Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: What Defines Suffering?

Scott and I. We’re still talking about the Saturn Neptune opposition:

“Being homeless and having nothing to eat! My father said that was the definition of suffering,” Scott said.

“Oh really? Well I don’t agree. To him that may be suffering but I don’t think that is universally true. Because I been homeless and had nothing to eat and as you know, I was way happier than most. So there is no way that would be my definition of suffering.”

He didn’t say anything so I tried to think of what I would define as suffering. I was just thinking on the phone, because the conversation had occurred spontaneously. I had never asked myself the question but then an answer came.

“Yeah, I don’t think it’s that big a deal to be homeless. It wasn’t for me anyway. It was a problem but I would not call it suffering, even a little. Suffering to me is the way I feel the day after I fucked someone up. You know. I hurt someone and the next day, forget about it. I am going to suffer. I am going to burn and fry. And I am not sure if there is anything worse for me! So you can see the Saturn Neptune. Your father is concerned with these real life earthy things. Food and shelter which obviously makes sense. But to me it’s the nebulous stuff that’ll kill you. Kill me anyway.”

So what about you? How would you define suffering?

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9 thoughts on “Coping With The Current Saturn Neptune Opposition: What Defines Suffering?”

  1. Helplessly watching while creatures suffer. Being unable to explain to children or pets or large grownups why things happen that make them hurt. Especially children and pets.

    Now I’m all weepy….

  2. suffering the rejection of a lover, someone who’s led you on, dumped you, then still wants your attention, but is not able to give anything back or even care about your feelings.

    it’s like trying to have a mature, adult relationship with a slightly feral cat. boy, that creates an interesting mental picture.

  3. Hmmm suffering.

    I guess we all have a brand of suffering, but essentially I think suffering arises out of a lack of love. Usually a lack of self-love. Fear and doubt are huge suffering factors that are born out of the absense of love, which can make any situation seem hopeless. I think that love is the foundation of everything, and can stop even the worst suffering.


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