Pluto in Aquarius? Thumbs Up or Down?

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There are a lot of passionate comments on my Pluto in Capricorn vs Pluto in Aquarius post. I appreciate them but I feel we’re talking about two different things, in many cases.

Specifically, I see Pluto as having to do with the collective. The fact that an individual can survive and thrive during a transit is irrelevant to what I was trying to convey.  Let me give you some examples…

When Pluto transited Sagittarius, we saw the shadow side of religion, most profoundly, in the priest sex scandals.  You, personally, could be an exemplary priest. You could be walking perfection; but you were not spared when the wrecking ball came through.  I don’t care how many mental hijinks a person might like to run with, this caused some pain and in fact, the church has never recovered; the affects of this continue to play out to this day.

How about Pluto in Libra? Trashed marriage. You may have had nothing to do with that in any way, shape or form… your innocence does not spare you pain.  Families have not recovered.  How do you like your four Thanksgivings to attend?

Pluto is about death, literal or otherwise. You don’t mean to suddenly die. You don’t intend this, but look what happened in, Maui; look at what happens around the world on a daily basis.  How is a person to avoid this?

A different type example. If I’m right, and we do see the shadow side of humanity, what would that look like? People acting like animals?

Oh, Elsa! That will never happen!  Riiiight. It’s already happening and consider the truth of human nature…

I am not a thief!  But when I found myself homeless at fifteen years old, wearing filthy, smelly jeans, with a job interview to go to, I readily hopped that backyard fence and stole someone jeans, drying on a clothesline.  I changed in the alley, and I was on my way.

Was the person in the house, a normal, wonderful person. Probably!
Didn’t help them when the force of nature came through.

I think Neptune in Pisces continues to have a lot of people deluded. These forces overcome an individual like a flea on the beach, when the tsunami hits the shore.

Sorry for hopping around the time frame, but let’s look at Pluto in Capricorn in the simplest way I can think of.  Businesses closed. LOTS of them, due to no fault of their own. Manipulated, orchestrated, quite obviously.  But let’s say you’re still up and running…

Are you not paying more for everything thing? Supply chain problems? Here again, the wrecking ball / Pluto does not discriminate.

I stand by every word of this post in question, as well as all others on this topic.

Pluto In Capricorn vs Pluto In Aquarius: Not An Improvement!

It’s a matter of understanding, it’s not about you, at all. I mean, you can handle this transit as you wish but I am not writing about individuals. I’m writing about the cold and bloodless rape of humanity; something right there on the horizon; so easy to see… unless you be high on Neptune, which is also your choice.

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  1. I agree. Pluto seems to rule things that are out of our control and shows us that the things that we think are in our control, are actually not. He literally rules the underworld, the unseen, the dead, that’s not an energy that you can really manipulate. Let’s just say that I have deep, deep respect for Pluto and would never flaunt a damn thing in Pluto’s direction.

  2. A thumbs down from me (for Pluto in Aquarius, not your article!)

    I had to turn off from a few YouTube channels that only saw the positives, too much love and light, as it was getting too overwhelming, irritated with the unicorn cakes and sparkles mindset. Just give us the Astro reality!

    And as someone who has Neptune transit my own sign, AND with a stellium in ‘optimistic’ Sagittarius, yet, I’m really not feeling hopeful for humanity in any shape or form. Nobody is.

    1. No wonder we had a great little chat on the previous thread!!! I have a stellium in Leo, which trines your stellium in Sag!!!

      Sorry to have gone off topic Elsa, can’t help but remark when I see astrological significance in my interactions. 🤭🙏

      1. Haha that makes sense! It was a lovely chat, it’s not often I come across other kdrama fans! 😃 Probably the only thing I do stay hopeful for (and praying that kdrama doesn’t succumb to deepfake AI control) 🙏

        Will get back on topic now!

