Love And Delusion: People Who Want To Marry You When They Don’t Even Like You!

moon love coupleIn 2009, I claimed, correctly, that at least forty men had proposed to me in my life. Bella asked on Venus Neptune Getting Married.

I was asked, “What is the astrology for that level of proposal mania?”

I stated, I had to dodge weddings as if they were bullets! I am reposting this because it takes on a new meaning when you have the back story.

For the record, my first marriage proposal came when I was 12 years old… there were two of them actually. There was a competition going and it was horrendous. My most recent proposal came 2 days ago, and not from the soldier.

I’ll explain this in text in another post but here is the old video. You will see I am emphatic in it and this is because people have been trying to marry my hologram since puberty and it’s completely exasperating. I am mistaken for a “wife” more often than I am mistaken as a “whore” or an “alcoholic” a “bad parent” etc. and that is staying something!

I’m a control freak magnet! This is what happens when you have Uranus in the 7th (love at first sight) and Venus square Neptune on the midheaven (Delusion!!).
Er… excuse my fervor but I just don’t like suntan pantyhose…

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  1. Yes, yes, and yes! I have a 12th house Venus in Aries trine Neptune H8 and….boy do men (ahem, boys) get offended when I open my mouth, and they realize the fantasy doll not only can speak, but she’s smarter than them. *innocent look* I know, I’m really humble about it. 😉

    Men tend to act out the negative Aries traits when the mirror is shattered. They react with childish pouts, sulks, and whiny words about how mean I am. Aww, poor baby–scram! If you can’t see me for who I am, I don’t wish to see you anymore. Venus/Saturn despises wasting precious time.

    But I’m glad I found this video, and loved what you said Elsa as it makes perfect sense to me. And I’ve been experiencing the same thing for about fifteen years now. Le sigh….humans. ; )

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    I’d just like to say that I absolutely loved the video. I don’t have this particular aspect, but the way you described it Elsa was so entertaining/interesting 🙂

  3. I have Venus in Taurus opposite Neptune and square Saturn (and Jupiter) with a Pisces Moon in the 8th and Uranus in the 1st. Major delusions in relationships up until a year ago ( I am 50 now) haha

    Throw in a SN-Chiron conjunction in Pisces in the 7th house and that Mars-Uranus-Pluto-NN in the 1st and I have had one hell of a learning curve in the area of self vs losing myself in others.

    My Mom has an Aquarius Moon that made sure I wouldn’t become overly attached to her emotional as well.

  4. OMG awesome video, Elsa! I love it!

    I’ve gotten the push to be more “professional”, less chatty with strangers (I have an excellent antenna for trouble, so, I can take care of myself), less revealing clothes (I’m a Virgo stellium, Cap Venus, really???), etc. Maybe Neptune in 3H gives off illusions, sextiling my first house planets. Who knows.

    How do I deal with it? Still coming to terms with that. I just end up,surprising people by doing what I want in the end. Don’t want me to get tattoos? Too bad. At my age, I’m not going to be heading any Fortune 500 company so who care. Getting another on my big birthday next year.

  5. I don’t think you are a freak magnet… because if you are one, then I am too. I’ve also met plenty of weirdos telling me they want to be with me but asking me to get a tan cause I’m too white, and to get a boob job cause my breasts are too small, and to turn my hair blond cause mine is brown, and to wear contact lens to get blue eyes cause mine are brown, and the list goes on. So now the first thing I do when I meet someone is ask them if there is anything they wish to change about me. Maybe most men are strange nowadays. Or maybe the normal ones are already married.
    Thinking of it however, I have Moon square Venus and I’ve read somewhere because of that I am likely to be attracted to and to attract people that are not good for me. Do you have that too?

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