Saturn In Capricorn For Libra (& Other Lovers)

BarnaclesI had a client the other day; she was in her early thirties. Her chart was challenging on a number of levels.

  • Independence vs not wanting to be alone
  • Career vs family
  • Loner/rebel vs the desire to communicate in depth
  • And more…

These are not easy things to sort, but the pressure to do so increases as we age. You realize you have to compromise or rethink or redo “something” at some point or you’re doomed to continue on a path that’s become unsatisfying if not downright frightening.

Saturn in Capricorn is bearing down on Libra now. Relationships, if you’re in one, are serious learning grounds. If you’re not in one, you’re probably evaluating the situation.

I told this gal something my husband told me once: You want to get your person or your partner when you’re still young. You can grow together, but also the older you get, you get what he calls “barnacles” on you. He feels the more barnacles you have, the harder it is to find a relationship that you can sustain.

You may or may not agree, but it seems worth considering as Saturn pressures Libra, to weigh the value of relationships in your life.

two loversWhatever you decide, with Saturn in Capricorn you can expect the consequences (good, bad, both) to be long-lasting. If you need help with this, you can schedule a phone or email consultation.

If lack of love is a theme in your life, chances are you’ve got Venus and Saturn mashed in your chart.

Here’s a checklist:

  • Venus in Capricorn
  • Venus square, opposite, or conjunct Saturn
  • Saturn in the 7th house
  • Venus in the 10th house
  • Cancer or Capricorn Sun or rising
  • Saturn conjunct your ascendant or your descendant
  • Saturn in Libra
  • Planets in Libra squaring planets in Capricorn

If you have any of those signatures in your chart and you’re struggling in this area, you can really benefit from my workshop on the topic – Finding Your True Love & Soulmate. It will be the best $49 you ever spend.

If you have more than one of these signatures, that goes double, or triple, etc.

I’d even think about recommending this to a friend who just can’t seem to get around their blocks. This is a topic no astrologer wants to take a serious look at. This is exactly why I decided to do it.

23 thoughts on “Saturn In Capricorn For Libra (& Other Lovers)”

  1. I have a friend with cap rising, venus in cap, square mars in libra, square saturn in libra and square pluto in libra. He’s a mess. A true mess.

    1. Lol- he was born very close to the same day as me, I imagine (2/15/82), as I have all of those except cap rising. I’ve been married for 8 years, believe it or not!

  2. Saturn and Neptune in Libra. Moon and Chiron in Cap.

    Saturn/Chiron squared. Neptune/Moon squared. Chiron squares & Moon opposes Uranus in Ca. Venus is 12th H. Been married 41 years. Not so good the last couple and never really have been romantic or a flirt. When I was young, I didn’t plan on marriage. He pursued pretty relentlessly, I would say. I have love in my life. However, sometimes I wonder if I am capable of a full love relationship.

  3. I have Venus in the 10th House. I’m definitely feeling a sense of urgency with regards to relationships, but it’s a hopeful energy and not the usual angst. For once!

  4. My Saturn is closely conjunct Asc in Sagi; along with opposing Sun in 7th house (within 1 degree orb). Coupled with venus opposite Neptune (2 Degree orb) is doing me no favour even if I try and connect with men. Just feel that I can do a much better job at raising a child on my own than doing so with someone else.

    Been in and out of relationship more than 7 times, sigh given up.

    My Uranus is in 1st house too squaring Jupiter in 4th, highly unconventional and rebel.

  5. Hmmm, perfectly on topic for a friend who is lately very unsatisfied with her partner.
    She has Venus in Aries square both Saturn in Cap next to Jupiter in Aqua. Her 2nd SR wlll be in February 2002 and I hope that she works things out before then, otherwise brown matter will hit the fan.
    As for barnacles, she & partner have been together for 35 years, a long time growing them.
    I’m wondering if the Finding True Love workshop could help?
    She tends to reject anything and everything that is not to her taste/habits. (Aries Sun thing? Dunno.) I’m not sure if she’s very good at compromising, she’s a bit like a rebelling teenager.
    Definitely not an easy thing to work out.

  6. So it is worth purchasing this workshop if I have some barnacles at the age of 34 or am I throwing my money away?
    Also, no one wants to get to over 30 and not have love in their life. This does not happen by choice, of course we all want to find our love in our youth. It goes without saying.

    1. also, it’s a really great workshop, especially for people with venus/Saturn, libra/capricorn…themes.

      I have a strong well-aspected IC-conjunct Venus yet it also has a wide quincunx to Saturn (4 degrees.)

      Although in general I am very lucky in Venus matters my love life was the only area that wasn’t going well so I realised it was worth considering the quincunx even though I see it as wide!

      Anyway, the workshop is filled with great stuff in all of its parts. Many is shocking, yes, BUT sooo true because it addresses the barnacles!!

      34 is a great age to work deeper with the matter of relationships and get a better handle on why the mentioned undertones (saturn/venus…) impact one’s love life.

      I was dating my husband (who has Venus/Saturn conjunct – much stronger V/S undertones than I have) when I did the workshop and I still re-read my notes for reminders.

      Money worth spent.

      I will add, however, that V/S and the related/same undertones can struggle admitting or recognising a lot of the workshop’ S content.

      So please keep an open mind as the workshop was done with the true intention to help people!

      (Got a strong well-aspected jupiter touching many planets and angles in my chart, hence I advertise and promulgate a lot what I like and/or believe in.)

      Good luck

      1. Thanks, Cris.

        It’s only shocking because people don’t want to deal in reality. But people who truly love and support each other, encounter reality, eventually. So if you can’t deal with this, then you get to remain in your bubble which eventually becomes freakishly painful.