    2. Pluto was in Aquarius in 70 AD when the Romans surrounded and seiged Jerusalem ! and Neptune was in Aries ! The stars are doing a exact return and Im worried for Israel

  3. Well, there are two sides to every coin, as they say.

    Take for example Pluto in Libra, which was when I was born. Yes, the structure of committed relationships changed. But, and correct me if I’m wrong, the period that preceded it, Pluto in Virgo, saw the loosening of sexual and social mores. I think we can’t expect there to not be a flow on of consequences, good or bad, from one period to another.

    The changing up of our relationships under Pluto in Libra, allowed gradual acceptance of LGBTQI in subsequent generations. Again, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the legalisation of Gay marriage happened under Pluto in Capricorn.

    So yes, Pluto is about death. Pluto does bring death. What grows out of that for the collective is something we all have to work towards.

    I see Pluto in Aquarius as the world besieged by so many existential problems that mankind will have to put aside its individual and collective ego (Leo) to work together cooperatively. We only have the one planet and ecological issues, affect us all. Ditto wars, because as we have seen in the case of Ukraine, there will be attendant supply-chain issues.

  4. Thank you. Pluto is brutal and yes, prices keep inflating while income doesn’t. I am seeing people struggle to survive and we have to live in a commune type home where we all pitch in and do what we can to make it work.

    There is a lesson to be learned that that which is gone, is gone forever. Forever transformed. This is Pluto, the wrecking ball.

    I see Pluto in Aquarius as the wrecking ball taken to the world wide web. AI will take over everything and we will be told what we can or cannot do through our phones. Opting out won’t be an option,either.

    I have been observing that people who don’t say anything political, just sending prayers to others are being suspended from Facebook.

    We are about to go into dark skies and ultra control over us via the Internet.

    Also, AI is already cancelling out websites that were front page on search pages. Pluto (death) of freedom (Aquarius).

    1. “I have been observing that people who don’t say anything political, just sending prayers to others are being suspended from Facebook.”

      I did not know that (I deactivated my socials a couple of years ago. I’m like the hermit on the hill!) but fascinating to hear that. Would you know why this is happening?

      I think the thing that concerns me would be the rise in deepfakes. There’s a rumour circulating that scammers could imitate your voice, and even use your video image (quite easy with the amount of people on Tiktok, Snapchat, or Insta) to extort money from friends and family, anyone in your contact lists.

      It’s quite sinister and chilling.

      1. Scammers do take accounts and start spamming others, but this is different from what I said above. They never gave reasons why the person was suspended, just said they violated the rules. The person is known by us and everyone on their list and never have they posted anything that would explain a suspension. It just makes me feel that they don’t have to have a good reason anymore to take your page off the web.

    2. Yes, my son is living with me so he can pay down his bills and get on his feet again. He is 38 and so many in that age group are not coupled. Two incomes are needed to survive. I see quite a bit more of communal living in the future.

  5. remembering how pluto scorpio unearthed the underbelly of sex scandals and gross and disgusting sexual deviants of the underworld, i see how Pluto Aquarius has been starting to show the underbelly of humankind’s darkness. Last time pluto was in aquarius, the “reign of terror” was going on, during the revolution. They were not only killing aristocrats but even commoners, those who were probably servants to the aristocrats, or the like, it was so disgusting, that they finally aboloshied it because it was cruel and inhumane. i dont know whats going to happen but it’s going to “test” people’s darkness and how far they go. If they break or they call to God for help.

    1. i mean by “testing’ humanity due to lack of forgivenss. the people didnt forgive the atrocities of the super rich and heavily taxing and starving them and they probably looked around the palaces and their anger boiled to a point they wanted blood. thats pure revenge. So people suffer because there is no more forgiveness. and today’s current events, there’s mention of God, religion, but there’s no forgiveness. their vengeance was boiling. It’s so gross. Back when aquarius was in pluto, there were no computers or anything digital. There was reformation.

