Venus In Pisces Square Saturn In Sagittarius – Tinkerbell Hits A Wall

Venus square saturn chartVenus is conjunct Neptune in Pisces. Mars is nearby.  This stellium in Pisces is highly prone to writhe around and fantasize.

Saturn in Sagittarius is coming in comes in hard with the truth. It’s a bit like seeing Tinkerbell hit a wall.

I have been the wall in some cases.  But last night I was Tinkerbell.

My husband mentioned some people he knows, their insurance now costs $800 a month with a $10,000 deductible.

He figures within a year or two, we’ll be uninsured and paying a fine to the government.


Have you been Tinkerbell this week? How about the wall?

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  1. Yes, and yes, in that order. I burst out laughing though because it was so predictable and extreme. Just happened a few minutes ago!

  2. Venus & Neptune are on my Sun!

    That’s it exactly *splat*, but then, there’s been a lot of splatting lately. Brakes, Walls…it’s not fair they’re invisible til you hit them.It’s not like I’m not looking!!

    Now I know what a bird feels like when it flies into a window.

  3. Yep, I’m feeling it too. Things that I thought that I had in place, or had taken care of have fallen through the cracks somehow. Unnerving. Feeling a bit better today though, not full of unknown or unwarranted fear like I have been the past month.

  4. my sich is just that i am trying to experience some clarity about my future (job,housing, relationship). i know mercury retrograde demands patience and double and triple checking, so i am doing what i know to do. fortunately, another source i use for astrological guidance posted this sunday that nothing will be as it seems this week, and to work behind the scenes to create a bigger scenario and a juicy and enticing goal!

  5. Avatar

    native venus in pisces square saturn so that is how my mind normally works.

    But I can dream up really awesome things and then create them in reality with that saturn workin’

  6. Is that why I needed more then one glass of wine last night to help put the day from hell away ? as for the health insurance is so true . mine went up for 74.oo a month to 138.00 a month I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but when your on a fixed budget that doesn’t cover it and the Washington health finder told me my husband isn’t real cause they cant find his health insurance that is the VA this health insurance thing is total warped so your husband is right on about paying more and still being taxed for not paying enough (ITS ALL ENOUGH )

  7. May I say something about health insurance and insurance in general? The concept is all about “shared risk,” and that is why everyone needs to pay for health insurance. If you do not want to buy car insurance, then don’t drive a car. If you don’t want to pay PMI, then put 20% down on your house. But there is no certainty about medical expenses because you can have an accident. Everyone who does not pay his/her cost of health insurance is freeloading on everyone else who does.

    1. We’ve both worked since we were teenagers and paid for our insurance. We surely know how it works. But because of ACA, we will be cut out of insurance when we are old and need it the most.

      Well have to drop our insurance next year, most likely. We will pay doctors cash, pay the government a fine (for the privilege of losing the ability to afford insurance). If we get sick and need expensive treatment, we will die.

      This is reality. We both accept it. But I know a wall when I hit one, lol.

      1. We have been paying cash for Dr’s all along. We mostly go to Naturopath Dr’s, that ins won’t cover anyway. When something urgent did happen last year, I went between my Naturopath Dr and the Bio-Medical Clinic in Tijuana Mexico (this place has saved my life twice). So there’s no reason to think if something bad happens….you’re going to die. Alternative medicine is amazing!!!

      2. Elsa, it has been a few years since I had to drop my insurance due to divorce and no money. Before that I had serious illness- cancer, the kind people die from-and I have to say that after the initial shock, like the cutting of an umbilical cord, it has been freeing. I became truly my own doctor and have been healing my self with a radical diet and lifestyle change because I had to.
        The things you need the most are free. Air, sun, water, earth. I could not disagree more with ML about me not paying insurance freeloading. I decided to be my own boss, not work at a super stressful job so I could buy insurance which I needed because I lived such a stressful life. I freeload off nobody. I could easily get all kinds of government assistance but I don’t. I pay cash or do without. It’s old school and it works for me.

  8. Worry NOT….here comes CUBA, JAMAICA (where some Cuban Doctors reside) Thailand ( featured on Dr OZ with Morgan Spurlock)…..You can afford the G’vt fine, the 2 week medical vacation and the PROCEDURE…. Start Packing brush up on the Espanol….

    1. Yes, leaving this country for medical reasons is truly the way to go! Other countries don’t use our pharmaceuticals, they mostly use natural remedies that really heal the body in a much faster time.

