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  1. Elsa, thanks! I get what you’re saying – and it’s touched off lots of thoughts, plans, and ways in which I can cut my losses – thank you!

    Calm voice, when it dawns on me I’m doing it again (staring at something lost): “Step awaaayyyyy from the corpse.” My new mantra.

  2. wow…it is so amazing how you can say so much in so little time..Love these videos!!
    My problem this year has been the fact that I killed a situation, just to stand by and watch the corpse afterwards…and because of this I have made no progress…I am so going to take this to heart…and mixed with the blogpost the other day about how being consistent gives you the key to happiness.
    .there is so much deep insights on this blog, that can take years to accumilate for idividuals , and you just wrap it all up in easy to grasp golddrops of wisdom here !!

  3. Elsa …I love your videos.you say so much, and there is so much wisdom in what you say and write it
    baffels me….You know when you spend years drawing up a mindmap, in your head trying to capture some kind of essence or truth…You do that with so few words…and it is amazing.This one and the blog the other day about the happiness that is found by being consistent…hit home for me…will try to live by both from now on..
    Hopefully the first comment I made will not come up aswell, that would be embarrasing!!
    Thank you for great insights:)

  4. Well I appreciate that very much. I can tell you I did not come by what I know the easy way, that’s for sure. And I get slapped, full out attacked and passive aggressived over it all the time so your remarks are a great relief and make me feel less stupid for doing this.

  5. Just saw your “embarrassed” comment. I don’t know why. You express yourself beautifully while being generously supportive. These things are attractive, ask anyone and they can verify.

  6. you should not feel stupid at all for being a light and a translator for loads of people… they are just jealous. You dont critizise someone you know has no influnce or knowledge..but I am sorry you have to be the recipient of their shit:/

  7. “I am sorry you have to be the recipient of their shit:/”

    You and me both, maaan. 🙂
    But it’s okay. We’ll both get hit by a truck one of these days so what the hell.
    That you can’t tell Elsa P from a toilet seems a personal problem.

  8. This made me think… What if it’s not a corpse, but a vegetable? It’s on life support, and the chances of recovery are slim, but it’s not really dead, just… lifeless? Inanimate? Something along those lines. What then?
    With the current energy, I’d think the advice would be the same: step away. But with Neptooooon, I’m not sure.

  9. oh… yeah, i have an elsa voice pop up in my head sometimes when i’m doing the stupid. it’s really helpful… even before i heard your voice 😉

    i’m excited about this series. and it also explains why i’ve been so focused on my (nearly sevnty) anthropology professor… the guy has some serious wisdom, and he’s funnY with it! terse, ascerbic… accurate. illuminating

    kind of like here, maybe.
    that’s one thing i really love about capricorn. the odd reality based sardonic humor.

  10. SaDiablo, I think either way you have to walk away but the odds that something that looks like a corpse is going to reanimate is slim to none. Walk away, but don’t kick it before you go on that off chance and because kicking corpses is not nice, a waste of energy and just stupid.

  11. On the reanimation theme, it makes me think of the soldier’s machining job. He had it, he had it happily and they liked him and whoosh! Out of business, he’s out of work.

    Quickly ascertaining the state of manufacturing, slim demand he went back on the road. It may not be the best job in the world but it is reliable.

    Some months later he was called to go back to work as a machinist. Think he fell for that?

    I guess it depends on how much time you think you have to waste.

  12. Thank you for that! I also looking forward to the continued series, especially because my current square exactly matches.

    My corpse has not yet appeared, and it could take one of several forms, including my own demise, as I live out on a sand spit in the middle of the Pacific Ocean barely 1’ above sea level, am taking steps to move….

    And I totally get there there are cycles of expansion and contraction. But I have a feeling that this, my 2nd is going to be expansive…but who knows

    Energy is moving faster and faster, it is so amazing how we can communicate to anyone in the world instantly now. And it seems to me that many people are being forced to deal with their karmic influences. Finally. Like now is the time to move on after sooo long, break out and become higher beings, and fulfill our destiny of being of service to our planet, however form that may take. “I release all Karmic debt and fears around this issue”

    I think that people that have grown up with adversity and difficult circumstances are very likely to become wise and empathic teachers (given that they get a chance to recognize and reconcile their family of origin or whatever issues, because it makes them so sensitive to others pain.

  13. Oaw. THANKS. Words of wisdom. really needed to hear that.

    This also allows me to see that I have started to mourn for someone / something really important & primal. This one corpse has to be grieved for. It’s really hard. Having gone through grieving before I know it takes time… Sigh. But I remember I was reborn and that much stronger after. So I hope that happens again.

    How could I have still had one foot in the “undecided” line, like a good Libra rising on sucker/because-I-want-to-be-nice mode. And also because I have an ulterior motive, child like, that it-has-to-work and I want it my way now (Libra’s Aries shadow mode). But it’s a corpse all right.

    Thank you Elsa.

  14. I’ve talked about my natal Saturn/Pluto conj. a lot and this video give great explanation to the energy. As a Double Cap it influences me A LOT. I don’t stand over corpses…EVER. I end things..never dramatically but rather quiet and somberly. I just never go back and take what is salvageable! I call it my “papa didn’t take no mess” aspect.

    I recently met a woman with a Jupiter/Pluto conjunct in the same sign as my conj of Scorpio and the difference…is AMAZING to see. It’s not that she stands over corpses, as you can guess with Pluto-Jupiter…she brings them back to life! In some cases it can be good.. but in bad cases they are rotted and disgusting versions of what was there before…like zombies.

