Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: LB – An Interlude

Here’s a Saturn Neptune story. It’s an interlude for pure entertainment. It’s Saturn / Neptune related because it’s about a Saturn ruled Capricorn obscuring (Pisces) reality. The reality (Saturn) of leaked gas (Neptune) of all things.

I have a strong Saturn Neptune signature in my chart and it just turns up everywhere all the time. And with Saturn currently opposing Neptune in the sky if you pay attention you’ll see the effect of these two energies combined all around you. Look for magic, because so often this is what it is.

LB was an African man who cleaned the bar where I worked from the time I was nineteen until I was twenty-one. I don’t know the whole story, but I do know he cleaned this bar in the middle of the night for forty years.

The owners were very good people. There was major relationship between them and LB. There was a deep respect in both directions. LB owned his home free and clear and indicated if not for several things they’d done on his behalf many years prior, this would not have be the case.

He didn’t clean the bar because he needed the money. He cleaned the bar because he was a Capricorn and if Capricorn quits working they’re dead. Similar to Henry who started digging a hole for his underground house at seventy-nine years old… with a shovel!

Anyway, he’d come in the bar after closing around two in the morning, to clean after everyone had gone home. He did this seven nights a week. He liked it.

“I like to mop this old floor. I feel like it’s my floor, Elsa. This is my floor to clean.”

I didn’t argue. He was in his eighties and he’d know. I came in at six in the morning to open the bar. Yep. Six am.

I’d heard of “LB” but I’d never met him because he was done cleaning before I got to work. Then one day he was sick. He was terribly sick and the unthinkable happened (for Capricorn). He showed up late to work and we collided.

I had a key to the bar and I unlocked the door and found him in there cleaning. He startled me.

“You must be Elsa,” he said introducing himself. “They’re not kidding. You’re young, all right.”

I was the first person ever hired at this bar that was less than fifty years old. Long story. But anyway, I don’t remember much of what we talked about, but when it was time to go he said “I believe I like you.” “I believe I like you too,” I said.

Next thing you know, we moved our hours. LB started coming in late and I started coming in early. We only had to shift our schedules  fifteen minutes or so. This gave us time to have a visit before anyone showed up for a drink. By 6:05 I would have several customers in the place and he would head home.

LB talked about his life and I talked about mine and we both laughed ourselves stupid. It was just one of those things. It was a phenomenon. There was an inexplicable bond between us, observable by anyone. Well, astrology explains it, but you know… I would go as far as to say I have never liked anyone in my life more than I liked LB. And he may have very well felt the same way about me.

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6 thoughts on “Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: LB – An Interlude”

  1. Love it!!! Sounds like the bond that I have found in my Boyfriend….don’t understand it….it just is what it is! Can’t wait for part 2! 🙂

  2. Awww got goosebumps! Georgeous story and whilst I prefer age as a general rule …(A good handful of my fav humans are at least 10yrs older, one 17yrs another 24- the Saturn thing explains it!) … you looked good on those 6ams!!!!

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