Is Pisces A Ghost?

I like to us extreme examples of things because they have impact. Some weeks ago I was talking to my sister, Annalisa who is a Pisces. When we were growing up, she was to die. She was specifically designated as the one to be killed and we were all pretty convinced this would play out eventually.

Consequently she became what she termed a “ghost” in our family. You just don’t pay all that much attention to someone who is not going to be here long anyway. She was specifically called and considered “the runt” of the family meaning she just wasn’t going to make it for long.

She did not die and years passed but she said that some people in our family still treat her as if she were a ghost or not in the room. They talk to her husband rather than to her as they might have talked to me when we were kids because everyone in my family knew I was not going to die, at least not in this era. I had a different function.

If you want to understand this just imagine being in a situation where your survival is at stake. One sister is going to die for sure, the other is in a position to maybe help you so who do you think you’re going to share your candy with, hmm?

Now before you all freak let me tell you  that as bad as my sister’s life was (and it was baaaaaaaaad) she does not see that mine would have been one she could have survived so just keep that in mind as I get back on track.

A few days after we has this conversation, I was talking to satori who is also a Pisces and she called herself a ghost. “It’s as if I am a ghost in the room…” she said. This made me think of Lindsey.

Lindsey is a double Pisces who reads this blog and posts on the boards. For a couple month every post she left on the boards went into the trash. EVERY post.  What killed me is she was the ONLY person this happened to.  The board do not use the same filter as this blog where all kinds of people go in the trash all the time so it just beat us all to hell how this could happen. Poor Lindsey was there all the time but no one knew it!

We eventually solved this problem by making Lindsey a Gladiator in the Colosseum but you see the commonality here: All these Pisces don’t exist. They are erased or sacrificed or however it manifests it does seem to manifest.

This made me think over  the last few weeks and eventually (today) I called Annalisa to ask if she thought her ghost-ness was due her extreme experience or simply because she is a Pisces.  She said it was the latter and I thought this worth writing so here it is.  I’d draw conclusions but I’d rather hear yours.\

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  1. I <3 that lindsey!

    This reminds me of my Pisces friend who was like a ghost in her family too…she saw one of her parents for the first time in years (on the street) and was ignored. She told me that she walked up and said “Don’t you even see me?” Her exact words (to me) were “He looked like he saw a ghost”

    I’ve never thought of this as a PIsces thing before. Thanks for illuminating.

  2. This makes me sad.

    The close-knit circle of my girlfriends, well, we have a Pisces and she is often the forgotten one. Example: In 2001 just a couple of years after high school, another one of our friends got married and had a wedding. We were all close in high school, and have stayed pretty close since. A few days after the wedding, the bride called me.

    “Oh my God. I forgot to invite ______!”

    “Oh my God, you did! How did none of us notice!?”

    In short, this scenario is often played out on a smaller scale.

    (The night before the party)

    “Did you invite ______?

    “Oh Shit. Thanks for reminding me.”

    I never thought to relate it as a Pisces thing. Thank you for pointing that out because she deserves more than to be treated as a phantom.

  3. Also, she lived with my family and I for a few weeks our senior year because her mom and step-dad treated her like shit. She never went back home since, and her mom treats her as though she doesn’t exist.

  4. I’m a Pisces.

    I was a ghost growing up and right up until a few years ago. My parents didn’t see me, missed the depression, the suicidal tendencies, all the red flags I was throwing up in an attempt to be seen, to be validated.

    If I’m honest with myself, most of my family STILL doesn’t see me, and I’ve been forced to compensate by surrounding myself with people who go out of their way to see me. It’s a weird off-balance, and sometimes it’s a lot of work, but I don’t feel like I’m searching for validation anymore.

    A very interesting thread, Elsa. 🙂

  5. My aunt is a Pisces… When my grandmother died, they read the will and she was left out. Not intentionally. There were nine kids in the family and they just accidentally omitted her from the list of who gets what.

  6. If only all the ghosts could be made Gladiators!

    I lived with six girls in school and have repeatedly mentioned “my roommate Shana – she roomed with Jen, upstairs” (names changed to protect the innocent) only to have people come back with “Oh, I don’t know that person.”

    She’s, what else – the Pisces.

