Cracking The Libra Mind (Uranus Square Pluto)

Dice, cash and playing cardsI have Mercury conjunct Mars in Libra. It’s challenging (Mars) for me to make up my mind (Mercury) with all the back and forth that goes on (Libra).

Right now, Uranus and Pluto are transiting this conjunction in my chart.   The conjunction is in my 9th house, so we’re talking about the future here, and what I believe. The pressure is incredible.  Check this out…

I am about to fly across the country to an area I’m not familiar with, to choose a house where my husband and I (Libra coupling) will live, most likely, for the rest of our lives. Chances are, I will have to make this decision, alone.   Yes! I will choose the house on my own without his even seeing it.  Tell me that’s not stressful!

It’s stressful because Libra is so codependent and people-pleasing! How nice it would be to have his vote of confidence. Will this please you? Yes/no? But I don’t think that’s going to happen. It really looks like this is going to be my call. We’re going to be stuck with whatever I decide…when I can’t decide.

It’s really akin to putting everything we have on the line. And I’m the one holding the dice?

It’s seems lucky (9th) that I believe (9th) in God (9th)! Because I could use some help here, obviously.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? How did you fare?

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  1. My husband bought us a house without me and I loved it. The agent didn’t have any faith in the sale because I hadn’t saw the house so she drug her feet through the whole process. It is funny looking back. You know your family and will find a nice house for them. Advise, let see…. No signing contracts during Mercury retro right??? Enjoy your house hunting. It should be a fun trip!

  2. The agony! Libra rising, and Jupiter in Libra. God and prayer get me through the decisions too. I weigh it all, and do the homework and legwork, but in the end I leave it in the hands of the Almighty and pray for guidance. Practical things like taking videos and pictures make the decision easier maybe in today’s world?
    Good luck, Elsa! Bold move!

  3. This is so sweet though. . . obviously your husband loves you enough to trust in your choice. That is blessed. He’s not trying to control and that’s really helpful with this kind of energy. he’s giving you an independent choice to please him, yourself, and your entire family. It may seem like the circumstances don’t allow him to be there but really this couldn’t happen if he were bent on control. So seems like everything will be for the best. and im sure you will pick the best house and he will be happy with it. Its all about independence at the end of the day. 🙂

  4. I have a Sun-Mars conjunction at 8 Libra in my 12th house. This is the focus of a T-square between Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn-Neptune-Uranus in Capricorn. The last 3 years has been a cruel dance of destiny with me, with Pluto going over the Capricorn planets, squaring my Sun-Mars and Uranus ramming it in for good effect from Aries. It was like the Grand Cross was happening all over, above, behind, below and inside me!

    Major health troubles and a freak accident to the head happened in which I had a concussion and struggling with amnesia. But as the two devils (UR-PL) move on their cosmic dance, they have thankfully left me behind to rebuild my life. And God knows I will. And it will be quite perfect, otherwise I am not satisfied (12th house).

  5. Nope. It’s a joint decision or it doesn’t happen. Everybody concerned is on board.

    However, I have been in negotiations with people at cross purposes. It’s uncomfortable. I have had to listen very closely to everyone’s wants and I mean everyone’s and proceed as best as possible. It usually comes down to doing the right thing for the right reasons. So again, not mundane, but that other thing. That’s my struggle.

  6. Oh, how does it come out. Great and horrible. There is always fallout from those who did not get everything they wanted. It takes time to let that dissipate. And yes they were mad enough to literally kill me. But that’s not a house or a move, it’s that other thing.

  7. Unless you’re really sure it’s “THE HOUSE” clearly aligned with your intuition, rent in in that school district first; then look to buy in six months. Worked for me once : )

    1. Oh, Elsa! I am Libra Moon in 12th, conjunct Libra Asc. For 38 years, until my husband’s sudden, unexpected death at age 59, I was married to a Libra Sun man, the love of my life. His job required us to relocate every couple of years, and while we generally had the luxury of choosing our next home together, it WAS stressful pulling up roots constantly. Now, 8 years since his death, I realize that this lifestyle worked for us because wherever HE was, THAT was my home. From all that you have written about your husband & yourself, I am guessing that wherever YOU are, THAT will be his home. You are so wise & divinely guided. I think the two of you will be fine in the new location.

      1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. My mother-in-law is mostly likely going to live with us.

        My husband says, “If your mom likes it and your wife likes it, there’s nothing else to discuss!”

        He also told me, quite famously, that men had to get along with women, “less they won’t get them any britches.”

        He seriously thinks this way. Be good to your wife and your mom, or no pants for you!!

        1. “Piss off you wife too much, she’ll send you out to hunt, naked. Cave men didn’t get much to wear, anyway. Yeah, I see you’re naked. Now get out there and get some meat for this family!”

  8. this is the age of cell phones and everything that they can do: take and send photos, live time interaction, video,etc… let Uranus work for you. It’s actually a gift that you are the one choosing your home.

  9. Hahaha! I have Mars and Mercury conjoined in Libra too (10th house, squaring Neptune, Saturn, Uranus in Cap and Jupiter in Cancer)–I feel for ya! Most indecisive person ever! Good luck! 🙂

  10. You’ll decide and then you will pack your family and all of your belongings and move there. My best advice? Find a place filled with light…even in dark moments the sunlight will pull you toward happiness. You’ll make a new and beautiful place to call home. Enjoy looking for your new spot on this tiny rock.

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