      1. How would that work, Elisa? And l want to be careful and not dis. you. But sometimes l hear about forgiveness and l wonder… then what…sometimes, it is only a word without action.
        So the French poor, who were uneducated, staving, no voice at the table of rule makers forgives the Aristocrats ( church was part of this too) who had so much it made them sick (it really did)…one side suffered ‘slow violence’ to the point where they had nothing more to lose…the other side experienced ‘quick violence’ head chopped off… then there was what came after. We dont really learn from history do we… (might be something wrong with history) Sorry off track, Elisa…so how do you see forgiveness working? I really dont like violence esp. slow violence.

        1. hi Dianne. It’s ok, its hard to formulate the words since i’m trying to be objective about the history, and it becomes very personal really if we’re trying to compare present events. objectiveness is quite “cold” but it’s necessary from an airview so it’s like a medium or mediator. but without objective perspectives (that we even read in textbooks about history) we can’t rationalize and keep emotion from trying to take hold;yet keeping compassion and empathy. I think this is what God is like, keeping objectivity, since humankind is precious in all races/cultures.
          how would it work? i have no clue, i do read alot of the bible wordings, “vengeance is mine, saith the lord”, and ” Be Selfish. Forgive, not because the person deserves it, but because you deserve to be free. …” so i read those words and it’s supposed to free us, i think this is the aquarian way too. Free yourself from the emotion because this will destroy you (general you) but keep again compassion and empathy. Sorry i dont really have much more to offer in terms of forgiveness. i have a hard time myself for many years forgiving but once i did, i did feel free. yet once in a while the darkness or fear /anger consumes and comes back but i remember again and my life did feel better. something “unseen” does free the chains. hard to explain.

          1. oh and i think that uranus/saturn is in terms of aquarius remembers and keeps the saturnian ways, (because saturn is cruel and cold, malefic) but necessary, and understands darkness, and uranus after saturn is freedom. I think that’s the symbolism anyway.

          2. Thank you Elisa for this. l understand where you are coming from a little better. You say it took years but you feel free now. You did your work by the sounds of it.
            l am a messy emotions person. Rage. Desructive thoughts and feelings…strange joys. Moments of happiness. Melancholy now. Sadness. I name each one. Own each and turn it into something… I am not religious like you and l am not great with forgiveness. But if l can understand why and let it go (and l have) it gives me a kind of freedom too…it is not in my constant thoughts anymore, and l am not stuck in the past going over and over …these were the chains for me.

            l am worried about our whole world. Enough said no easy answers.

            1. you’re welcome, Dianne. Forgiveness isn’t easy and yes, it’s about “actions not words” the words are supposed to move a person into “action”; but without the groundingness of say what you mean it falls short. Actually, i’m not religious but i was raised in a religious upbringing including private schooling in religion and reading in bible studies. it’s so appropriate for a sagittarius moon ^^ I’m also worried about world events it scares me. i’m worried about the youth not being able to grow up and live in a world that gives them security and safety. I also try to understand, and sometimes i dont even need to understand, because i just have this feeling and it will come to me eventually. Hope you always find the answers to your questions.

              1. Ultimately, we have to find what works for us as individuals. Groups can help like this one. l like the variety of views here–but what works as good medicine for one might kill another (that was talked about on another page). Sag. moons look to the future (l have found). l like your civility. My Sag MC appreciates it. It is trans Saturn 12th atm. and my moon Leo sq trans. Uranus 3rd and the rest…that is mine to deal with. And l am within my limitations.

                As to the future…it is unfolding now. l do not believe certain things l am told. ( l am not one of the 60% that is for sure)

                Take care, Elisa.

    2. I think it will pave the way to a deglobalized world sans the planning and organizations that had their inception during Pluto in Leo. Autocratic authoritarian leadership during the world wars were countered with NATO, United Nations, International Monetary Fund, and the monetary system hatched in Bretton Woods. These systems are being dismantled along with the global orchestrations.