    I feel forgotten a lot of the time, too. Like when friends tell me stories of things they’ve done only to have me inform them “Uhh yeah, I was there too.”

    Pretty fucking insulting, really.

  7. Well, not this Pisces. I have waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy too much Leo energy (moon and rising) to ever be a ghost in the room.

    In fact, I find myself, nine times out of ten, the one with the mouth that’s gonna say what she thinks, the one that ends up in a leadership position whether she wants it or not.

  8. invisible is how I describe my Pisces self! I kinda like it though. Even in the midst of the happiest gathering of friends or family I need to slip on that ghost cloak and go recharge now and then. in my grandfathers will he forgot my name but nearly got it right.. Glad your sister was spared. Pisces often has amazing luck, too. Things look bleak and then suddenly turn around. Thanks for thinking of us Elsa!

  9. mudlike–I have Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter in the 12th, they aren’t personal planets, but I feel like I have always struggled with being heard. I’m always seen (Leo) but never heard. At least that’s what it feels like.

  10. Ditto to you shell, and thank you all. I am a Sag sun with Pisces AC socially I feel like if I am not the court jester than I am the ghost. As far as my parents are concerned I am just a ghost with ADHD, except back then they didn’t have a name for it, or ritalin. They sent me to private school, my mom’s last words as she dropped me off, was “Maybe they can break your spirit” Not a chance. I love my spirit and I have learned to mother my self 🙂 🙂 🙂 You guys are better than therapy!!!!!

  11. Avatar

    I work for a couple of headhunters in an industry that I used to work in. I actually interviewed with them 4 or so years ago. They have TOTALLY forgotten and speak to me as if I don’t know that industry, never went to school for it, etc. etc. I find it funny but not worth correcting them as it would probably threaten the female of the two who already has issues. My SO remembers me interviewing with them as he’s the one who got us in contact, and how they hired me eventually is through him. It’s surreal.

  12. since mars went into my 12th I find myself considering an action, mulling over making a comment, and then don’t. mars through the 12th feels like shrugging off the living with a, “meh, why bother?”

  13. Neptune conjunct Sun here…and I’ve found that in coffeeshops and such, I have to stand there and make sure they start making my food/drink, because more times than is normal they’ve just forgotten after I pay. I do find it kind of insulting, but I don’t really know how to change that – it’s not like I’m overly self-effacing or something.

  14. von, I do that too. I tell people it’s cos I’m not wearing my glasses but it’s really just how I am. I think my brain weeds out extraneous info as I’m prone to being overwhelmed by too much stimulus.

  15. satori, von.. I do that.. I am utterly oblivious..I have trouble with face recognition out of context(other than those in my immediate world I hasten to add) husband will say, that’s so and so we know from such a place ( it could even be the next door neighbour and I get on well with them all, so it’s embarassing)..and I’ll then be jolted..been like it for all my life..I know birthdays, charts, voices, but not faces.. no wonder I’m invisible..yin n yang

  16. Thanks for posting this Elsa. I can’t even tell you how many times I feel like in order for me to get anything done/have someone hear me/pay attention to me that I need to be a loudmouth asshole. And even then, if I was standing on the top of a building, screaming into a megaphone to all the people down below to listen to me, they would just look around and go “what’s that noise? meh, probably nothing.” and go about their business.

  17. My daughter is Pisces – 1st house Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in aspect to pretty much everything else in her chart except for her Aquarius AC conj Uranus (also 1st) and Venus/Neptune in 12th.

    When she was born, she was a ghost. My FIL had the audacity to sit at my kitchen table about three weeks after her birth, while she was still in the NICU in the cities, and tell me “you know she might not come home at all.” I damned near kicked his ass. Like I didn’t know she may die before I could bring her home?? She fought like hell, and she came home at seven weeks, wearing Cabbage Patch doll clothes that were huge on her.

    She battled pneumonia several times in her first years, and she was shy. She would hide when people would stop to talk to her.

    That changed in 3rd grade, when her name was the one drawn from the hat to be Little Miss Luck in parades all over the state for a year.

    Alicia, your comment really resonates for me. She makes damned sure she’s seen now. Makes me wonder if part of her exuberance is to be certain people do see her. Or maybe that AC/Uranus conjunction is working for her?

    I’ll be keeping an eye out, thanks to this post.

