Cardinal Sign Control Freaks in Nature – The Dental Hygienist

Back when I was pregnant, I had this gal cleaning my teeth. She was about my age, maybe a little older and she chatted as she worked.

Having finished the horrible scraping part of the procedure, it was time to polish. She said she had several flavors of polish and since pregnant women are sometimes queasy, she was going to allow me to choose the flavor.

“You can have pina colada, cherry or mint,” she said.

I thanked her and picked cherry, feeling kind of puffed up because of my special (pregnant) status.  “You don’t let people pick unless they’re pregnant?” I asked.

“Right. I pick. I get to pick.”

I smiled because I thought she sounded like a four-year old. “Okay,” I said.

She finished my teeth. I left with my mouth full of cherry. The next time I was in, I was no longer pregnant. She finished scraping and was ready to polish. “I am not pregnant so you are going to pick the flavor?”

“That’s right.” she said.

“Pick something I like, okay?” I said, with a chuckle. “Can you do that?” I felt a little flustered, like I lost my privileges, or something.

“I may,” she said, making sure I knew who in control.

“Well I hope you do,” I said. I could hardly believing this was happening.

“If you’re lucky.”

Well I am lucky. I’m not that sensitive and didn’t really care what flavor i\was in my mouth, but I did think this was bizarre. Your mouth becomes infused with the taste and it seems if there is a choice, the owner of the mouth should make it! But only if you’re pregnant!  This means if you’re a man, you’d be wholly screwed apparently but I didn’t protest because I didn’t care which flavor and this was interesting for me to observe. People and their quirks.

Eventually it did bother me I switched dentists over this. I just didn’t want this matronly-looking dominatrix dental hygienist making these life decisions for me. What would you have done in this circumstance?

As for the astrology, I figured this gal was a Cancer. She was worried about a pregnant woman… dressed like a “Mom” and wanted control. Having a Capricorn rising, I like to run my own body so there you go. Conflict arises.

Would this trouble you? Are you strongly Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)?

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  1. Ewwww! Elsa, how do you stand it? You’re not kidding about being a receptacle for other people’s ‘stuff’ (my words). Guessing ‘receptacle’ comes to mind because I’d probably want to regurgitate that right out of my mind.

  2. It wouldn’t bother me. If it was a supremely foul flavor, I’d pull a chrispy: that WILL make me vomit, please don’t use it.
    And I actually have said that before to a hygenist, so I gots proof. 🙂

    Had a faux-friend that was supremely allergic to coconut and if the hygenist had picked pina colada without telling her it was an option, then she’d have had an anaphlactic reaction. Stick that in your control pipe and smoke it! *chuckles*

  3. We don’t get a choice over here, as Lindiloo said, so it isn’t an issue. My dentist is a really nice woman but she’s recently got a new hygienist/assistant and I suspect she’s one of them in training – you know the type, struts around in a tight white coat like it’s a minidress, and seems to think she’s better than you because you’re lying in the chair and she’s standing above you. Sheesh.
    I’m cardinal yes 🙂

  4. I’d have simply asked for the flavour I liked. If she made a deal out of it then the decision to stay or go would be made on the work performed not the flavour.

  5. At this point my hygienist just remembers that I like bubblegum and hate mint.

    In that situation I probably wouldn’t even find out that she was nutso since I’ve never been pregnant/won’t. However, if I did find out they had more than one flavor, I’d be demanding anything but mint, and if I found out she only let pregnant women have a choice, there would be utter hell to pay hahaha. I’d not only tell her she’s a prejudiced whackjob I’d let the dentist know as I’m on my way out. And probably the receptionist too.

  6. I’m getting pissed off just thinking about it! Aquarius sun, gemini moon, aries rising. I would insist i get my way or refuse the polish. If she gave in to me I would continue to see that dentist–if not, see ya later. People are quite simply crazy.

  7. It is the task of seekers of knowledge to be able to hold their own vis-à-vis people/petty tyrants in our lives who (often unconsciously) seek to distract, derail or deplete seeker’s reserves of energies through manipulation.

  8. I was in agonizing pain with an abscess years ago, went to the local small town old man dentist who teamed with his wife. In the middle of trying to get my tooth out he said to me “My, you certainly open very wide – your husband must really enjoy that about you.” His wife just giggled. One of those moments you’re sure you just entered the Twilight Zone – “Did I hear that right? Did he really just say that?” I reported him and they retired quickly.

  9. it sounds like she was joking, she probably had a dry cappy sense of humor. I agree the mint is for adults, the flavors are for kids. and noone should take the flouride, that stuff is toxic. Why all the cancer bashing. unnecessary. she sounds nice and funny. im cancer cap cap but mints fine by me, i dont have time to answer a lot of questions about flavors, get on with the cleaning and get me out of there.

  10. Uh, yes this would bother me. It’s not the flavor thing at all. It’s the need to have the last word and then establish dominance. Her chair, her rules.

    “If you’re lucky”? She even went Clint on you!

    Pretty much all fixed & cardinal here. Would not say a thing, but would very likely walk. Personally, I just wish hygienists didn’t talk so much.

  11. I didn’t know I had a choice!

    But now that I think about it, I think the hygienist has asked me to choose a flavour before. That’s nice of them, but a Libra would just as soon let the hygienist decide–takes the pressure off! Let THEM go eenie-meanie-miney-mo and try to pick a flavor…

  12. People are odd, I’ve never encountered a “flavor war” in the chair
    But then again I always pick mint – ♈️☀️♉️🔺♋️🌚
    And they must be gentle no excessive scraping

  13. This is hilarious! If I were put in this situation, I would likely change dentists immediately.

    Such a weird form of control; it reminds me of what I once heard about some who have low socioeconomic status feeling so starved for control that they’ll sometimes exert control in odd ways, like holding up traffic while they’re crossing a crosswalk, just to show they can.

    And yes, I am pretty much 100% Cardinal energy. Cap sun and rising and cancer moon. Don’t you dare try to tell me what to do or try to exert control over me/my body or you will regret it. I can’t even do therapy because I hate the perspective that they are the “expert.” I think it’s extremely important to respect everyone’s autonomy. Thank god I have astrology lol.

  14. This would bother the heck out of me. I’m glad you switched dentists, Elsa. And I don’t even have the cardinal energy. As an aside, I feel like Kate who posted before me about therapy. Lol.

    Aquarius sun, Scorpio moon, Sag rising.

    1. Holy cow! An extreme example, but absolutely hilarious indeed. Anyone who thinks they can control people should watch this video lol

  15. 😁

    Kate, also very interesting what you said about the low socioeconomic status thing and holding up traffic crossing the street. I hate it when people do that! Lol. Makes perfect sense. I knew that was the reason but you just articulated it nicely for me 🙂

    1. Glad to hear it Nic! It was definitely one of those things that when I heard about it I was like “oh yeah that makes a lot of sense (in a sad way).”

  16. That she MADE it a thing, when it didn’t have to be, is what irks…and yes, the owner of the mouth SHOULD make the choice! And that she told you there were options, then classified it as a conditional choice…also about control?!?

    I don’t always have a lot of patience with other people’s neuroses, as I have had my share and have managed not to inflict them on others!

  17. YES!!! This would REALLY bother me, lol! Just reading about it is triggering my defenses ;P and for whatever reason that’s cracking me up. But in true 12th house sun fashion, I’d just ‘swim away’ to a different dentist. Unless they asked me about it, in which case my 1st house merc/mars would let them know how I felt about that in as nice a way as possible.

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