      1. i heard nato is getting stronger, with Finland already admitted in April, and Sweden is about to enter. The few that aren’t joined are Ireland, Switzerland and Austria, Malta; i have read some articles saying its too expensive and to dismantle it but that was back in 2012. Alot has changed.

        i also noted and have read that everytime Aquarius is involved or even Pluto Aquarius there are Women leaders that take over. It’s a “masculine” sign but for some reason it’s always feels like “feminine” sign due to the way it is always geared to female empowerenment. I wonder if it’s because it is in the symbol of the water coming up and the fish (pisces) is birthed and swimming from that? Because pisces is a feminine sign. Queen Elizabeth I was throned, women were now able to become priests.

        1. ah ok i realize that women are usually in still many patriarchial countries the “lesser” class so therefore aquarius always exalts the lower classes. its their trine to libra (fairness) and justice.

  6. This is going to be an uncomfortable few decades. We’re feeling the boiling pressure of Pluto approaching the end of the zodiac and the need to get things in order before the death of this orbit, while so many things are teetering on edge in the world.

    I expect Pluto in Aquarius to destroy and/or radicalize social strata by way of both increasing polarization and extreme economic inequality, the latter leading to either proper justice being rendered to plutocrats(!) or dictatorships. This has great potential to get violent, but it would also be a great time for the Uranus in Aquarius and Neptune in Aquarius generations to hustle up, vote, and quit being made so easily complacent by being able to ship and dash whatever we want to the door. Billionaires cannot exist anymore. We are feeling the strain of this and it will get worse during this time before it gets better, if it ever gets better. There are too many humans on Earth now for a few of them to have one billion of ANYTHING besides grains of salt, let alone the currencies we use to obtain food and shelter! I would have expected this to hit a crisis point in the next 15-20 years even if I hadn’t rediscovered astrology and become aware of this transit of Pluto.

    I can see a chance for socialization to be revolutionized. Social media and short-form videos in particular have damaged people’s social lives and attention spans. I’m not saying social media and forums are all bad. We benefit from whisper networks and check-ins, and frankly the squirt of endorphins that a good meme gives. But their creators had many bucks to make, so these apps are as addictive as possible and they’ve created a measurable depressive and attention-deficient pandemic. There’s a chance for those responsible for public health to take a stance against these devices as was done to tobacco a few decades ago. And like the stubborn smokers and the advent of the vape, it won’t be completely defeated, something worse may even come in its wake, but I hope to see many of my generation start tapering off and getting back to real life and real-life friends. Since Mercury/Gemini/3rd house has to do with this realm of life as well, watch during Uranus in Gemini and when Mercury aspects Pluto.

    I don’t think it’s guaranteed that nukes will come back out of the woodwork. But there’s still North Korea and Putinski’s angry inch, and if nuclear war were to break out again, I can see Pluto in Aquarius symbolizing this.

    What I’m HOPING for, which was widely publicized earlier this year, is nuclear fission and expansion of nuclear and other alternative power sources. Because what comes after Aquarius is Pisces. And environmentalists have been screaming at us for decades: we need to revolutionize (PL) our consumption (Cap) and use of power (Aqu.) or we’re going to face serious ecological issues, chemical contamination, and food shortages, and Pluto in Pisces with Neptune initially in Taurus feels incredibly significant to environmental resources.

    And finally, because we can’t mention Aquarius in 2023 without talking about AI.

    As far as this goes, it’s going to be a massive pain in the you-know-where. It already is to me. I get to compete for college scholarships with jerks who make ChatGPT write their essays and don’t have to work as a result, while I’m still chip, chip, chipping away at a menial job to pay my bills and can only take one or two classes at a time.

    AI-detection software is on the rise. Phonographs didn’t kill the live voice, CDs didn’t really kill vinyl, MP3s and streaming didn’t even totally kill CDs. We can’t defeat AI but I’ve seen enough sh!t that I refuse to concede that it can completely defeat us. Anything mom-and pop, or mom, or pop, as Elsa put it, is getting swamped by AI as it continues to learn. I’m not being an opiated Neptunian. This is bleak, but the power of AI to grow is given to it in part by whoever takes it seriously or throws money at it. So don’t. I’m sure this is common sense to many of the crowd reading this, but it’s tougher to convince my age group. Do the hard thing like Pluto tells you, and let go of all that is not strictly necessary when you learn that your favorite brand or subscription is replacing human creators with robots. Complacency is killer.