        1. So true!
          Not dealing with reality is a big bummer.
          I’m afraid the friend I was talking about will be this way forever, unless something shakes her up.
          She is currently in depresion, which I think is a direct result of her trying to avoid of what hurts.
          Alas, I think she is not very far from the freakishly painful point.

  7. I bought this workshop yesterday and WOW is it food for thought. I’ve been either reading and rereading, writing, ruminating or talking about it since yesterday afternoon. I have 1 of the criteria for Venus/Saturn natally (Saturn on the Asc.), but my big issue is Pluto in Cap squaring my Libra sun exact at 18 degrees, and sextiling my Venus Mars Uranus mashup. I am going thorough a long term re-evaluation of relationships-and I mean all of them! The workshop has given me numerous entry points and insight to support the process. Great stuff.

    1. Thank you!

      I know the content is shocking. But I had to do it because these are things I know about. I’m not sure how much company I have, but I also willing to share what I know.

      It will change your life, goatgirl. You’ll such a better understanding and better control of yourself. 🙂

  8. My scorpio venus in 2nd squares my aquarius saturn in 5th. A hare’s nest on the trust issues.teasing it out with a fine comb. I partly agree with hubby.
    People do get barnicles until they realize they are too heavy to carry around and do the painful work of scraping them off. I am doing that now. Its been an intense few years. Feeling vulnerable without my crusty layer but definitely lighter and more emotionally mobile.

  9. I have 2 signatures: venus 10th and venus opposite saturn.

    It’s funny because ‘lack of romantic love’ ( and I specifically romantic love because my friendships and family are full of love towards me) has always been the issue.

    I work hard on myself though… when astrologers told me ‘this signature is typically about one being too cold or too emotionally detached I was shocked ( I did not believe it was true but I still went to a psychologist (we never know) who basically said after a few session that I did not need therapy.

    Then I was told you need to strengthen your self esteem: so I went on a mantra, and affirmation journey… for 1,5 years I wrote affirmation on a bedside notepad every morning and every night. Now I am confident and people complain it ll be too ‘intimidating’ to some men….

    Then another astrologer told me that I had not been trained to flirt and all things social graces and courtship etc. So I got a coach, yes a flirting coach. Was fun but nothing extraordinary there in fact, most people are oblivious to so called flirting ‘clues’

    Then it was about appearance ‘Maybe you should pay attention to your appearance more’ I was told …( haha I am a libra ascendant but still I thought there is no arm in getting a stylist to support). Definitely a creative skill added to my persona.

    Then I was told you are too ‘proper’ let your hair down and party more. So I did.

    And finally you ‘just’ don’t understand men psychology. There I was reading about differences btw male and female archetypes.

    Then I was told you are too clingy, then later on you are too detached. Haha! Right?!

    By the time I reached 27 I was exhausting from working on myself in a quest for love; and I was still attracting one short lived relationships after another, people that were not happy with themselves for one reason or another and in their way to healing would just use the other person (whether it was conscious or not).

    I thought to myself that much effort to better myself yet so little results on the partnership front. strange…
    At least I grew in the process I guess. As now I assess better prospective dates/boyfriends.

    The last astrologer I talked to told me to relax and let go. That the planets and the events/situation that happens in my life actually help me do the ‘work’ required not the other way around. In other words, you can do as much work as you want, it’s still not under your control.

    The venus saturn lesson for me I think was not to automatically assume that ‘there is something wrong’ with me or something to change ‘in me’. that sometimes it’s the other person, sometimes it’s the situation, sometimes it just is.

    I grew in personal power, in femininity, in self worth, in personal happiness and really my ability to understand people and have compassion because they too have saturn somewhere in their chart.

    My first saturn return will take place in January. and I am quite happy about it. I hear things get better after whether in a relationship or not.

    love and light to you all!

    1. Very nicely written. I was expecting someone older!:)

      I relate to it, although my attempts were more half hearted than yours. Ive also been told that Im too needy, then others have told me that Im too cold. And Ive also mostly overcome the notion that something is wrong with me. Almost.

    2. You’re lucky it’s just your love life. My WHOLE life sucked until I was about 25.

      You sound great. I’m sure you’ll find a lover one day!

  10. How does Aquarius Saturn fit into the SaturnVenus,etc. paradigm? Is it very different from the Cap one? I’m wondering what if Sat on the axis points would be different for the Aquarius heavy person vs. a Cap heavy person?

  11. I needed to read this so desperately. definitely will be purchasing this soon. so much respect & gratitude for ElsaElsa.

    Moon in Libra Square Neptune in Capricorn. Cancer Rising, Capricorn Descendant. Also have Saturn in the 11th, Moon in Libra Square Mars in Cancer, and Lilith in Libra 5th House. My Moon in Libra is also in the 5th house, along with Chiron in Scorpio, Eros in Scorpio, Psyche in Scorpio.

    I’m a rockstar freak weirdo and I value freedom, authenticity, and expression so much. but I have a deep desire “to be loved” and be a valued part of something. and for some reason, I can’t get the two to coexist!!!! …even though I see examples of it. somehow, it has become one my biggest challenges to merge these needs & desires.??? …having very little tolerance for bullshit (Mars in Cancer 1st House) and not wanting to be tied to anyone or anything (Saturn 11th) just wanting to bring my creative vision into fruition (Saturn 11th) but still deeply needing connection (Libra Moon) and a sense of family (Cancer Rising, Cancer Venus).

    P A I N.

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