What Will The 2024 Neptune Station Bring?

Neptune daniels joffe“Hello! We will have Neptune station retrograde at 29°56′ Pisces this summer. How do you think this will play out collectively? Will this be mass disappointment, with the fog being lifted to expose all the lies and deceit? Or will there be an upsurge in spiritual matters? Or maybe even addictive behaviours being heightened – people reaching that dark night of the soul when it comes to addictions? Will people finally wake up? Or will humanity be asleep at the wheel even more so?”

I’m out of my element with this question, but I’ll take a stab at it and present your questions for others who may want to weigh in.

Will this be mass disappointment, with the fog being lifted to expose all the lies and deceit?

I think we’ve already reached “mass disappointment”.  Also, the fog is so thick, we can’t see their own lies and deceit. I’m suggesting we are complicit, “enjoying” our numerous addictions while denying reality.  It’s like a Hollywood star who farms out their accounting, thinking they’re somehow impervious to being cheated.

Or will there be an upsurge in spiritual matters?

I would like to see this but I doubt it.  The messaging out there guides people away from their innate good nature.

If you’ve taken the path of least resistance in this era, you’re likely to find yourself in a funnel that empties into a place you don’t want to be.  I’m not saying, some people are enlightened and holy and special. I’m saying, no. I don’t expect this upsurge, because the ability to access such things has been hammered down, severely.

Or maybe even addictive behaviours being heightened – people reaching that dark night of the soul when it comes to addictions?

I don’t see Neptune to be associated with “dark nights of the soul”.  Peak addiction? Yes.

Will people finally wake up?

Wake up to what?  My guess is people wake up to their own powerlessness and the fact they’re got no move left to make.  I think this quote, applies:

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”
― Frank Zappa

Or will humanity be asleep at the wheel even more so?

No. I think they will know what’s going on but they’ve been neutered to such a degree, they’ll be nothing to do with the information.  This is a bad feeling and one of the reasons people play dumb and delude themselves. It’s the illusion of control, they’re addicted to.

What do others think?

36 thoughts on “What Will The 2024 Neptune Station Bring?”

  1. My MC is 29 d 59 m Pisces. I’ve been concerned!! I dont think I can endure an even foggier sense of career/ public identity etc. As it is my sense of how to perform in sync with organizational vales, team missions and norms is so stressed. Maybe this will force me to find a solution that suits me, and live more contentedly outside the box. Just feels so challenging at 60 and I have a mortgage to tend to.

  2. great quote by Zappa, Elsa, great guy, never liked his music too much, though. I think the thing to watch here is the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in mid 2025 and early 2026. And, being an eternal optimist, and this happening at 1 Aries (aaaaaction) might be good news (or total disintegration 🙁 look at the history of Saturn-Neptune conjunctions – 1989, fall of Berlin wall and disintegration of the Warsaw pact. 1953 – death of Stalin and thaw. 1917 – Russian revolution and exit of the Czar. 1882 – pressure of the working class in Germany got so big that the Kaiser and his chancellor Bismarck had to introduce welfare laws in 1883 pioneering social legislation in Europe. 1846 – communist manifesto published. So maybe by the time this conjunction comes around (young) people will be so desparate about the world going to hell (with President Trump significantly accelerating the process) and inequality so rampant that class struggle will gain momentum again. This conjunction will be roughly at the midpoint of Pluto and Uranus so I guess anything goes. I hope for the better.

  3. I have been up since 3am. Restless. Mars transiting the 12th and every other bloody thing. I have been trying to distract myself…looking at emails. Boring. News. There are certain things l can’t watch…the starving children of Gaza. Yes, there are a lot of big lies. Will we wake up? I think we act (mostly) like people in the Dark Ages…we pretend it is not happening and get on with whatever. We look away. I look away. Is it because l am powerless? ‘Evil prospers if good people do nothing’ What can one person do? Say: They are as mad as hell and they are not going to take it anymore …or do they take another pill to calm them down? I am sick of fake spirituality . I am sick of fake everything.
    So when we see the wall, because Frank was right, what do we do? Chip away, or go round it? Or simple leave?
    Here is a small positive thing. A private company was going to close the Old People’s Home in a small country town bcs it was not making $$. The people bought it. Designed a program to suit the individual needs of each resident. They employed locals. Guess what? It is up and running and making a small profit. Needs must. But first a common cause.

