Conforming To Society – Something Smart People Do For Good Reasons

It is very rare I can speak freely and I have come to accept this without resentment.  The fact is my mouth is too big.

It reminds me of my first husband who was 6’7″.  He was too tall for many situations and realized at some point he had better duck unless he wanted to smack his head on the tops of doorways, chandeliers, ceiling fans and the like.  Sometimes you have to conform to society rather than expecting society to conform to you and this is just a fact.

When my ex moved into my house, he raised the shower head in the shower up high so he could stand under it comfortably and you can imagine how happy he was. I am similarly happy when I can just talk and opportunities are inordinately rare, much rarer than you’d think.

I had a chance like this yesterday, I was talking to one of the regulars here. She happens to be a Capricorn and I know enough of her background, I knew she’d not fall apart.

The conversation was productive for her, it was productive for me and it is going to be productive for you because she insisted I post some of my views on the blog as she furiously took notes. I told her I would (commitment from Capricorn to Capricorn) so I will have to follow through. But I realize some things are better conveyed on video because my energy and appearance and offsets the ever-present sharp edge of my voice, especially when written.

I think this situation represents Saturn in Libra’s transit through my 9th house. I’ve just got to learn to Libra-fy things and so I will.

11 thoughts on “Conforming To Society – Something Smart People Do For Good Reasons”

  1. Elsa, this caught my eye at first sight. I used to hate conforming and thought everyone was stupid for doing it.

    But as I grew older I also grew wiser and knew I had to be more flexible. My Sun-Uranus conjunction hates conformity, but my instincts tells me to do it for survival. Everyone has a side of them that society would call “out of line” or not “normal”. But we all must learn to be diplomatic if we want to get along with each other.

  2. Well, some brave people do change society for the better. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to be one of them. It can be done though. I disagree entirely with the need to conform (Moon in Aquarius).

    ‘Society’ is believing what other people have told you to believe, no more no less: I’m not up for that.

  3. Sonia, I am talking about ducking so you don’t hit your head on a doorway rather than expecting society to raise all entryways.

    It has nothing to do with courage of which I have far more than my share.

  4. yeah, I do hit my head on doorways quite a lot 🙂

    I know you’re brave, it wasn’t a criticism. I’d love to be brave enough to change society.. maybe, maybe I’ll give it a go one day soon.

  5. I guess I think I have something to say but if I am so offensive I clear the room, this would be a failure. If I scare people when I am trying to help them – that’s another failure.

    I have endless capacity to do both those things so I’ve got to duck if I want to get through the door.

  6. “‘Society’ is believing what other people have told you to believe, no more no less:”

    I don’t believe that. Society is things that we as a collective agree to. There are things wrong with it, just as some doors are too short. We are pack animals. We form collectives. If you destroyed this one, people would puddle together into a new shape but society would most definitely reform.

  7. Lupa, yes, you’re right, in everything you say.. I have this Aquarius Moon thing though, so my natural reaction is to think things out my way, not accept the received wisdom, and if that comes up against society then so be it. I just don’t want to be a pack animal.

    If there were never any revolutions society would never progress, so.. tear it down already!!

    (the US customs officials are never going to let me in if they read this, lol)

  8. i think i went too far in the other direction. swinging back and trying to figure out where the balance point is… determining what’s a reasonable restriction and what isn’t.
    balance. huh. makes sense with libra…

  9. Lupa I’m with you re. the collective.

    Well, some adaptation is needed lest one is ‘cast out’ accidentally or on purpose. It can be a delicate, I mean some time there’s a thin line.

    As a Libra rising I love to Libra-fy things, btw I enjoy those expressions: verbalizing signs and planets.

  10. Avatar

    ROFL. We used to have two and now only have one but used to have two renters that were 6 foot 8 and 6 foot 8 1/2 and we now have a showerhead that is too high for me. The water almost feels cold by the time it gets down to me. And they love our house as it’s old it has those high ceilings and high doorways. 😀

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