Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: People Are Scared!

Now another way the Saturn Neptune is playing in the collective is all this fear. People are afraid (Saturn). They are afraid of the cab driver or the person sitting next to them on the plane. But they’re not certain they should be, courtesy Neptune which clouds everything. Should they blow the whistle on the brown person holding the paper bag in the airport? Call the Saturnian cops? Or is their fear (Saturn) imagined (Neptune)?

And because it’s an opposition, you can turn this other way. You can turn it inside out. Should a person have faith (Neptune) that the person is with the bag is a legitimate / normal / law abiding stable (Saturn) human being? Hmm?

And you are seeing this in the news. People refusing to fly (making Saturn boundaries) unless some targeted person or persons is kicked off the plane for reason non-specific (Neptune).

Basically, the fear (Saturn) of being victimized (Neptune) is causing people to victimize others even though the fear is ungrounded (Neptune). And this “recipe” or this phenomenon because you could call it that, is going on everywhere and on all levels. People are scared to death right now. Of everything! What if I lose my job? My business? My lover?

How this plays personally depends on your chart. But it’s operating somehow, on some level for everyone. People are scared. They feel their base (Saturn) is dissolving (Neptune) beneath them.

And I am watching this. Because my reality has been dissolving beneath me since I was born. And if you have Saturn and Neptune mashed up in your chart, I am sure you can relate. But there is a positive way to work with all this. Obviously! Because the universe doesn’t suck. At least my universe doesn’t suck.

So what about you? Do you feel frightened? How are you coping with your fears?

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12 thoughts on “Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: People Are Scared!”

  1. Hi, here by blog mad and this is fascinating to me. For the past month or so I’ve felt ungrounded. I feel like I’m coming out of it though as things are starting to settle down after a hectic summer. I’m a Leo, Aug 5.

  2. I am frightened but not about terrorists. I’ve been afraid that I’ll never have a kid of my own bc I’m 37 and I don’t have any romantic prospects in the horizon plus for personal reasons, I’d never choose to be a single mother. (I didn’t have a father so I want a kid of mine to have what I didn’t have. I feel very strongly about this.) So I’m afraid that I’ve missed the boat and I’ll never have what I so sorely desire: a happy family.

  3. I fear being alone/lonely. Haven’t figured out how to deal with it yet, except by being with people that I shouldn’t, just so I’m not. Also by using escapism in various forms.

  4. I feel like the effects of this have been marginal for me… I’ve noticed this and that- a popular book that people love right now is really really out there (wind-up bird chronicles). I felt my views on reality getting more flexible over the summer but thought that was because of living with my senile grandmother. Basically, if it makes you happy and you’re 80, then what the heck, it’s real. I’ve recently decided to go back church some because well… I’ve graduated and feel it’s time to pick something, may as well pick the religion of my family, no?

    Anyway, what I’m saying is, I can look back and notice these saturn/neptune things, but I’m not feeling afraid, or ungrounded. My reality does not seem unreal. Whatever is going on, I don’t (think) I feel it, at least not in those ways, And I wondered why. Basically, what are some other ways for it to affect people? structured dreams? creative solutions? transcending elements of life’s usual grind? obviously going back to church out of a feeeling of responsibility is a saturn/neptune thing, but what else?

    Sorry, I’m getting long-winded. I want to know what you think.

  5. Oddly enough, I’m not scared at all. I’m too busy working my ass off at school & elsewhere, trying to keep my life going where I want it. Actually, I lied. I’m scared that what I’m working for might not turn out to be what I really want, but I feel I should see it through for a number of reasons. Ok, that’s pretty Saturn/Neptune. *laughs*

  6. Saturn is strong in my chart and I need to work to feel worthy. I’m scared of being inactive.

    Right now I’m jobless but I’m living in a new apartment. I should feel anxious about saving money but I feel safe for the first time in my life.

  7. I don’t feel unsafe either.I’m also not scared of anything coming along to squash me. I just moved out of my parents house for the last time (I hope) and I’ve never felt happier. Actually I had a bit of an epiphany a few weeks ago- you don’t have to gut your way through life. It’s not all a massive struggle. It only seemed that way because that’s how I thought it should be so I went about creating it. Now I feel very free.

  8. I feel frightened although I continue to try and focus on the going-up type of events in my life because, after all, as a student in college I’m sort of living the high life. Hurricane Ernesto brought an aftershock with high winds that kept power out at my school for three days. This and the news in general make me feel like there is a collective mood right now in the world not just like something is going down into the pit or of panic, but something else. These are definitely not the sixties and there isn’t a sense of general madness or slight apocalypse but of something else. Cultural misunderstanding, of that you’re right, I visited a Pakistani street or section of Coney Island and on that street there were American flags on every meter, one store had a sign that said “I love immigrant NY” and inside the Koran store, the very first thing you see when you come in is a sign that says “Do Not Be Stupid.” What do you think the mood of now is or I guess the Saturn/Neptune opposition is your answer although I don’t understand it completely. I’m afraid of things that are spiralling out of control and in circles closer to me or in small ways. Like in Lebanon or Israel. People are screaming havoc. It’s this mood not just of things coming up again and again (It makes me think for some reason of Stephen Hawking telling people that because of global warming we will have to begin preparations to move to the moon if we want to survive). What’s the deal, you think?

  9. Scared? Oh, hell yeah… and it’s driving my lil’ usually confident Leo-Aquarius self insane!

    I’m scared I’ve missed the boat on my true path in life (whereas, if it’s my “true” path, it’ll always be there). I’m absolutely terrified that my fiance is cheating on me, even though there is no-to-very-small indications of such (this is a major issue for me, I have trust problems). I’m scared I’m going nowhere. I’m scared of moving halfway across the US. And on and on…. Eurgh!

    It’s to the point where I am tired of being scared and have almost switched to being annoyed, which will be better for my outlook, at least. As for learning whatever this transit is supposed to teach me? Nah, sorry… I just don’t see it.

  10. No, strangely enough I’m not scared at all. I feel realities dissolving and being put together in different ways all the time, but have been living this for the past couple of years, so I feel I’m getting more and more prepared and in tune with the landscape. What I’ve been learning is I have to depend on ME and the universe (and trust it), and have to work for it and let it work out in time. I do feel I have the last mountain (in this series) ahead of me, but I’m eager to climb, and just a tad scared.

  11. I HATE my job, my husband LOST his job 3 months ago and his job always allowed me the fantasy that when I can’t stand to work anymore, I can take time off.

    We are both stuck. We are swinging between beautific belief that everything will work out and envisioning the bank forclosing on our condo and living with his parents. We dream about moving to Canada but feel helpless about getting jobs.

    This moment really and truly sucks, I see no way out of it BUT I am also hopeful it will change. And like Elsa, my life has always been like this so why should I even care?

    Swinging between hyper-rationality and dreaminess. If only one could make a bloody living at it.

  12. I’m finally exhaling and not as afraid as I was. My situation: afraid my lover (who’s a sweetie) is going to leave me. His situation: afraid he’s going to loose his job and/or not get ahead in his career due to a company merger.

    Result: He’s afraid/the victim, so he’s taking it out on me (victimizing me)

    Oh no, I’m not going to let that happen! My antidote: Give him space to work out his fears…run for the hills–for the time being.

    Anyway, by letting God/Universe deal with it (and him), I’m not as afraid anymore, more concerned. Hopefully, after the opposition passes, things will become a tad more clearer 🙂

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