    1. The outcome for the Old People’s Home is an excellent example of how small, like minded groups can work together to bypass and prevail over the corrupt system now, and after the world that has already gone to hell finally collapses as it should.

      1. Exactly, Warped, and there is the satisfaction that comes with the work that helps everyone in the community. I think the collapse has already happened in places…and will continue to unfold forcing us back apon overselves. We can wait for governments to fix it (if rural or ‘not too wealthy- dont hold your breath) or start taking control over our own patches, involving everyone. First thing to be done: come together ‘old school’ . People have skills they do not know they have. Who are the good practical organisers? Id have young people working a longside older people to learn old skills–younger people also need to be respected and heard. We have to go back to basics and use what we have. No waste. l remember my grandmother talking about Depression Days. Those days are real for many now…it is not something that is happening in a possible future. This represents the end of Neptune in Picses for me.

        1. I’m loving your example too – individual/ community efforts may be where it’s at indeed! & like Patc I’m hoping for better too … and if I’m just my own neptune bubble of hope, I’m good with that aswell!!! lol!! … well until it pops!

  4. “…At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” Wow!

    Question: what happens after complete learned helplessness? Does it not take its own course and go another direction?

  5. Wow, this post definitely suits my mindset after watching the Truman Show again. I used to think my favourite movie was “Arrival”. But it is probably the Truman Show. Both are pretty Neptunian though.

    Neptune is approaching points that I have identified as being the focal point through which political disagreement between me and others was expressed (but not experienced). I think something is going to happen to make people think that there will be some kind of unity, and then when Neptune retrogrades that unity is going to fall apart. We will realise that whatever it was that brought us together is only skin deep and there are still real moral differences.

  6. I feel that we are witnessing the very slow breakdown and transition of medicine, and many other things. People must recognize that there is something very wrong before it can transition.

  7. Wow no predictions here but
    I live on an island. Our water table is rising first the ocean goes up slightly. Then it pushes on our drinkable water, potable water then, as the drinkable water is being pushed up, it meets up to the septic waters that are filtrating down for us here we are seeing the shellfish in the pond life Start to change ,shrinking the amounts of
    Catch(fish to eat).
    The state has imposed new guidelines to protect our drinking water, so that a septic system has tripled in cost meaning again the rich have no worries. The poor have health, first us not reporting their water problems, not understanding the implications of septic system that is puddling in the yard Which is probably tainting their well ???We have been bought out by the rich who own area allowed to construct wind turbines
    Off our coastline, they are beginning to make a visual impact as they are all over our south side of the island. it will make our electric cost rise because we the people in this area will now be responsible to pay back the investors for the infrastructure, and we’re told that when the structures are paid for, they will probably need to be replaced so our children will actually pay more also, I guess the aim is to stop importing from other countries our fuel. I’m told we have quite the reserves in Alaska but they won’t drill there. It’s too bad we couldn’t each have our own windmill or someway to catch wind in an innocent fashion to charge up our batteries something on the top of our house or in our yard ,
    I cut my electric cost I run a little string of Christmas lights down my stairs of my house into my lower rooms. I rarely turn on the lights. I’m usually in bed when it gets dark. I never use even warm water anymore. It’s cool water to wash my clothes and shower I’m a real minimalist when it comes to water I’m just nervous my well will give up .we’re seeing an awful lot of rich come here course they don’t live here they just use this place for the summer and the heat . Times has forced many family away from the island to seek cheaper rent. It might be nationwide , rising rent ??a rental is 3500 a month !!I don’t know how kids can do it , food is over $100 a bag !! less fish ! fewer rentals 🙁 higher water table !!the scare of unclean water to drink. I don’t know if Neptune can throw a Wave at us and wash us back to where we were. Maybe the rich won’t like us if their house can’t hang off the cliff ,and there are fewer stores to shop
    Oh, scratch that Mr. Bezzos has made shopping a 24 hour sport for the rich 🙁
    I would say something on the horizon??? the poor get by with very very little still managed to find happy 🙂 the rich well they’re not so happy if they can’t get everything they want they don’t care the price they just want everything all the time and right now
    And plenty of runway to walk around their beautiful $17 thousand $$sunglasses dresses coats and the shoes
    here we wear bare feet in the summer and old cut offs so long as we can fish, it doesn’t matter if we get to sit on the beach most of us have little boats that get us out there?? Poor find happy rich
    The still play on instagram
    time will tell .