  15. Hi Elsa, OMG!! Step away from the corpse could not be MORE appropriate right now. I consulted with you about that Virgo guy that I was in love with that was an Embalmer/undertaker/funeral director and WOW!! He has gone back to an old love and is “giving me <> and asking me that we not speak so often on the phone with him and has reiterated we are NOT lovers. He wants to still be friends but he has hurt me so deeply and took advantage of my love from him and is just tossing me away like a used kleenex. I am going into therapy to deal with my deep depression. This is the best advice I could have gotten right now and put in words that really strike a cord…step AWAY from the CORPSE!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Speaking of corpses – what about Charles and Camilla? They were corpses too. Well, death of lady Diana helped a lot. But when can we make an exception like this? I’m pretty sure it’s not the first and only case when the old flame comes back and both parties decide to have a fresh start.

  17. And what is SO wierd about this? When I did the Soul Analysis that someone had created to sort of read the DNA of compatibility (do you remember that post?) well he and I were the same as Lady Di and Charles. Too stunning.

  18. I am thinking that one of the big corpses coming down the pike (beside the Gulf beaches and so many of its’ critters and flora to say the least) is the financial systems, and all that encompasses. There have already been severe warnings.

    I see my hardworking brother in law, giving the best life possible to his kids, but being stressed out (for over a year now) as he deals indirectly with the stock market, and a down day is a down mood, and although he knows how to rally….there is no joy from 7-6.

    With Uranus coming up to Aries etc and with all else, it’s gotta be shakedown time. The last time this Uranus had this transit the Great Depression happened, right?

    I see a lot of corpses coming on, time to be resilient and learn how deal with grace and aplomb…

  19. Elsa, I may not have read your blog long enough to see if you have already answered this question. Was there a corpse the first time you and the soldier parted? If the answer is yes, are reincarnations predictable? Thanks

  20. Silverheels, no. No corpse. I didn’t exactly even know we were broken up. No one ever said, done / or “I don’t love you” anything like that. I found out when someone told me he’s married and had a baby on the way.

    He did think we were broken up. Met her and married her less than 10 days after they met, on the rebound obviously.

    She was immediately pregnant and you know. Done deal. It was shock.

  21. Fits like a glove. Best ever. First I’ve been dealing with a returned love for many months and seeing the story via pictures of what I didn’t know back then including his “soul” mate he married with her arm around their necks showing their eyes match.
    Wow. Blink Blink.
    Second, dream’t of my ex teacher of yoga and I entwined in sorrow and tears at the inevitability of death – woke up crying. She died a year ago at 93. Grieving the corpse or what’s going on..
    This is interesting and love your video’s. cj

  22. Wow, really good piece, Elsa!

    As many of the readers know, I have been going through a DEVASTATING split with my now former Sag man. It has effected me in more ways than I can even begin to count or recall. I met him by fate June of 2001 and I believe we were destined to be together. We had a wonderful courtship, it was the best years of my life. Around 9/11/01, our relationship became stronger, I remember like it was yesterday he called me in a panic to see if I was okay. We talked on the phone for hours and we put each others minds at ease during such a terrible, erratic time.

    Now, flash forward to 2010. We are no longer together. He has changed. I have too, but in certain ways. I still love him, immensely. and not to sound like an Unrealistic Renee, but I still believe in my heart that we are meant to be together. So in lieu of this entry…I won’t let the corpse…..die. Because in my heart I believe he is the one for me. I live my life the best I can everyday, and I know he will never return, but the corpse that is lying in front of me is still breathing…

    But I will never stop believing in love.


  23. Geez, I know this will sound a bit crazy but in my life my exes and their families have really been the ones who have been there for me, artistic collaborators, close friends, I’ve watched their children grow and love them all dearly.. and there’s no interest in going back but I’m so glad they’re in my life.. most relationships mutate unless they’re meant to be I think.. but for me the way not to mourn is just to change the relationship into a good friendship and wish the best for everyone. I don’t intrude on their privacy and yet we have good times when we gather.. there’s a way to do it (just have no ulterior motives)…of course this would not work with a destructive person/relationship…

  24. Sounds good to me and yes it might not work with a destructive relationship. I note a 20 year cycle that seems to bring “Celestine” coincidences back into my life. One in particular acted most definitely as a catalyst in my spiritual leap. The other I think was karmic as in need to clean it up.
    The good person I actually met again at the top of a Mountain after climbing it. We were both surprised and still took 2 years to call each other.
    Growth happened, and quite a no. of years later we have separated again. Religion – defined dictionary as reunited. 20 year cycles? don’t know why.

  25. Why is it that I enjoy corpses coming back into my life? Its never satisfying to me. Its always just a repeat of me feeling rejected (saturn heavy chart). But something in me thinks that this time, they will see how valueable I am. Thats the definition of insanity right? Ugh. A pattern that needs adjustment.

  26. I’m standing over the corpse as I write this…
    Actually, I’m very good at amputating and have done it several times, to the point that I sometimes get a cold shiver down my back which says, “what is WRONG with me??”
    But not, it seems, this time. Every time I turn to walk away, finally, the corpse revives and whimpers at me.
    Or as you say, Libra noir says, the definition of insanity?
    His Saturn con my Sun. Always thought that gave me stability. The rest of our synastry is exceptionally good.

  27. Couldn’t agree more, Elsa. Well said! Saturn/Pluto provides a permanent exit door, but that’s not always a bad thing. This combo is particularly good for giving up addictions…and I mean permanently! It’s all or nothing. And by addictions I mean toxic people and situations as well as substances. It may seem daunting at first, but people can make real progress with Saturn/Pluto provided they take a realistic look at their lives and what’s really going on (with them and around them).

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