pictures. We also usually see a lot more boarding reservations than we did this season so people just aren’t traveling as much.

    We ARE continuing to see our pet food business grow and we have more day care clients just about every day. People are looking for long term solutions to health care issues so they don’t have to keep taking their dogs to the vet thus the interest in higher quality food. And I think the day care clients are coming in because people who have jobs are working long hours in order to keep them.

    Our grooming clients are remaining loyal and even that side of the business is seeing some growth. I think that is due to our excellent reputation for doing quality work.

  5. Hey Elsa,

    I live in England, and can tell you that the same atmosphere you’re experiencing in the US is in force here too. I’m particularly sensitive to undertones (Moon semisquare Neptune, Pisces on the Third) and have picked up on alot of anxiety around. There’s a feeling of anticipation in the air (which is even stronger for those of us who have been reading about the astrological climate), and an odd mixture of feeling drained, scared, and yet excited at the same time? (Does that make sense?) I think what we will see is people really maximising their creative resources, and discovering feelings/facets within themselves that never had a chance to emerge before because they were never needed.

  6. My husband has been out of work for going on 6 months now. Picking up odd jobs here and there, but it’s amazing what we’ve been able to part with and don’t even really miss.

  7. I’ve got a really small old car and before people asked me “why don’t you buy a better car?” now they ask “are you selling you car by chance? because I’d like to buy it.”

  8. And finally people are telling me “wow, I admire that you can go without a car, that sounds really smart” instead of “why the hell don’t you buy a car?”

    I haven’t had one in over 3 years – and it’s a lifestyle choice. The job I’m in interviews with? They LOVE that I ride the bus and am consistently early to my interviews.

    Oh, and I’m interviewing with a great big company instead of the small, start-up types that I prefer. Survival mode indeed.

  9. Congrats Shannon, that’s really smart! I’d like to get rid of my car too, and I never had one before in my life, until I moved to this area where there is very limited public transportation, my main client is about 15 miles away, and horses aren’t allowed anymore…
    There’s still the option to bike, and I hope they will provide more safe bike paths soon, so people could combine saving with exercise.
    But of course, biking is not for everyone, so it would be more helpful if they improved the public transportation.

  10. Well, we just switched our internet service provider, for no reason other than a better deal. Our family all scaled back on the Christmas present thing – I had been wanting to do this for quite some time anyway, as Christmas had just become so ridiculously financially stressful.

    Fortunately my husband is a tenured teacher, so we are not worried about him losing his job. But the district is all ready cutting back on some ways that he was able to make extra money (athletic supervisions, etc.)

    I am concerned about budget cutbacks that may be coming for my daughter’s education, as she is in special ed, and any cuts for her will be very detrimental.

  11. I have no idea what truly possessed us, but my husband and I have been preparing for this for about five years (more, really).

    I guess you could call us survivalists, but four years ago we bought a small farm and have built a sustainable home. We both bought high mileage cars then too.

    Can you imagine telling people five years ago to watch out for an economic down turn in the future. “Freaks” I’m sure is what they called us under their breath. We just kept our mantra that “this can’t last” and “real estate doesn’t ‘always go up’ when it is overvalued.”

    There’s nothing special about us. We just saw it and acted (thankfully).

    We’ve been studying the economy for five years and I feel certain we’ve not seen the worst of it. If I’m wrong, hooray! If not. . .best to be prepared.

    So, if I may share advise, cut out any unnecessary *recurring* costs. Reduce that cell phone bill, get rid of cable, etc. Those are killers and you just never see that money or anything from it again. Also, now is the time to plan your garden. Remember victory gardens:) Grow easy things that you like to eat and are expensive at the store (what isn’t).

    A friend of mine just asked me recently, “Is this what you’ve been preparing for all this time.” I guess it is.

    May these difficult times create more community and compassion.


  12. Avatar

    Pisces – oh you and and me can share some stories. I’ve been a freak my whole life because I live in a different century. Congrats you to. As for Kashmiri’s comment about living together and privacy I can vouch for that. It’s difficult to say the least. I’ve learned to find privacy out of the house somedays and also setting huge boundaries so I can keep my sanity.

    And Lily – you describe the “look and feel” of it perfectly. It’s weird but cool but scary all at once. Somehow I feel like this time suits me so much better. I’ll somehow fit in unlike previous cultural expectations. I grew up on that sustainable farm with all of our food grown right there and milk purchased from the neighbors who we walked to once a week to get the milk. I feel almost as if “comfort” is coming or I’m coming home to something. It’s weird. And for being scared, mostly I’m scared of how many of my extended family members I’ll have to take care of. I’m scared that they’re already on the edge and this will push them over. Sad.

  13. Hi Mudlikesubstance,

    Yes, freaks like us enjoy finding each other:)

    Your comment:
    >>>And for being scared, mostly I’m scared of how many of my extended family members I’ll have to take care of.

    That’s interesting b/c hubby and I sometimes wonder who will end up on our farm (although we’re 500 miles from family, unfortunately). Frankly, I’d rather have family show up than neighbors. We’re in the bible belt (don’t get me started), so many people here aren’t worried b/c some bearded guy’s coming to fix it all. 🙁


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