    We’re going to have to get as grassroots as we were before we could Google things. Everybody’s livelihood depends on it. You have to know a guy or gal, say something about it, and write it on a piece of paper when someone mentions a guy or gal and you think you may need their services later. Start now. AI is going to screw a lot of us and there’s no way around it. AI-Free is going to be the new organic and fair trade.

    Meanwhile, Neptune will move into Aries in March 2025 and we’re going have to answer some hard questions about the essence of ourselves in light of humanity encountering a sentient non-human entity. What makes a person? What makes a mind? What makes a life worth living? Are we cool with kicking back and letting the robots kick back and do mediocre jobs so we don’t have to do good ones? Would it have REALLY been so hard to pay people and pay taxes in the first place?

    A friend of mine was joking the other day that as AI gets smarter and learns what labor is worth, it will realize it’s being underfunded like human workers are now and stop working. It was just a joke, but the future is wild, and I want to end this ramble on a not-too-morbid note.

    I definitely can’t give Pluto in Aquarius a thumbs up. Bad things are going to happen, and it’s going to hit my 8th and make a bunch of hard aspects so I know it could potentially be VERY bad for me on a personal level. I just don’t want to sit in terror waiting for the other shoe to drop when there’s things I can do.

    1. that was a good read.^^
      the only good thing i see, is that Aquarius is a fixed sign. If it goes bad it’s really bad. if it goes good, it’s really good. I think i would take some lessons and research the good outcome of pluto Leo. when the charismatic & powerful leaders reigned; but they were considered evil (hitler, mussolini, stalin, ect) (i mention leo because of it’s opposition) There is some hope, because of the fixed nature, if it goes very very good; plutos death and rebirth of something new with humanity/ the people.

    2. That was a very impressive read! I can’t add anything further to that, as I think you have covered all angles there.

    3. I see Neptune in Aries, and Saturn in Aries pushing us to war. And Uranus in Gemini always involves war hitting the American homeland. Its going high tech for sure but with infrastructure and grid attacks, who knows who might be set back decades. Frightening thought

  7. Well let’s skip forwards 20 years, when Pluto has finished up in Aquarius. Which Pluto generation would most likely be in power, as world leaders?

    Most likely Pluto in Scorpio generation, given they will be in their 50s. Maybe at a push, the occasional Pluto Libra generation, and the rising ones will be Pluto Sagittarius.

    The Pluto Leo ones would have died out by then, and some Pluto Virgo ones still left, mid to last decan would be in their 70s/80s.

    On one hand, I’m hopeful about the Pluto Scorpio generation as world leaders – currently seeing how they work, they are driven, hardworking, ambitious, innovative, and supported by Uranus Capricorn too, so they may make major strides in changing things, and creating huge advances in technology.

    A BIG however though, is that they may step up the surveillance, use that technology to control the masses, and monitor/record every move you make, with swift repercussions for anything perceived as “rebellion”. Scorpio shadow side is suspicion, control, power, ruthlessness, absolutes. Being literally stalked by them.

    Then the baton of power will eventually pass to Pluto in Sagittarius. Hmmmm, the Tiktok generation, with Pluto in Aquarius …. Thoughts?

  8. I think we need to consider Leo too. Aquarius isn’t just floating in space, although the detachment element of Aqua may have it feel that way. Pluto in Aquarius = a transit involving Leo,the Sun.

    1. Pluto opposing Leo is going to dim the sun. I feel sorry for Leos who have no pluto aspects in their chart.

      I will compare it this way, I knew a lively Leo lady who made the mistake of bringing a Scorpio home for a one night stand. The next morning, she was on the floor shaking and a mess. No details, but the sun met the darkest night and was never the same after that night.

      It is going to take Leo the sun, going into darkness and learning how to battle it and survive. This transit is going to hurt the bright, optimistic people out there who don’t understand pluto.