      1. We are also doing shamanistic dances and drum circles here in the other countries…

        No, seriously speaking, “other countries” have laws on who can practise medicine and how. These are, often, even more rigorous than in The States. So, if you go to an authorized Health Care Center even in a Developing Country, such as Cuba, Brazil or Thailand, you are probably going to get just the same medicines you would in The US. Some medicines may get through local authorities faster than through FDA, and others get approved by FDA, but not the local authorities. The only difference may be the producer and the market name, for instance, in Europe, we tend to prefer medicines manufactured by Swiss and German Companies. In Cuba, they have to do this (EU doesn’t embargo Cuba), in Brazil I’ve heard (I have a Brazilian friend who comes from a family of Medics) they prefer The American products, also because many medical professionals train in The US.

  9. today,transiting venus is squaring my saturn exact..but so far I have just had the good feelings, fantasy fun with special other.No big saturn block has hit me yet. but i am big time on cloud nine right now..I dont want to come off this cloud so if Saturn is about to block me…it will hit hard.

  10. I actually hit a wall last night and felt good about it. *laughs* I’ve been spinning for days, maaan, so finding the limit and understanding it brought peace.

    This Venus-Neptune is transiting opposite my natal Neptune, with t. Saturn squaring n. Saturn. T-square ahoy! But I’m using it as fuel, so let’s hope I’m not deluding myself… 😉

  11. i do feel the wall. i thought a big hope or dream of mine was FINALLY realized two weeks ago, and instead i had to say no to the opportunity that FINALLY came that i had wished and prayed on for at least 4 years. it is a bitter, bitter pill to swallow.

    i hate to say it but i feel so hopeless. i can’t seem to get out of this funk and even try to do anything productive. it seems so pointless; how cruel the universe is to yank the carrot away from me again.

  12. I’m hitting a wall in terms of motivation. Maybe Mercury Retro plays into this too….but I have projects I’m supposed to be working on (for my hubby and for my Toastmasters club). At the moment my mojo’s pretty much gone….

  13. I’m not sure if I hit a wall or not yet. I had to go into work on my day off yesterday because of the blizzard that wound up not touching us. I wanted to work on my of my paintings today but I feel a bit sick (most likely due to the fumes of the turpentine I used to mix with the oil paint). I’m hoping those were my walls, they aren’t all that bad.

  14. For me, the obstacles definitely are popping up, but they dissipate quickly. I am jumping around banging my head on plenty of walls and dizzying myself left and right, not literally, but I literally feel dizzy. Venus is on my Juno in the 7th house. I have relationships on my mind. But I’m on a Uranus “high” so to speak at the moment, so I wouldn’t expect to notice or be bothered by these softer energies as much. I have a crap load of ideas running through my head (uranus on mars in 9th) mostly philosphical… Jupiter is on my Asc too, I keep getting these unexpected (uranus) strokes of luck. Like I got something removed from my credit…an old collection, and it was unexpectedly easy to do, then I got approved for care credit, which I didnt think possible due to my credit score, it was like 490 just a couple of months ago. I’m trying to fix it. I’m getting all kinds of good advice and guidance from people these days as well. Going to pay attention to it for the next few days to see if I feel it more.

  15. Soon as I pressed ‘submit’ on my last comment, my son walked behind me and goes ‘mermaid44’ grrr. My head just got banged against a wall. The last thing i want as an 8th house pisces is to be exposed. He’s so open (taurus) he will tell any and everyone “hey my mom is mermaid44 online” My history here is not something I want exposed. but what the hell

  16. Elsa, I had the same situation you did. My so-called Affordable healthcare went from $76 to $186 — $110 more per month. That’s a 45% increase! I don’t know anyone with a job (or even anyone on Social Security) who gets a 45% raise. I’m on Social Security (it’s a long story but I had to go on early SS because of a layoff) so my increase per year is very low. I was appalled at this turn of events and I cancelled my insurance — not that they cared and not that they had any alternatives to offer. But I won’t incur a fine (or maybe just a small one) because I turn 65 in March so I will start Medicare on March 1st. I know what it’s like to go without insurance because when I was laid off, I went years without insurance because the price-per-month was unbelievably high. At any rate, you’ll have to do some research to find places to go that are not horribly expensive. Check out clinics in your area. They may be more affordable. Good luck to you. I know you have a long way to go to be eligible for Medicare!

  17. I think that we as the collective, have hit the big brick wall as a result of the government having abused its power and money they take from all of us . They are in bed with big business and the insurance companies. They are not done with us yet, they still want more even if you have next to nothing left. I am sorry to sound negative and I do not wishto upset people but this brick wall for all of us is going to be less resources. Elsa, you are absolutely correct about the insurance situation and most of us are headed there soon right there with you. By the way it is no accident this is happening. It is part of their grand plan to have us pay for not being able to afford insurance. None of their actions were to make it better for the people, only more lucrative for themselves. The brick wall had better turn into self sufficiency really soon for most of us or we will not be able to survive when they get done with us.

