Solar Eclipse In Aries Square Pluto: April 19-20 2023: Danger Zone

danger zoneA striking solar eclipse in Aries will take place near midnight on the April 19th at 29 degrees.  The sun and moon will conjunct Jupiter which will expand it’s reach but what kills me is the tight square to Pluto in Aquarius.

Aries, Mars, Fire, Trigger… and Pluto? Okie-doke!

I’ve seen the late degrees of the Cardinal signs get pounded over these last few years. I’ve seen people with planets in early degrees of Fixed signs, struck randomly by a wide variety of unexpected, freaky things in the last few weeks and months.  This thing hits both groups and if you doubt me – Jupiter!

Jupiter will spread this energy far and wide. If you’re sensitive or if you have planets that will be impacted, I’m sure you already feel this.  The bomb with a fuse, waiting for a match.

Now it may not happen!  Jupiter does tend to protect. Someone pulls a gun to shoot someone and only shoots themselves.  The fire signs tend to be righteous so I could see this happening, however I would not bet on it. The reason I would avoid the wager is this: It’s risky!

There is another factor at play here.  It’s not just a stellium in fast-moving Aries. All the planets are direct! And with Pluto in Aquarius, we are dealing with the deep shadow side of technology, ramped up.  Death, technology war, mashed together? Speed is  thing, You can’t tell me we’re not in a danger zone, though I will agree, we may be fine (Jupiter).

If you want to channel this energy for good, look for a fast transformation or cutting away of the dead thing. This thing hits my chart and I am nuking my other site, AstroDispatch, as I type. Prune, for health!  Make the cuts necessary so that you may survive.

How do you feel about this bad boy?


40 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse In Aries Square Pluto: April 19-20 2023: Danger Zone”

  1. My 6th house. I have natal Mercury at 22 deg Aries, not sure if that is too far out though. Nonetheless, 6th house will be in the zone.

      1. Yes, Anne, the last 6 years have been tough. I lost my Mom in 2016 right around my second Saturn return. Pluto sitting on my Saturn was a ‘compressing’ experience.
        Every few years you just get the full weight of something.

  2. I have moon at 28/29 Capricorn – been either losing people who were emotionally close to me (literally either by death or I m writing them off).

    Few weeks ago I walked away from in on-off relationship of 10 years. And just now I realized I have natal NN @ 29 Aries 5th house.. I don’t think I can take Pluto anymore 🥹

  3. My Venus and IC at 29 degrees. Planning some Pluto/Venus activities like purging my wardrobe and my contacts list. Till then meditating on Pluto/Venus and researching myths etc. Also looking at past hits on this degree. Oh, and looking for what famous people have this configuration to see how they manifest it. Will add to this list anything that might help mitigate it or make the energy useful/helpful.

    1. Or! Maybe I will put on my sexy red dress and red stilettos and go out at night and see how it plays out 🤔

  4. Wow, this is going on in my 10th house. We have had massive lay off-821 people last week. I’m sure more fallout from that bomb. Luckily I’m still either company!

  5. After reading the title and seeing the photo the opening music to ‘Top Gun’ played in my head. The eclipse is in the degree of my descendant and Pluto is on my IC. So far, so good, but I’m buckling up too.

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      Donna Stanford

      Elsa I wonder if Jupiter will help considering it is a wider orb and Pluto is so tight 😨 Also Sun/Moon are applying square to Pluto. They are separating from Jupiter. I am with you on this. It is scary!
      Very scary.

        1. Avatar
          Donna Stanford

          We should both watch put for self fullfilling prophecies but knowing what you know doesn’t help
          Sending light and love ❤️

  6. Holy cow,
    Another hit, plenty of pain and confrontation as I have Chiron 29 Aries oposite Uranus 3 Scorpio, square Saturn 29 Cancer.
    What probably saves me is Venus and Vesta 29 Taurus being trained by transiting Pluto…

  7. With my 23CAP Saturn and 27CAP Jupiter, plus my early stellium in Scorpio, my 17LIB Sun, etc, I have had plenty of shenanigans going on in the past 10 years, so as far as danger goes, I really think all the predictions of pending great earthquakes in Silicone Valley where I am from, and Chile, where I live now, may come true. Too many psychic predictions (due to Nibiru by some)and volcanic quake patterns are coinciding at an alarming number right now. I could be wrong.

  8. Radix Jupiter (ruler 2 nd house)is in 12th house on 28.27 in Libra, so this solar eclips will be opp. my Jupiter, ruler 2. My radix Jupiter is in good aspect with Venus ruler 7 and 12 and Merc ruler 8 and 11, Pluto ruler 1, Sun ruler 10 and my MC. Solar eclips is taking place in my 6th house.
    After a long time of thinking I made the decesion and official announcement at work to stop working from 1st of september 2023, two years before retirement age. Yes I am a bit worried about financial outcome but I choose to go for other values than money now. Not easy with tr. Saturn moving this year opp my MC, Pluto and Sun in 10th house. I have to trust this Jupiter influence…..

  9. I feel exactly what you said, a bomb with a fuse waiting for a match.

    Transiting venus is sextile my Natal Mars, leaving transiting mercury & uranus the odd planets out. All other planets are in play.