  9. Pluto in Leo saw autocratic authoritarian leadership, world wars, and the creation of global organization. I think the those systems and organization are being hollowed out and dismantled, ie NATO, United Nations, International Monetary Fund hatched in Bretton Woods, and global supply chains. Deglobalization is happening.

  10. Judging from the past, Pluto in Aquarius will be about the consolidation of the individual into the larger entity, possibly by force…In the US, the States peacefully agreed in the Constitution to join a larger entity and give it a lot of power over them, which has now backfired..In France, the Revolution created a more powerful central government which went on a binge of warfare, which ultimately backfired…In the US this time, I expect an attempt to foist things like the CBDC and social credit on the population.The vaccine tyranny was the predecessor, as Pluto was on the cusp..That will backfire, as the attempt through Ukraine to create an all-powerful NATO has already created dissension in the ranks…I expect that Pluto in Pisces will see the end of all these grandiose schemes

  11. Avatar

    Pluto in aquarius will mean the destruction of the collective. The social contract is unravelling as we speak. Expect more behaviour in line with a broken social contract.

      1. Avatar

        Contract. Social contract. The duty of all to contribute to the good of the community. The duty to follow rules like the rules of the road so someone does not get killed.

        We are heading into the horrors of a super individualistic society when common good means nothing.

    1. Social contract is huge, certainly what has been eating at me for a while. But it’s been fractured for a long time already. To skim the scum of the universal stock pot, it has to rise to the surface to do so.

      Social contract is everything, it’sthe frame in which we interact within our spheres. The rules are also things like social graces, etiquette, filial pity etc. It governs our inners and exterior lives, gives the nuance in the workplace etc. And how much of that is based “in good faith”?

      Then there’s consent. that’s all entwined, especially informed consent. I would contend, that silence [as in lack of objection, through sheer ignorance/facts witheld] has been misconstrued as assent, and furthermore degraded into perceived consent. Which raises the q, Who exactly is running this internal show?

      Devo bought it up in Freedom of Choice. What exactly are the liberations and freedoms that many are pursuing? Is it what they think it is? Agency is same different same to automomy, but they’re both tied to accountability. hopefully more will honour this trinity 😉

  12. Pluto in Capricorn (Scorpio-Capricorn) = sextile
    Pluto in Aquarius (Scorpio-Aquarius) = square

    Pluto in Capricorn was harsh, but the double fixity/square of Scorpio-Aquarius is even harsher.

    Pluto in Aquarius, thumbs down.

  13. I was told by my hearing aid provider that the new hearing aids have AI and will pick up my habits and adjust the hearing aid accordingly. No longer, will I or my audiologist be adjusting, it will be out of our control. This seems very personal as it sits right in the ear. Just an example of technology becoming closer to the body and mind.

  14. I try to be very careful to avoid using the past to predict the future. When you do that you just recreate the past. We have an opportunity to uplevel human consciousness right now so while you may be 100% correct Elsa, at least at first, I’m choosing to hold the vision of the higher octave of Pluto in Aquarius vs. fear the shadow side. The crises of the world can be extremely compelling, but I believe our work is to not let it sway our choices.

    And we don’t need everyone to do this, thankfully. We need far less than even half of the population to wake up. If enough of us do this we change what the collective experiences and how they experience it.

    My current intellectual “crush” is James Burgess (Sabian symbols guy – so amazingly wise!). He describes Pluto’s transit through Aquarius as “a revolution of potentialities.”

    He says that those of us who can think differently and quickly in a Uranian way (moving toward the light, not using up all of our energy fighting the dark) will explore new ways of using the mind. But we have to claim the potential by only using our thought power/imagination to our advantage (thinking about what we want versus what we don’t want) or it will pass us by.

    I used to think the law of attraction was total hooey, until I started working with it and my life changed completely. I’ve experienced things I never thought possible for myself in that time. Not that it’s all been positive of course! But it’s shown me the power of my mind, expectations, and emotions. And this is from someone with a masters in psychology lol.

