Current Astro Outlook With Saturn In Pisces

earth moverWe saw six planets change signs last month, including Saturn and Pluto.  It’s been something to see! For some it’s been an unmitigated disaster. Others have escaped that; narrowly in some cases. Some are unscathed but even if this is the case, their lives are impacted due to the drama in the lives around them.

I continue to see this, akin to a bulldozer moving the landscape around.  You’re not going to be able to put it back the way it was.

Change is hard for some while others can easily adapt, they still don’t prefer it!  But with Saturn in Pisces, control slips away.  This is causing a gigantic problem for many. I can certainly relate.

Basically, you’re standing on the ground and then you’re not!  And it’s not a rug pull. You don’t land on the ground, you land in the water with nothing to grab.  Tears are common. Floods of tears are also common.  Fun times!

When you consider Pluto also changed signs; think “disturbance in the force”, it’s no surprise so many are struggling.  It’s quite a period we’re in, by any standard.

Satori and I held a Saturn Neptune workshop.  We went through the transcript and while it’s in the neighborhood, energy-wise, it’s just not adequate to help people right now and people need help.  Consequently, we’re creating something behind the scenes to address this.

If you bought the Saturn Neptune workshop since Saturn went into Pisces, don’t worry. I will find you and provide you the new document as soon as it’s ready. We estimate it will be a week or two.

Update – New Transcript here!

How’s life for you, post the Match rollover of planets?

21 thoughts on “Current Astro Outlook With Saturn In Pisces”

  1. I don’t know if this fits, but it could mean that someone, somewhere is going to concede defeat….I know I just did. & there’s nothing significant about it, just what’s needed to move ahead.

    1. Yes, that’s interesting. Yielding as a defense. I was talking about this with Satori, yesterday.

      I used to write about self-defense for Pisces quite a bit. I could not find the exact video I was thinking of but it you search this blog, there are several posts – weirdly interesting, but effective.

      I have tp grapple with this all the time due to Saturn/Neptune mashed in my natal.

  2. Saturn into Pisces. March was so wet here that last Saturday a 130 year old (healthy) oak tree in our garden toppled over and crashed into our neighbours little bungalow. The rain had washed away the soil surrounding the roots! A previously well-pruned branch fell ‘just so’ as it fell through the roof into her bedroom, stopping about a foot above her head! Saved by the branch! Disaster and salvation, Saturn into Pisces!! Drama ensues.

  3. I remember when Neptune was squaring my Saturn I had special meditations for floods of tears (to get it all out).

  4. My career imploded. Just like that, I’m scrambling to find a new path.

    I know for sure that I can’t work for high volume, high stress, corporate backed veterinary clinics any more.

    New opportunities opened up right after the implosion, which surprised me, but I’ll find a way to rise from the ashes, as I tend to do.

  5. “a disturbance in the force” – boy does that resonate.

    I am thinking about faith – and that quote “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen” Is faith a substance? Substance sounds solid, like a saturnian thing…

    It has me thinking of the importance of making my faith (Pisces) real (Saturn). So Pluto destroys all the Capricorn structures from the past and takes us into a powerful but totally wild future (Aquarius) . This is hard, so the Cosmos asks us to solidify (Saturn) our faith (Pisces) to make it through these times. That faith is actually something solid to hold on to! I’m seeing a wooden raft in a wild sea…something I can hang on to til the storm passes…

    In Jung’s Red Book, at one point he is consumed with fear. His soul is insulted. It says to him essentially “your fear insults me.” That shook me. It says, if you really have faith, you can’t have fear. You have to choose one or the other. You can’t just waffle.

  6. Great metaphor — a bulldozer shifting sand around. It’s gotta be sand by the seashore or some body of water.

    Oh the “fun” of Saturn in Pisces !

    1. Yes, I see this when people are building a new home here. It looks one way and then you may see the change in process within a couple days or a week, what what there no longer is… and there is no way to replant those big trees! So you have to adapt.

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    the laughing goat

    Crying… guttural, deep gut-wrenching crying. A couple of times now. Feels like when you start to grow up, shedding the child behavior to teenager, and then to young adult, and so on.

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    Aquarius Lurker

    I’m comparing the situation now to three years ago when those planets were in my 12th house. In those times I was dimly aware of what the people in my life are really like. Fast forward to now. I now see the contrast between me and several key people. I’m about to discover more, because I’m due to have a reunion with yet other people I haven’t seen physically in ages. So far, the revelations are a case of ‘it is what it is.’ I mean, I hate the new reality, but whatever, I’ll deal. But I rye the fact that Saturn is in Pisces. (Let me state up front that I’m prejudiced against Pisces because, I guess, I just don’t get what Pisces is about.) For me, when Saturn entered Pisces, time became elastic. Here I am, emerging from the cave and seeing things I didn’t see before. And guess what? I’m forever stuck with these revelations now. Thanks Pisces!

  9. When Neptune went over my Cap ascendant I felt certain I was melting. I remember standing in the middle of the living room and crying an ocean for hours…and falling into the deepest sleep ever, right there on the floor.

  10. I cry every day or two these days.Since 2020 my life as I knew it imploded. Saturn into Pisces now, Pluto into Aquarius, all of it,right now, is stunningly hard.I thought I had stamina and wisdom and all that (having been on this planet almost 70 years,now..)but the tests keep,AI has got me reeling.. am I talking with a human or not, now? Are my favorite blogs for real, or.. do I have to remove myself from all social media to stay safe.. and whta kind of a hole in my social life will that leave.. ? i love being in touch with many friends from school days, and people I have traveled with but I no longer trust what I see online.. it’s all fake, now..right????? (Real) people I am connecting with in some social groups are asking me if I am experiencing having other people just freaking out, acting weird and unpredictably.. and what i am doing about it.. seems no one is “responding “ or acting like they used to..some huge burn out or shift in reality has moved us all a few beats off center and we’re all walking in a dream.. every industry and organization, and most humans, are reeling… what the f is next??!! I am struggling with how to cope and shift.. back to hanging around the campfire with just real FLESH people, get off line completely?? I dunno…

      1. Thanks Elsa,I do believe that.Deep deep down I am an eternal optimist.. just pushed to the wall since 2020. And having a rough week last week. This too shall pass.

  11. Everything has just changed in my life in last 2-3 weeks. Friends, job, money , relationships something kept telling me just have faith. Landscape is mostly changing but the same players are still on board. It’s funny the ways people are making money lately are changing…it’s like people either have loads of it or none of it. Mine has just stopped coming in. But I’m looking for new ways to make money. Uranus is on my sun in Taurus..wish he would surprise me with loads of cash or an inventive way to get it!

  12. I see this as the Pluto in Cap heading for Aq. When Pluto hit my asc I made it thru a horrific illness and I thought how lucky I was to have survived.. FF 4 years and the leftover baggage has returned the illness left me with a damaged aortic valve that must be replaced… I have a heart cath procedure in 2 weeks, before the surgeon will even see me. I am oddly calm, I figure I lived through the illness and have been healthy and still am asymptomatic but the leaky arorta is progressing and needs to be fixed. Now I wait, I don’t like to wait….maybe the reason I am so calm is Sat my ruler is in Pisc? I don’t know, but it does feel as tho I am suspended in place, moving thru something heavier than water, but I keep plodding along, Elsa has assured me my chart looks good and all will be fine…. Still Plodding…..

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