Pluto Transit To The Moon (Mine): Back From The Dead

8th house astrology death2If you’re new around here, I wrote a series of posts over the last years that chronicled the Pluto transit to my Moon.  If there are 100 posts on Neptune conjunct the Midheaven, there are at least that many on Pluto’s transit to my Moon and probably more.

Most the post were a horror to write but I felt I had to do it for my own sake and survival.  I know a lot of people bonded to me via those posts and I don’t know what to say about that.  Others fed and I don’t know what to say about that either.

Today’s full moon activated all this for me and last night as we were headed towards it I realized this transit was over for me and oddly enough, it’s due the grass.  During this transit my family died.  My wishes, hopes and dreams went with, along with most of of friendships.

The grass in front of the house that I used to care for meticulously, died as did everything in the back yard. I remember writing, I couldn’t even manage to change the light bulb on the front porch – this house was dark for 3 years.

Over the last 3 weeks I have brought the grass in front back to life after 4 years of bleak and I have a garden in back that is overflowing.  This is life and it hit me last night, we’ve turned the corner.

It took me a couple years to walk into my daughter’s room but I work in here now and my blog is thriving.

It is no longer black, is it?

My family is coming up from the ashes and this is where I draw the line and call my Pluto transit, done. “Done like dinner,” as my sister likes to say.  From here on out you’re going to see vigorous growth and nothing but.

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  1. Oh Elsa, a little tear from both of us…this is exactly what happened this year. Our porch is full of empty, rotted flower pots that never were taken care of all summer long. I never thought of that this whole time…

  2. Great to hear you so positive Elsa – it’s a pain we usually have to go down to the bottom before we can come back up again!

    My garden has become a mess while I’ve been educating my mind… Must get it sorted before winter sets in. It’s true, the state of the garden is a very accurate barometer

  3. Pluto opposed my moon in 2000/01. This of course was just before it conjuncted my sun – bam ! bam! Yes, there was death around me but also life- my daughter was born. Lots of transformation. Searing soul searching.

  4. It’s weird (good…or enlightening weird) to understand what’s going on mid-transit, I think. I have so much thanks for that Elsa, and the connection. Your 8th house energies are wooing me! (((Elsa)))

  5. Looks like I’ll be searching for a lot of “pluto transit moon” posts. I’m in the thick of it and you nailed it! How can a cancer not nurture? Pluto transit Moon, it’s been very disturbing.

    On a positive note, I’ve found those pluto shadows we touched on. The list is long and varied, an insideous vine touching every personal planet I’ve got!!! Of course I don’t know what in the hell I’m supposed to do with them, but I’ve found them. Looks like I’ll be here awhile :o)

  6. It seems so strange to follow the life of someone I don’t even know, but over the past three years I’ve wept for your losses and beamed at your blessings. So very happy you’re blooming again, Elsa. Much love.

  7. Elsa:) so glad you’ve turned the corner. Don’t know if it was pluto but went thru this in the 90’s. My husband died at 47 after a long illness and one year later I lost my “soul mate” cousin (he was only 40. Then my Dad became very ill and spent his last year in and out of hospitals and also lived with us so we were lucky to make some good memories in that very dark time.
    I remember thinking…It’s like being in a dark tunnel and there is no light to follow but as a Mom I held on cuz I knew someday the light would shine and it did.. Not that anything is perfect but surviving and coming back from what you’ve gone thru? It’s amazing! Truly grateful for the wisdom you share.

  8. It’s true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Enjoy your well earned relief and may all your gardens flourish.

  9. ThankYou Elsa P. !!!

    I am Happy You are Finished with that Pluto Moon Transit Best Wishes From Now On !!!

    I am Going to have a Pluto Square Moon at 10° Libra so i have read some of Your posts and i am going to read more of Your Posts to see what i can do with that transit ThankYou Elsa P. !!!

    Blessings !!!

  10. Hi Elsa – I loved your post. I went through a pluto transit to moon with Saturn involved. The saturn pluto opposition in Gemini / Saggitarius a few years ago. My moon is in Gemini. During that transit we had September 11th (I lived 3 miles from Boston Logan), a friend died, I almost got fired, the pipes burst and exploded practically destroying the house, and I almost died. I did metaphorically rise from the ashes, but I never doubted the power of all this ever again. I am glad to hear you have turned a corner and you are planting your garden. Best wishes to you –


  11. ** Ah, Elsa- I couldn’t be more happy for you and your family. Thanks for sharing your pain and your JOY!

  12. I had the pluto transit square to the moon. Pluto was also transitting so many planets that its hard to separate which ass whooping was for which transit.
    I am in the same stage as Elsa, a slight ease in the pressure till the next round.
    Congratulations on making it to the next round Elsa!

  13. Kathryn–looking back, my pluto transit to my moon (square) was at the same time as yours…

    Pluto was forming a t square, at first to moon/jupiter, then it moved off to mars/mercury. It was the time that I got conned out of all the money I had inherited from my father, by two very very “dear friends”. Others from my group of friends held these people in the highest of regard, my “best friend” really felt like this was an incredible opportunity for me to create a business that would allow me to get out from behind the bar, and that carrot was too enticing to pass up. Over the course of a year, more and more money went out, and none of the promises were kept. At one point in time, I was telling the “best friend” that something seemed off–Michael was the same, but Janice seemed distant, removed. My “best friend” told me that that was because I was so “broken”. Why, look at him, he was so wonderful, and he trusted these people completely. I was just “off”.

    Well 9 months after that, everything blew up. I was left in the proverbial “dust”, they convinced everyone that I was completely crazy. Yes, I will admit, I grabbed Janice by the lapels and asked “how can you do this to me?” That was relayed as me having tried to strangle Janice. Trust me, I’m not a big woman, but had I wanted to strangle Janice, she would have at least been sent to the hospital. Somehow, their story never included Michael having his arm around my throat, manhandling me out of the shop I had paid for…..

    Well, all the problems I have today monetarily, would not exist had all of that not transpired, so even though the transit is long gone, it still is resounding through my life as I sit here readying my house for sale, and trying to figure out where the hell I go from here.

  14. Ruth oh gosh sorry you had to go thru all that. Thanks for sharing this my experience is similar. Looking back do you kind of feel like you were outside of yourself watching yourself be destroyed but powerless to stop it?

  15. thank you (((((((elsa))))))))
    definitely felt I bonded through those posts–and gives me hope for my own pluto/moon transit. you are so good to us

    (((alicia))))! pisces love to you, lady:)

  16. That was a wonderful and inspiring post. With pluto I guess you have to walk through the hell first, so hard at the time, its brutal. Thinking about people going thru Plutonian themes of death makes we want to cry bc i have walked a little hell of my own. Feeling the emergence of that light back into your life must feel hopeful Elsa. Good luck to you.

  17. ((((Elsa)))
    i think people come here cuz they see your strong and persevering attitude above everything else. through it all you are definitely someone to be looked up 2. glad your days are brighter =)

    “The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.”

  18. Ouch Ruth. Sorry to hear that happened. That Saturn Oppose Pluto on top of my moon was tough. Hate to hear others went through the same.

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