  18. Woo hoo hoo! I did not make enough money last year to pay the penalty. Because I know so many people who are benefitting from the healthcare changes I am kind of jaded. I mean some of these retirees who worked their can off are making a check I could easily live on in their retirement. (Disclaimer: I am abby normal. Saturn in Scorpio gotta keep it small and clean and make it work.) And they are paying like 140 or so a month. I would like to make enough money to pitch in for the people who need it, but wages have decreased so . . .

    This week, Tinkin no. It’s been a yoddish chironic time. But I did do some in depth on my chart and what is forming there, so I am aware of what I am dealing with and the challenges I am facing. It’s okay. It’s happening anyway so being aware of it makes it easier.

  19. It has been a blessed dream to have a painful impacted wisdom tooth removed today. However, my face is SPLAT on the wall because of the bill that has followed after the procedure.

  20. YES !….. my moon is 0* SAG. on 4th, MY DAUGHTER

  21. $26,499.00 to redo my crowns (teeth).

    Saturn in Sadge (bones, teeth, doctor) square Moon (face, needed to borrow money from Mom – who just laughed and said “no way”.) But that was in lieu of also clearing two infections, Saturn square Mars in Virgo (infections -Mars- being cleared out-Virgo) that went unchecked from a bad root canal that happened ten years ago in L.A. And some bone loss on another tooth, on the other side of my mouth, creating the need to clear out another, and an implant to be placed, that didn’t take. I have to Saturn, I mean – WAIT.

    In a word, “yikes!”. My Virgo mother did help me pay for that part though.
    Oh, and, of course, my Moon is in Tinkerbell, I mean Pisces.

    Coincidence? Are you kidding?

    My Tink was slammed and dunked by this Saturn in Sadge T-square. Don’t even ask how much that little bit cost (6k). OUCH!

    But in true Saturn fashion, at least I was able to save my teeth and bone. It came about from an x-ray during a routine cleaning.

  22. Elsa, I thought you said your husband had been in the military? If that’s so, he’s eligible for VA care and if his income is low enough there will be no co-pays or other charges. So he would always have health care. (In fact, anyone who is eligible for VA care cannot take a healthcare subsidy thru the Marketplace. One can still buy a policy thru the Marketplace but just cannot get a subsidy.)

    I cannot remember what state you said your family was moving to but if it is a state with expanded Medicaid coverage you will qualify if your income is less than the federal poverty level regardless of your age.

    There will be an answer for you. I feel strongly you will not go without.

    1. My husband says he would rather be shot in the head like a dog, then go through the VA. I assure you, he means it. This is his decision to make and he’s made it.

      We not eligible for Medicaid. We’re are solidly in the middle class which is in the process of getting squeezed until it ceases to exist.

      We’re not going to buy insurance from the government under any circumstances, nor are we going to have our neighbors subsidize us, so much as a dime, as long as we’re of able mind and body.

      Our intention is to continue to work, continue to pay our bills. When we can no longer afford insurance, we will pay doctors in cash, so long as we can. If we come up with cancer or the like, we’ll die. But so will the government insurance people. There is no way you’re going to get heroic treatment. With what money? The government is broke!

      1. Amen. I agree with this and I think that in the face of all this truth you are not afraid. You are going to live your life to the best of your ability and you see there is no savior in the government. You know that it is all up to you , your husband and God alone. This is sound wisdom in the midst of a chaotic world.

        1. I am really not afraid to die. I am definitely afraid of screwing over other people!

          This is a no-brainer / no contest for me.

          *Though it should go without saying, this is how I feel (and how my husband feels about the VA). It is no remark on how anyone else should feel or think.

          We’re all for independent thinking. Make your own decisions. Draw your own conclusions.

  23. I have Tinkerbell moments all the time…but lately it’s like in the Disney intro where she flits away so fast it’s the blink of an eye and then REALITY HITS. The interesting thing is I am feeling ALL these energies separately and at once at the same time…make sense? For example, Neptune and Venus in Pisces are approaching my IC and I feel like I have been dropped into the poppy field in the land of OZ. While this is going on, my ex and I are hitting walls in our communication to the point where I just don’t say anything of much depth or importance anymore unless necessary. Then I think my dental insurance is all hunky dory as I asked to be pre approved for some dental work I had done and got smacked with a huge bill. They told me to wait to pay as they billed my insurance and what happens? I get another bill even bigger than the last one. *Tinkerbell is pouting now*…I have stopped going to the doctor for any issues as it’s now $30.00 a pop *SMACK*! I want to work on my taxes but I am too woozy to focus and Mercury is in retrograde so not helpful. Anyway, my whole life feels like dream right now and I keep getting these little shocks in the middle of them. While all THAT is going on, I realize this is all during my Saturn Return and I need to pay attention to the boarders..*SMACK*

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