    Natal Mars at 28 degrees cancer will also be squaring/opposing and I see it (Mercury conjunct Mars in my 1st house), I know I’m the bomb (transiting mars conjunct my Sun).

    I’m actively working to channel this energy in a more ideal way that will help to alleviate any explosions (transiting and Natal Neptune both are trining Natal Mars) or maybe I’m just delusional.

    Transiting saturn is trining my Sun/sextile my Moon asking me to be as serious about this as possible and keep shoring up in preparation for when it reaches Aries and squares my Sun.

    Transiting pluto will trine Natal Pluto at 29 degrees virgo in my 3rd house, providing some stability, if by stability I mean time to simplify my life and find what really has meaning and saying to h*ll with the rest of it.

    But the reality feels like all these aspecting planets are like arrows aiming at transiting pluto in my 7th house.

    1. About late cardinal signs. I am a 23.45 degree Libra with a 17.50 degree moon in Cancer. I had Uranus first square my moon then oppose my sun while Pluto moved into an opposition to my moon. Then Pluto squared my sun and Saturn joined that party
      I came out of that 2 years ago but the 2 degree separation didn’t complete until last year. All of that happened while Neptune was squaring my Venus/Mars conjunction around 2016/17. Venus being the depositor of my Libra Sun. That was all kicked off by the eclipses in Libra circa 2014. I hope this brings closure to the mind fuck that all of that was. It was too much. I thought I was prepared and I WAS WRONG. Next year I have my Saturn return. Hopefully I know who I am and where I am going. I was always a strong person and now I am almost afraid. SO BIZARRE I have Pluto/Uranus conjunct in my first house so like I said, I thought I would handle all of that well and it changed my life in ways I may never recover from. 😳

  10. I’m wanting fireworks, I work too much
    I don’t trust others easily, I want laughter,
    Lust , I want all that’s been difficult
    To be like tears in rain. I want unbelievable
    Things! I want life to continue like
    Never before!

  11. I have early taurus sun opp pluto, conj AC/DC axis. So its complicated. I still have to give your post deeper thought, BUT, I’m counting this saving grace somehow: mars, as dispositor of the eclipse (and jupiter therefore) will be sextiling uranus, dispositor of pluto. In my case specifically, mars will be nearing my IC, whereas uranus will sit on my natal NN, almost EXACT (a mere 22’shy). Wish me luck. My family is certainly at a turning point of a long-standing war since 2002 at least) between my sister and father, and mom has been their emotional punching bag all the way… im truly concerned for her safety and mental health for what I saw this Easter… 😥

  12. Important new moon for Taureans, almost at 0* Taurus and with Pluto lurking at 0* too. I’m getting the message, “be fearless”.

  13. Avatar
    Seamus O’Bryan

    For more than a year, I’ve been warning about WWIII this summer!
    This could be the “Beginning of the End”!
    Hope I’m wrong!

  14. Hey Elsa
    For the progressed chart I’m going to order from you… which house system to choose? Not sure
    Thank you

    1. I prefer Equal houses but Placidus is still the most popular right now (default on Most likely, Placidus, is what you’re used to. 🙂

  15. My horriblescope is so BAD, I made the necessary cuts a long time ago!
    However, I truly believe life is going to cut ME this year!
    It’s almost impossible to survive a horriblescope like mine this year!

  16. I have suddenly become at one with the idea that I will need to be able to move quickly in an emergency, and there is a very good chance that we collectively may have an emergency, and therefore the hip disability I have lived with for 8 years must be resolved, so I am switching insurances, buying additional, and ceding to the general idea that I will need a hip replacement, even though my previous position has been, “I would rather die first”.

    1. Ho!
      Hip replacement… modern miracle for me
      Have 2 titanium hip replacements
      8 years ago now
      I’m a mother of 5
      Rode lots of horses
      Nursed …Mama fed…15 years worth of healthy grown humans
      I’m a gardener and pottery clay thrower and grateful to be in this modern age of this type of technology!
      Get yourself in good shape and trust! I am 65 and work physically hard cause this body loves it.
      Good luck to you❤️

  17. “If you want to channel this energy for good, look for a fast transformation or cutting away of the dead thing.”

    This is such good advice!!

    I have to remind myself that Pluto is also FEAR which is NOT HELPFUL. So take this energy – that Elsa always reminds us is NEUTRAL – and use it for the good. Make something better by destroying what is dead or broken or over. Jupiter’s close enough it can still be FUN…

    Also I have the image of the monster train roaring down the tracks (Pluto) while the damsel in distress is tied to the tracks (Venus). I have to save her! (me!) now!

    Gotta get going, bye!

  18. 😄Hope you save her (you)!
    Otherwise, there’s not much worth saving on this planet
    so I welcome all the shenanigans Pluto can muster!

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    James Slattery

    A grand trine from the second house is formed with my Desc. Pluto in Virgo and Saturn in Cap in the 19th, I’m hoping for the best since the eclipse sextiles my Gemini Sun in the 4th and my Pisces Asc. Only an opposition to my natal chart ruler Neptune in Scorpio in the 8th. I am waiting on a huge tax rebate that may be delayed by striking federal workers (in Canada). I am also negotiating some big contracts that I am staking my future on!

  20. Wow, I have been out of the loop and didn’t know about this. My ascendant is 29 Aries, so I guess this will have some effect, although I don’t know what. TBD!

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