Are Your Problems Real Or Hologram?

I was talking to Scott yesterday, he’s been having some trouble. I hate it when my friends are suffering, even more than when I’m suffering myself. Especially when there is little you can do.

Anyway, we were talking and he came off with this:

“Oh, Elsie don’t worry about me. You have terrible problems and they’re real. My problems are just in my head. My problems are unreal, and yours are real, same as it’s always been.”

On that, I shut up. Because he was right. I have known him for 30 years and the truth of this is utterly undeniable. And I was trying to assimilate his perspective when he added, “Though I guess it makes no difference if your problems are real or if you make them up.”

“Yeah. You suffer either way,” I said. “My problems are obviously horribly real and it has always been that way. But I can’t say I suffer more than you do. Maybe less.”

And this is Saturn Neptune stuff, obviously. He conjures up (Neptune) difficulty (Saturn) while I obscure it. I erase it. And both of us fall prey.

What happens to someone like me when reality hits? Yow! Yikes!

And in Scott’s case, he suffers in advance. And when reality hits him, it’s just as brutal. He sees he has just wasted two, three, four days being miserable for no reason whatsoever.

And what about me? I wasted (Neptune) time (Saturn) as well. I wasted time feeling marvelously happy when I could have been working on my real problems! It’s very strange.

So what about you? Are you like Scott? Me? Both of us, or neither?

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10 thoughts on “Are Your Problems Real Or Hologram?”

  1. I used to work at a crisis center. We had one caller, a regular, who was particularly difficult to work with. She was delusional and had lots of paranoia. She was older, intense, often angry and in general tough to handle.

    I remember feeling much frustration dealing with her routinely. Then, one day, she came into the center. (She had cookies for the staff, actually.) And she talked for a few minutes, including some of her “regular” issues that came up. And watching her, I saw something I could never see on the phone-the fear in her eyes. While the situations she mentioned didn’t exist in my reality, that fear was palpable.

    I became a little more compassionate that day.

  2. I identify with both. I have saturn in virgo on the 7th square neptune in sag on the 11th.

    I worry alot about what could happen and run away from present problems. Also, I have a phobia. Phobias are defined as irrational fears, people panic over a threat that doesn’t exist. this is very saturn-neptune, right? I panic over water taps that don’t work, and you can’t keep the water from running, I feel I’m about to die, I need to get away imediatly, and etc. just writing about it is disturbing.
    I have pluto in the 8th, pluto is about plumming isn’t it?
    I once had a regression where i saw myself drowning, the water was coming in from a tube on the ceiling, I was in a ship that was sinking I think.

  3. Pisces, Virgo rising, Scorpio moon here: you bet I am a world-class worrier with imagination to boot – when there is nothing wrong. I am also incredibly good at fooling myself that nothing is wrong – when something is definitely wrong. Only time and maturity has helped alleviate that … somewhat.

  4. I’m more like Scott, definitely. How do you change something like that? What happens if you just don’t worry? Is it even possible? I’ve wondered all these things, but still have not been able to try ‘not worrying’. I feel the world might fall apart if I do.

  5. I’m a Scott! I dread everything and then even worry afterward. Then, even if things go well, I worry about that, because that’s not normal and I don’t really deserve happiness. Ack!

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