    1. Thank you for this- tell it how it is description of your real life experience, Raerae.
      I hope things get better for you. Locals deserve to have their say about what effects them on a day to day basis.

  8. Assessment Land value in my county up 20+ %…me personally 36% in 1 year

    You will own NOTHING and be happy! Good riddance!

    You want land ….we will burn you out, we will increase your tax, we will have EMINENT DOMAIN

    They are fulfilling their wet dreams. This is not by chance we have failed decade over decade as they plan the f@ck away…….

    WE are all to blame.

    1. Many will be relieved not to own a home. It will be very hard to find people to do repairs. Most people have no clue and desire to learn.

        1. Not sure what isn’t clear. A house is a burden when things break. People like phones and games, not pulling weeds and being concerned about pipes freezing.

          1. Perhaps for lazy people who don’t know what responsibility is and never knew what it was, ethics and what hard work really is – sure I agree, absolutely.
            If you understand psychology (anyone out there) house = body.

            I know we are in a ‘transition period’ as they like to say…..i see it of slackers vs people who actually don’t romanticize and work hard long days then have to cook and care and fix.
            But how about this be for those who want to work and contribute to their community. Grow food and not bugs have medicinal plants and real food available…you know not the pharmaceuticals that say make you sick and die ( i could go on with my list)…as this is for the rural land owners whom which are being targeted.

            Perhaps the C- vxx was a good idea all along.

            1. So keep your home. I’m only suggesting, priorities change. I know several couples who have not cooked a meal in years… in fact, my son in law and his wife have been married for 20 years and had every meal of their marriage, either out or delivered. They aren’t lazy, either.

              1. Of course the land will be kept.

                As I stated in the first comment LAND aka -rural- I don’t know too many rural folks who can eat out, order out and pick up food. Many grow their food and use their land to provide food- to others, to markets, to community.
                Indeed priorities have changed. For better or worse is another question. But, priorities can change real fast and in this fragile high tech digital world it won’t take much for that to shift. Even simply through encountering health issues. Another way to look at it is if these ‘changed priorities’ are so much more important why do they default back to basic when forced to.
                If cooking your food (in general) and nourishing your body is not a priority then so be it. It’s your only vehicle in life.
                As far as laziness, it come in many forms and has everything to do with how one directs their energy. It is subjective for sure but displays itself in the most basic ways.

      1. Now, that is a true story, Elsa. I cant get up a ladder atm and there are things l literally cant do…but there are things l can do like find a way to fix the front post. (The one that holds the house up). There are also things l wont do. Too dangerous or beyond my skill set. Limitations: good old Saturn.

      2. This is something I can to believe 20 years ago, when I sold my family home. The path to learning what “not owning nor renting” is in the 21st century has been the pragmatism of living myth. Not to be confused with fairy tale, living myth is the work of digging deep, deeper and deeper to discover base elements of who I am and how to live a sacred life.

        It’s hard work and my identity is so much about telling the truth, and not forcing (anything:)

        Between myself and my husband we have skills and beliefs that are different and mostly complimentary. We came from extreme opposite beginnings. He is a repair it kind of man and I am committed to find meaning in everyday; and create art to make the world in which I can live/love.

        We live on a covered up pond, in an 80 square foot home on two wheels. Grounded while surrounded by Neptune. My culture of origin helps me navigate, I call on my ancestors often. I try to meet them half way, do my part…but not edge them out.

  9. I have a young Vietnamese friend. I just adore this guy he told me once it was not smart for me to make 12 muffins that I wasted electricity and most of the oven was empty. It would be smarter for me to support a baker and buy one fresh muffin a day of course cost come in and I like to tip things where I live seem to have changed overnight I do have a lot of faith in the world we live in our population. I think we all cherish our sunrise and chase the day all the way to sunset. I know March is cruel and the weather here is pretty tough , but in all that challenge, there’s equal beauty I love how the naked trees wrap around the land and our curvy roads expose the sky and sea in such a way for all the heartache. There is a beauty and I do have great faith in the human population OK chin up cowboy up or tough up however, one says, be strong, be faithful be kind, be generous, and take care of yourself

    1. The cost for the baker’s muffins would soon surpass any savings on your electric bill! And making your own lets you choose healthier ingredients. And why deny yourself hot water and all its health benefits?

