Are Transits Easier If The Natal Planet Is Well Aspected?

Conny asks on Coping with Saturn Transits:

“What do you think Elsa, would a Saturn with trines and sextiles be easier to live with? And would this influence the way we feel the Saturn return too? I’m thinking, does the return activate the aspects of Saturn in the chart, what’s your experience?”

Conny – I have Saturn strongly placed and well aspected . I have an easier time with Saturn transits than most for exactly the reason you imagine.  A transiting planet with activate the natal situation for good or ill.

For example, a person with a well placed / aspected Pluto is going to have an easier time with a Pluto transit then someone with hard aspects to Pluto.

This does not mean the person with the easy aspects won’t whine more though. The person with the hard aspects may be more conditioned.

Anyone else?

20 thoughts on “Are Transits Easier If The Natal Planet Is Well Aspected?”

  1. Saturn 4th involved in Grand Cross with Sun, Moon, and Ascendant, but in a grand trine w/ Neptune and Venus.

    SR was grueling, no doubt. Mostly because so many areas of my chart got set off I felt like I was transforming every. single. area of my life with one hand tied behind my back. Home, Love/ Marriage, Money, Family Crap, Ancestral Family Crap, Career Change, Life Purpose and Creativity, Motherhood and Pregnancy

    Thankful I have the trines. I feel like I have no choice but to be responsible for Saturnine Tasks and that supported me through the other square and opposition madness.

    I’m hoping for a nice and easy Saturn next life. I am trying to fulfill some sort of family karma in this one. ::sigh::

  2. I’ve found out that is the case with me. Even this Pluto transit, while literally disabling, has had some really good stuff.

    Ask me again in an a year and a half when Pluto Uranus AND Saturn are all on my t-square though haha.

  3. Yes, I agree 100%, a transit triggers off the qualitative experience of the natal conditions. I have Saturn in Aries opp. Sun in Libra, it’s the only major aspect I have to Saturn so I never look forward to those 2 days in April when Sun transits around 8 deg. Aries because it just fuels up the natal opposition. Normally I go for a 10 mile hike in the forest; I have found with bitter experience that it’s a transit best worked through alone!

  4. there’s nothing wrong with squares and oppositions… in a way they seem to force me to become more conscious of those forces as i work with them, and i don’t think that’s a bad thing.
    (i have a pluto opposition and a saturn t square and my first forays into astrology told me some pretty unpleasant things but… i’m beginning to see the beauty in these things… but i also have saturn trines and pluto sextiles, so there’s escape valves built in.)

  5. Yes I agree. usually you won’t get anything by transit that is not already in your birth chart. For hints on a transit, check the natal position and aspects of the planet in transit in your natal chart.

  6. 8th house saturn in Scorp here, the only planet above the horizen in my chart. Satrn is not only part of a T-sguare/grand cross [Chiron], but also receives trines from the Asc itself, and from the chart ruler Jupiter, and from Uranus, making it part of a grand trine.

    It is certainly an active planet for this chart, and the saturn return was a wonderful time. I have also seen saturn by major transit every time I graduated something in higher ed.

    Saturn tends to function very highly in my chart but I do not underestimate its powers to kill and bring other agonies.

  7. Thank you very much Elsa! Your explanation makes a lot of sense. I always felt Saturn as a protection and even in the midst of a transit I know it comes with real blessings. Saturn has been transiting square to my Moon for about a year now, and I told him “please check what’s in there and take everything out that we don’t need anymore, and don’t mind my crocodile tears” 🙂

  8. I have a mean Saturn in a T square, make that a G square if you include the N node and my return was akin to having major pieces of the puzzle coming together. I was freed from some heavy duty crap — ancient and new and everything in between. Major wonderful blessings. (But Saturn hard t’s to Moon and Venus have been a whole different story.)

  9. I experienced an interesting cooincidence today. My wife and I were driving out to a beautiful lake for a swim. Ahead of me at a stoplight was a vehicle with an 888 license plate. I note the experiation date November 30th 2008. On the way home at the exact same intersection we were behind a diifferent vehicle also with an 888 plate. The date was Feb 17th 2009. So I looked up my chart with transits tonight and found that Saturn will be transiting my Sun. A month later Saturn goes retrograde, so I will have three passes. The February 17th 2009 date is interesting because there is a stellium in Aquarius.

    Any thoughts?

  10. Hi Snapdragon!- It was Skye, commenting on Elsa’s Blog from June 29th Dealing with Transits that introduced [you and] me to I have been checking out this site quite a bit ever since. Check out a composite chart of you and the younger man with the Scorpio Sun to see if you are a good match.

    PS Thanks again Skye!

  11. I can’t Spinner, the bugger hasn’t told me his birthdate yet! I got mad anyway and told him I give up…(ME! Give up?!!! Never!!) Anyway, it’s his turn to make a move…

    I think he’s taking his little ole sweet time (molasses is faster)

    Yeah, I go to Astro almost daily – which part do you get your transits from? just the daily horoscope part, or elsewhere?

  12. Snapdragon- extended chart selection, natal chart with transits.

    Well maybe his socks are all lined up in a row anyways.

  13. ROLMAO! I sure hope not, and I aim to find out!!!!

    They won’t stay that way for long, I can tell you that!

    And yes, I forgot about the extended chart selection – however I am having a little trouble understanding how to read it (total newbie here) (actually I started up with this stuff because of him driving me crazy!)

    Thanks, Spinner :o)

  14. yes, and it’s very hard to pronounce, too!

    no actually he’s got a very plain but good name (an old biblical standby)

  15. Yes Jeremy, I have Saturn in Aries square to my Cap sun so I applied what you said. Interestingly the Sun crosses a few days before my son was born and he has his Saturn on my Venus. My Saturn is trined by Pluto so I guess I am supported from the dark realms – constant transformation. I experience great warmth at that time of the year. I have come to prefer Saturn to Jupiter in my life. I experience Jupiter in a bad luck way…..perhaps I just need a good party, but yea, the angulation at birth reveals the way you cope with transits for sure.

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