Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: Psychic Pisces Sun, Capricorn Rising Clues Me In

So how about another story? This one concerns my sister who is a Pisces (Neptune) with a Capricorn (Saturn) rising.

She also has Saturn in the 12th (Neptune’s house) and Neptune in the 10th (Saturn’s house). I told you it ran in the family!

Anyway, my sister is psychic. Think what you will. I grew up with her and I am damned sure of this. And one night I was talking to her on the phone.

This was quite awhile ago and I was pretty disturbed at the time. This was back in 1992 when all the planets were lined up in Capricorn. These were the outer planets… much different than the line up now forming in Scorpio.

And if you have Capricorn I am sure you can relate. All bets were off! Capricorn lives were going off like the 4th of July. And in whatever case, my sister could see the future quite readily and I was in the habit of calling her…

Briiiiiinnnnnng! Briiiiiiinnnnnnng!

“What’s next on deck?” I asked.

“Flowers,” she said.

“Oh no. I don’t want any flowers and I’m not getting any flowers. Did you hear me?”

I had just been through some flower trauma. Some bastard had sent me like fifty dozen roses. Actually, he didn’t send them. He brought them. And I didn’t want them. And I didn’t want him. So how could she say something like this after I just had this fiasco? I didn’t want to see another flower for twenty years at least. If ever!

“Look. No flowers! I’m not getting flowers. As you know I’m not dating anyone. And I’ve got no one on the hook. I am man-less.”

“Well, that won’t last.”

“It’s lasting pretty good so far,” I said.

“A week? Fuck you, Elsa.” She yelled to her husband. “Hey! Elsa’s having a dry spell! She hasn’t had a man on her hook in a week!” She laughed and I listened to her laugh. Back on the phone with me… “Like I said. You’re getting flowers.”

“Look again. That can’t be. And it’s been more than a week. Look better. There are no flowers. There is no man. No man means no flowers. I don’t give a shit about that anyway.”

“Okay. I’ll look. But I see the flowers. It’s been more than a week? What? Eight days? Has it been eight days since you had a date? What is it with you and flowers anyway?”

“I don’t know. I’m not interested in them.”

“I believe you. I’m not interested in them either. And I never get them. But you get them all the time. I wonder why that is? Because you definitely get them all the time whether you want them or not, and now you’re getting some more.”

“Are you sure?”

I asked because what I really wanted to hear was that I was getting a man. And if I’m getting flowers, which apparently I am…

“Yeah. I see them They’re right there. More flowers for the condo.” She laughed.

She knew I’d my whole place full of those roses. This guy put roses everywhere. He put them in the blender for godsakes. My blender was stuffed with them. The bathroom trashcan too! It was stuffed with roses as if it were a vase! Believe me, there roses everywhere. He’d come in my condo and arranged them while I was out of town. I decided to cop to being me.

“Well if you see flowers, then maybe I am getting a man. I’m hopin’.”


“Am I? Can you see the man?”

“No. Maybe you should wait a week. Do you think you can do that?”

“Well if I have to then I guess I will.”

“Well I can’t see him, so you may have to. But the flowers are coming.”

“Great. Flowers, but no man. See ya.”



The next day I met the Aquarian in the hot tub at the gym. He was an older African guy who had befriended me. I was in a new state, see. And I’d landed pretty hard.

Anyway, he was pal. And we were in the habit of meeting in the hot tub after my work out. He was lazy and rarely worked out, but I did. And anyway it was a regular day. We had our regular chat, but then when it was time to go, he asked me to meet him at his bike.

“I want to show you something,” he said

The Aquarian had this major motorcycle. He was damned proud of it too. It was aqua colored if you can imagine that. And he’d park it illegally at the front door of the gym so the he could see it from the hot tub. He loved that bike and I was standing next to it after hitting the locker room, when he walked outside.

“Have you ever seen a finer machine, Elsa?”

“No, not really. It’s a beauty. You sure I can’t drive it?”

“I can’t do it, Elsa. No one has ever ridden her but me, myself and I.”

I nodded. “I know, I know. Just checking.”

Keys in his hand, he unlocked the saddlebag on the back of his bike, lifted the lid and pulled out a huge…



I just laughed. He said he saw them and thought of me. Bursting with energy and so forth.

And I blushed and thanked him of course, but really all I could do is think of my sister. And do you know what I thought?

“Damn her, she just did it again.”

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10 thoughts on “Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: Psychic Pisces Sun, Capricorn Rising Clues Me In”

  1. Love the story! My dad has a stellium in Cap, including his Sun, and a Cap rising. In 1992, he moved to another city, lost his house, his career and damn near his life, wish I’d known more about astrology back then to let him know he’d get through. He has a new career, new house, new wife and a very grand life now.

  2. Wow, I’ve done a lot of research today because of this post! I’m a Pisces with Scorpio rising, if I read my chart right, and I’ve always been in tune with my psychic abilities. It’s good to see how that is reflected!

  3. Fun story!

    I bet that’s a cute dynamic between you and your sister. I don’t have any Capricorn, but I have a decent amount of Pisces and only recently (past few years) have I really discovered how intuitive/psychic I can be! It’s sort of silly the ways it comes up. Sometimes it reminds me of that SNL skit “Trivial Psychic”, because a lot of what comes up seems trivial.

    For instance, I get a lot of flashes of what my sister needs. One time out of the blue I was in Target and I saw some glasses (drinking glasses) and I thought “I should get those for my sister”, even though my sister hates clutter and isn’t really into unnecessary gifts. I talked to her the next day and (didn’t tell her about the glasses thing) she was telling me how she only had one drinking glass left after breaking most of them. I laughed and told her that I was going to buy her some drinking glasses. So I went back to Target and got them.

    Another time (same sister), I bought two deoderants when I was at the health food store (she likes this very specific kind) and one I was going to give her. As I grabbed it I thought “why in the heck am I doing this?” and when I saw her (a couple days later) I asked her if she was out of deoderant, and she said she’d just run out.

    Then, another time (again drinking glasses), she had broken all but a couple of the drinking glasses I’d gotten her, and, not knowing this, I asked if she needed some more drinking glasses, because I had a few too many. So she got one set of my glasses.

    Finally, same sister–I had purchased some underwear that were too small. In fact, I had done it a couple times, not knowing that brand didn’t fit me right. I thought she might be able to use them, but I wasn’t sure. I had maybe 10 pair of these underwear, and I packed them up to give to her. I gave them to her and she was thrilled. They fit her and she said that she was broke and couldn’t afford to buy herself new underwear, and that she only had a few pairs, most of which were too big or didn’t fit well.

    Hehee…just thought you’d find it amusing. I’ve had other intuitive gift-buying things happen, but I won’t bore you by listing them all.


    p.s. my mom (a Scorpio) once got me exactly what I wanted for Christmas one year, but I never told anyone that I had wanted it. It was a filigree Aquamarine silver-toned ring (just that style I wanted). I opened up the box and was shocked.

  4. I love hearing stories about your sister! I should be somewhat psychic, but haven’t really been able (or open) to tap into it yet. Someday!

  5. He forgot to put flowers in your toilet! 🙂 From what I can tell, the scene sounds kind of surreal. Flowers everywhere.

  6. LOL, Elsa, I remember a pizza I saw in your house waiting for you that you didn’t believe either.
    Fun stuff, those days.

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