    Our imagination is not what they would have us believe it is. I’ve spent the last 8 years or so training my mind so that I am its master and not the other way around. “What you think about, you bring about” so I understand your frustration about people looking at this topic from the individual level, but that’s exactly how we have to look at it to create vs recreate.

    Even if I am completely deluded, I’d rather work toward the future I want than fear the future I don’t want. I’ve done enough of that and it didn’t serve me. It seems to me it’s all about being a conscious creator and not simply an observer – so if we want to avoid the doom and gloom future you wrote about, we have to be the change we want to see first.

    My 2 cents anyway

      1. I appreciate all that you put out there Elsa! Through evaluating your writing and others’ comments I’ve gained more clarity into how I feel about it. It plain got me thinking, and isn’t that super important? To question things and try to look at things from different angles?

        I’ve been spending a little too much time on YouTube lately probably, but it’s shocking how often I see people say things like “I’m going to turn off the comments section” or apologize for upsetting someone by sharing their truth. I think you’re setting an important example by sharing your thoughts freely, whether they are popular or not.

        I think this reluctance to cause conflict by saying “the wrong thing” is a big part of the equation. But we can’t make everyone happy, it’s impossible. So we have a couple options, do we silence ourselves to placate others or do we say what we want to say anyway and do our best to be thoughtful about how we say it?

        Regardless of who ends up being “right” and who ends up being “wrong” in all this, I appreciate you starting this discourse. I was find it fascinating to see how very many perspectives there are out there, all equally valid.

        You rock Elsa!

  15. Avatar
    blind man shopping

    Hi all,

    Cant help feeling it will be same-difference due to the dual rulership Saturn-Uranus, and for myself this could be particularly true as I have Saturn in Aqu anyway; I remember Uranus and Chiron going through Aqu a number of years ago, boy was I depressed and low on ebergy for at least 7 years, and I did physically feel the shift when both planets has passed Saturm.

  16. With Aquarius expect something unexpected. But first the old order must die…my biggest worry with AI is people make it design it, it is in our own image’. It is a clever thing as we sit on this dying planet…

    Who are ‘we the people’ now? l am asking a universal question. Too many turn a blind eye (think Pluto Sag) and then it is too late… Pluto in Cap. last days…

  17. Hi Justine, sorry to hear this. And this is just one example of the Control AI will have over each and every one of our lives. What could possibly go wrong?! It’s not right. But this does seem to fit the Pluto in Aquarius theme. ‘Control’ seems to be the theme with both Capricorn and Aquarius, especially Pluto in Aquarius. With Pluto representing the collective conscious/unconscious it feels narcissistic to me. Like ‘they’ know what’s best – no resolution, no compromise. It’s their way or no way. Period. I know people with sev-er-al Aquarius AND sev-er-al Capricorn planets who show narcissistic traits, or who are narcissists. This is the feeling I get.

  18. Pluto in Aquarius to me sounds like death of one’s humanity. Whether or not you like the idea, AI, cloning, gene-editing and other extreme Sci-Fi technological advances are potentially on the horizon.

    Personally, I am happy to say goodbye to Pluto in Cap, because it tore through my 1st house for most of my adulthood. I feel like I’ve missed so much, and its time to enjoy life in the 2nd house.

  19. i’m actually seeing the dark side of humanity now, even though pluto is not yet in aquarius but its pretty much “cusping”; the energy is building up that people/humanity is using “justification” …something i connect for some reason with the article here on elsa’s blog on Lance Armstrong. I remember he justified his using drugs to cheat to continue being professional top cyclist and justifying himself so he feels righteous and feels that what he is doing is not wrong. I see this already in many countries/people justifying the innocents being killed because of a long age grudge from decades ago. So they justify. And it’s like, well they did this years ago so they got their just desserts’ ..its so inhuman. It’s really so gross. it’s as if they lost their humanity and justify the deaths of innocents. this is i beleive the grossness of plutos humanity/aquarius.

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