  18. Aha! (That’s me having a moment. 🙂 Thanks for posting this one.

    Double pisces with sun in the 12th. My parents are forever telling stories that I was a part of as though I wasn’t there at the time. Drives me nuts.

    At meetings, I’ll say something pertinent, which no one responds to, then the guy next to me will say the same thing and the crowd goes wild. I’m no shrinking violet, either, especially with my sun conjunct my ascendant. Grrrr.

  19. Haha. My post to this thread from several hours ago has been eaten. I’m a double pisces with sun in 12th house. Too funny.

  20. a fish friend of mine would get mad at me really- everytime we would meet, i literally would not see him standing right in front of me- every time. and he thought i was faking not seeing him, his leo moon wounded…but it was really odd, and i was truly befuddled, i would look right at him and not see that it was him! and then apologize and laugh, for me it was slapstick comedy- he thought i was somehow ignoring him. once he waited half hour watching me, i was reading the paper, looking around, looking at him-and he just did not register… he was offended and i was just shocked from the gaff!!

  21. I am Pisces rising with lots of aspects to my Neptune and Jupiter.Yes, we are the ghosts. Lately my husband is treating me like a ghost and I have also been stalked for 6 weeks by my son’s ex girlfriend (he is being stalked too) and so I have had to DISAPPEAR from my blog and facebook and lay low (or invisible) for a while. She also tried to pose as a client and get into my house..I am just OFF DUTY for a while–
    It’s pissing me off big time.

    As a kid: I never thought about it Elsa, but I was the (PISCES RISING) ghost. Not a chance against a Scorpio mother.. My mom remarried when I was 7. Till then only m grandmother paid attention to me at all and after I got a step dad, mostly he and My Mom did stuff together..I was pretty invisible to them..thankfully Nana stayed with us and raised me..

    (LATER my step Dad taught me a lot of metaphysical stuff though..)

    I never thought about this in quite the way you mention..

    it helps to put it into an astrological perspective..I sure hope this cycle passes soon for me..

  22. Have Neptune in 12th and North Node in Pisces and really don’t exist. Born 2 mos. early and was preemie and almost died. Sometimes its good to be invisible, though.

  23. I’m an aquarius with moon, mars and venus in pisces.. During my youth, I was rarely noticed or heard!! even though my mercury is in aquarius! People would just interrupt me and not notice that I was talking! and I would just listen to them without complaining.. it’s still happening! I sometimes judge potential friends this way.. if they interrupt me, I’d like if they’d say “I’m sorry.. what were you saying?”
    When I was a kid, nobody in my family saw me… They all live in the States while I’m in Canada. They mostly knew about me (mostly because of my father!) but didn’t know what I looked like! I have all my pisces planets in the 10th house so now as an adult, I’m mostly perceived as a real sweetheart and am mostly called this way by strangers! I’ve gotten used to being invisible but I still like being respected! probably because of saturn and pluto in the 5th house!

  24. What about Elsa, with your Neptune on the Midheaven and hiding in plain sight? Are you a ghost even though you’re in the public eye?
    Marilyn Monroe with all her Neptune on the Midheaven was kind of a ghost growing up, I think.

  25. Dina – yes. My sister has the same signature. Er… it’s so complicated to explain outside of this: All roads lead to Rome.

  26. i’ve had a problem with invisibility my entire life. i’ve met people, had conversations with them. and then the next day they don’t remember me at all. i’m not even vaguely familiar to them… and they look at me like i’m insane if i try to tell them otherwise.

    there are people who see me immediately. and people who will never see me. with most people though, it’s kind of a slow process. i’m visible, i’m not… i’m visible, i’m not… i’m visible, i’m not. until one day i’ve made enough of a dent in their awareness that i stay visible. like water wearing away stone.

    i have sun/mercury/neptune (in scorpio) square my ascendant (in aquarius). could that be what’s doing it?

  27. I don’t know if all pisces are ghosts. I know that you take special note of what happens to them Elsa, and this is probably because your closest sibling happens to be one.
    I have never really met a pisces that has floored me with their vision. I think that’s because they are in my 12th house- Mystic Medusa says that means that they act ‘like embarrassing members of your family that you feel ashamed of.’ which pretty much fits.

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