  10. @hazel, I don’t mean to be fighting with you. I was trying to answer your questions on a tablet, while distracted. I’m sorry.

    1. No fighting- but yes this hits home/heart for me and has affects on others.

      Aside from that not sure why my comment went vertical – hee hee looks funny

  11. Pisces , Neptune, and the 12 th house are related to an ending of a cycle of experience connected to things above the horizon.

    Aries, Mars , and the 1 st house move us us into a rebirth thru desire and hunger ( 4 th house). Virgo and the 6 th house carry the responsibility of reintegration and embodiment of this new soul purpose and direction.

    New roots into the Earth are central to the rebirth. The personal power of soul re emerges in a new form. We get power when we own the emotional ground under our feet. Land.

    The problem with Pisces and Neptune is its high minded spirituality – the dark and gutty serpentine intensity of rebirth is difficult for Piscean sensitivity.

    This passage now happening where the personal planets move thru Aquarius and Pisces into Aries while Chiron is near the North Node – is a preview of what happens as Neptune end its passage thru Pisces.

  12. These comment are going out of order, Elsa.

    My comment about reno’s has ended up in the mix of your discussion with Hazel, not directly after your comment.

    Hazel, the house does represent the body and mine needs work. But illness prevents me from doing things. I am a farm girl…was a farm girl, at least part of me always will be. I reacted to Elsa’s comment suggesting ‘Why dont l learn to fix things myself’.

    Today will be 39…the next two days 38.
    I do very badly in the heat (ME/cfs) l wont be doing anything and it is not about laziness. ‘Lazy’ is the worst thing you can call someone on the land.

  13. Warped, our Electricity is higher than anywhere in country I’m told it’s the wind turbines filling our horizon, yes I still bake I am picky about ingredients; I am fortunate to have 8 bakeries within 3 miles , a few are vegan gluten and sugar free $$$ though so I get your points I do love hot shower
    I just can’t take the 400$ a month electric bills and I have wood stove
    I’m telling you since the rich got here I’d give him 20 years of places just so unaffordable a little old man be at a fishing village of Ireland that George Soros bought 600 houses here for the Summer rentals where he gets his info. I’m not sure it doesn’t present itself in the paper, but we have a bevy of celebrities and politicians Clinton comes here. Obama comes here. Sarah comes here. Bill Gates comes here Diane Sawyer lives here. The list goes on my greatest disappointment is with mass health. They have sent me a letter saying real estate recovery when I stayed offers low to free healthcare, what it means is free now tell your kids and grandkids , we’ll be acquiring your house when you die. It’s a very big Money grab for the hospitals and doctors who since Covid made boat loads of money via mandatory health care.so disappointing. anyways, I do love to cook.

  14. The Neptune station will certainly dredge up more tech BS. The internet ‘cloud storage’ we all take for granted for our personal online storage and everything else, will soon be compromised, if not already, and we just don’t know about it yet. Perhaps this station will finally show the full range of foreign spies and hackers who have been using American cloud storage to spy for a long time. Or worse. I think of health records, bank and tax information. 8th house stuff. I expect the Pluto dredging of tech and internet to start showing some results soon. Which is why I mention this to everyone I can. Start pulling out of the cloud. Start closing accounts online. Step back from social media. Delete, if you even can anymore, your personal info online. Of course, what you have online has already been stored anyway…..so, moot point I guess.

  15. I anticipate an intensification of the push to impose “Christian” values on America, especially on women. The Pisces Age is symbolically having a last stand and all things hierarchical are being pushed HARD as the only “right” paradigm.
    Neptune shows what we idealize, what we put on a pedestal. We shouldn’t be surprised to see people freaking out as Neptune reaches 29° 59′ Pisces; everything they believed in is dissolving under their feet. Tantrum time. The retrograde should be interesting to watch.
    (And BTW, True Christianity is a beautiful way to live. I pray all the time. I’m talking about those who use the Bible to justify controlling and condemning others)

    1. I like your take on true religious values, Pan as opposed to fake religion/spirituality, without heart and soul.

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