Pluto Transit Conjunct Your Natal Ascendant

Pluto statue astrologyPluto is currently transiting conjunct my ascendant. I have a daughter with Pluto in Scorpio conjunct her ascendant.  I’ve dated quite a few men with Pluto rising. This is my chance to see what it’s like to have this potent planet be my “first handshake”. It’s pretty disturbing.

If you have Pluto conjunct your ascendant in your natal chart, or in the first house, you’re generally a “lone wolf” on some level.  I’m not this way but I feel this way now.  It’s as if people feel I’m perplexing or unsettling. What’s crazy is that I agree with them!

Still, there is a lot magnetism involved with this transit.  Classic attraction / repulsion. As for what I attract, try everything. Junk and gold and love and hate.

I’ve got a couple more years before I’m really through this. I’ve suffered a lot of loss with more on the way. But the kind of loss seems to be changing as Pluto leaves my twelfth house for my first. The loss is more … as are the gains.

With Pluto transiting my twelfth house, pain was limitless and unending. I emerge from this transit, spiritually fortified. It’s a gain but I’m not sure anyone knows what to do with it. I mean, I was all crippled and now I’m not. Where would one begin?

I will say there is a lot of death around me at this time.  I feel repulsive as I write that, but what am I supposed to do about it?

This is the kind of thing that is quintessential Pluto. You don’t want to be around someone who is around death – might catch it, right?  But all this energy is created and you feel yourself drawn in.

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The last thing I’ll say is I’m keeping more distance from people than I normally would.  I am insanely easy to find and if you come to me, it spares me the pain of rejection.

I feel like, “The Gunfighter”.

Shadow Archetypes & Gregory Peck In “The Gunfighter

I’m content to stay home and garden and work with people who get me.

Is Pluto transiting conjunct your ascendant? How’s it going?

13 thoughts on “Pluto Transit Conjunct Your Natal Ascendant”

  1. I have ASC 5 Aqua, opposite Mars I can referr to endless suffering and inner growth.
    I am afraid of the moment when Pluto will be on my Asc and will oppose my Mars which is We are Uranus natally.Am I going to blow up everything like a bomb? ?

  2. Hi Elsa
    First time commenting but I wanted to say I have 27 cap ascendant and natal sun at 25 cap so I can relate to your feeling like this, I’m loving my own company and just to exist as the authentic me not the socially accepted version of me I’m done with that! Strange thing is deep down it feels good and right to be this way.

    1. Avatar
      the laughing goat

      …”I’m loving my own company and just to exist as the authentic me not the socially accepted version of me I’m done with that! Strange thing is deep down it feels good and right to be this way.”

      YES YES YES!! (I’m 12H Cap Sun 18 and Mercury 25 degrees.)

  3. I am ready to garden too, warmth not quite here but so ready to clock in,
    Been resisting the big spring house clean but it’s time

  4. I have Pluto rising, 1st house, in Libra. Pluto here attracts phenomenal level of projection from others (probably more so with Libra placement). The projection usually involves people’s unconscious experience, repressed or denied shadow emotions and instincts so it’s fairly unpleasant to receive but it’s unavoidable. As a child I didn’t understand psychic mechanisms in relationships so it had a devastating effect on my understanding of who I was. So much distortion yet an innate will to seek the truth. You are able to be invisible (Pluto) but it is because you are seen through unconscious projection not in your reality. Breaking the cycle involves working to acknowledge and accept death and to better understand its place in life and all the ways we humans try to evade it. That death is life and has a positive role (being close to nature helps with this process). The reason the Pluto person is a screen in this way is because of their own experiences of devastating loss (usually very early and often relating to birth trauma) which have become unconscious and unknown and thus are affecting their knowledge of the self. This ‘hole’ (not whole!) has a powerful energetic attraction – both to the life and death energy outside of you, hence the projections, magnetism and repulsion. The more I acknowledge and experience at first hand the grief and death existing within me the stronger I steadily become. It allows the experience of true power through surrender to the reality of life and this enables you to understand others – the unbearable emotions tied to grief, which we all carry inside and which shape our entire lives. It’s very different from the paradigm of power created by man, which denies the impact of death and seeks to conquer it. I imagine this resonates also with Scorpio rising, Pluto in Scorpio (millenials as a group are very vulnerable to the projections of other generations and I think are on this process of self discovery). I hope this is food for thought for those negotiating the transit.

  5. Pluto Rising in Scorpio opposite my Taurus Sun. Basically, check check check to all the above. It’s an intense way to exist, to say the least.

    It does humor me though when I see my Pluto in action between myself and another. It’s a very specific experience that is difficult to describe when the magnetism is at play.

  6. My Asc is at Cap 26d18* and Pluto is now at 26d17* Doesn’t get more conjunct than that! Pluto entered my 12H in 2009. I became estranged from my step-dad and brother during this 12H transit and my husband died. My mother had already passed in 2005, so the loss of my step-dad and brother was huge–then my husband! Lots of loss in the past decade. Interesting note, I tapped into my medium abilities during Pluto’s transit through my 12th–really strong when it conjuncted my Mercury at 10Cap.

    My god, YES! to the lone wolf. I am fine in my garden and with my pigs, goats, dogs, and chickens. To the point of dropping pretenses and being one’s true self, I get that. I just keep saying, “I’m just not interested.” I don’t want to be involved with people–almost AT ALL. And what little filter I ever had is in tatters. I never know what’s going to come out of my mouth. I just feel…free of and free from. I’m liking it! Thanks for kicking this off, Elsa. I hadn’t been keeping an eye on Pluto and he done snuck up on me 🙂

  7. Pluto hit my ascendant exact on Feb. 27th, at the same time I got a big ol black eye from playing with my dog. I’ve literally been hiding out until this black eye goes away. Pluto will stay on my ascendant until he stops and goes retro later this year, then Pluto will go back over my ascendant at the beginning of next year after he has been direct. So, most people never get to experience a Pluto conjunct your natal ascendant, I get to twice in the same lifetime!

  8. Same, A’nleir! Pluto just hit my ascendant on Friday. Then when it goes Rx it will cross over my ascendant in June, then turn Direct and run it over again Jan of ’22. Good times! What the hell? I really can’t handle a bunch more people dying. Transformation is one thing, losing loved ones a whole nother ballgame.

  9. My Asc is in 24′ 51 degrees Capricorn. The losses have been shocking, as my partner’s father passed away a month ago, but on the other hand, I have spent time alone discovering myself. In fact, twice this year I have seen dreams which involve love rivalries centered around me. Furthermore, I have taken up dancing and I am thinking of starting learning to dance with my partner, as I totally want him as my dancing partner. Due to a mild concussion I endured end of January after slipping on the floor, I have been wanting to do stuff which involves the body more, and not only the brain.

  10. Pluto is on my natal north node within a couple degrees of my Asc

    I just went through having covid. I was very ill then I wasn’t. I got a job in late January which was where my exposure came into play. I’m back to work now.

    I don’t recognize myself some days.

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