Is Pluto In Aquarius “Cold”?

pluto-cold planetPluto ingressed into Aquarius in March. I’ve been anticipating this for six years. It’s arrival in the sign did not disappoint from a “drama” front, however it’s been chilling.

Here is gets interesting because Saturn has ingressed into Pisces which can see people existing in virtual realities. Not that my reality is real and yours isn’t. It could be the exact opposite and most likely both situations exist in both our cases but here’s my point.

In my world, Pluto in Aquarius is COLD and I mean, ICY COLD.  As an example, sending people home to be fired, virtually is psychopath-level cold.

Now here’s another point that may get me in trouble… if you can’t see this is cold, it might be because you are cold.

If this is the case, I suppose it’s no big deal because these things come around and when they do, it’s likely to be very impersonal.

So you see Pluto in Aquarius to be cold?

58 thoughts on “Is Pluto In Aquarius “Cold”?”

  1. Totally agree Elsa! I am not looking forward to it. Half my natal chart is fire and the other is water with one earth. Not a great balanced combination, but cold detachment scares the sh*t out of me.

  2. Wooooaaaah I had not heard this (McDs) wow. That IS cold. AND WTF? Spineless, cowardly, cold… that is unbelievable to me. It’s like what we’ve seen with “ghosting” in the dating world because of online dating has reached the professional world too.

    1. Yes, it’s quite severe… and very dark. Because people who work from home have lost track of their peers… who may be virtually laid off and you won’t necessarily know it.

      There is an extreme power shift underway. Apparently I am sensitive to it.

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    Shimmering Light

    Pluto always stirs up the dark side of whatever sign its in, and Aquarius can be very cold even without Pluto in its sign. Perhaps this is our chance to grow up -collectively- from the Age of Aquarius phantasy aka a new ‘Golden Age’ as immortalised in the Hair musical lyrics:

    …Harmony and understanding
    Sympathy and trust abounding
    No more falsehoods or derisions
    Golden living dreams of visions
    Mystic crystal revelation
    And the mind’s true liberation, Aquarius

  4. I guess I’m a minority here–I think Aquarius is cold..Aquarian Presidents have presided over some of the worst slaughter in our history..To me, Aquarians tend to believe in things and seek power to implement them, at any cost…

    1. hmm but wasn’t abraham lincoln against slavery? but his chart has aquarius rising, aquarius sun, capricorn moon. i get confused because it was also Theodore Roosevelt who was urged to join into the world war 2 fight when he wanted to isolate everyone from europe’s disaster. Until Pearl Harbor was compromised. So i’m super confused about aquarius presidents. They seem to act in the most dire situations when a country or countries need help. i’m so confused. >_<

      1. ohhh never mind ^^ i remember aquarius/leo is the leadership axis. so they have the axis of the EGO 😀 both work similar but different. I haven’t really seen many Leo presidents that have done similar to Aquarius presidents. Except for the fabulous Barack Obama 😀 but he has aquarius rising lol him and abraham lincoln are my favourites in us president history.

        as for the topic, yes indeed the dark side of pluto aquarius is scary as hell. Technology and Ai’s controlling the individual/or people /groups ..and if they dont have any education or their own beliefs or strength to withstand the manipulation, its quite grim. I hope that there’s people who will always help in the interest of the people. but maybe thats my neptune/jupiter talking too.

      2. I have read a couple of biographies of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. Both were complicated and gifted characters who helped to transform our country obviously. Lincoln struggled with depression but was also very detached which helped him oversee the catastrophic Civil War although he payed a terrible personal price. Look at the images of how he aged during his presidency. Personally, his acquaintances found his remote and he used humor to cover his depression and keep people at a distance. His wife was also notoriously unstable but he was also a detached husband which she, as as a dependent personality, aggravated her illness. Lincoln deplored slavery and this issue drove him back into politics. His attitudes towards slavery also transformed. If you are truly interested in reading more about Lincoln, I suggest you read, “The Inner Life of Abraham Lincoln” by Michael Burlingame. Theodore Roosevelt definitely had warped ideas about war going back to his father buying his way out of fighting in the Civil War. Theodore was always ashamed of this and used this to justify his bloodlust for war. Another good book to read on Theodore Roosevelt is “Mornings on Horseback” by David McCullough. Sorry for the long post.

        1. yes i read up on Lincoln. He was very depressed and worked very very hard when he was young for his father. that capricorn moon could keep him depressed and sad, but he hated injustice (libra mars 8th house)?
          I remember reading about his wife, some didnt like her because she was always spending alot of money lol but i think she was attracted to him because of his leadership skills /and kindness (i recalled reading about their meeting/courtship) and yeah he did pay a big price because many southerners wanted to keep their way of life. I’m understanding why wars start, and why the rich want to stay rich… in this way because its a way of life that they are comfortable with and why upset with that Uranus energy? Why rock the boat? But it had to happen. So many people were suffering and it wasn’t good for the common people. It does seem aquarius feels for the lowly and the poor, which actually is the majority of the population. thanks much for the recommendation. Haven’t read too much on Roosevelt. I only remember he didnt want to get involved. Leave Europe to their disaster. And Germany would have overtaken ..but i read that russia was also helping so the allies of both Russia/USA and allies fought against this. they connected and fought together for a cause. brings me chills. My husband was saying if USA/Russia didnt fight together, to fight for a noble cause, perhaps Europe would never have any immigration or other races come into their world and because too i am mixed blood he said, maybe i would not like other races because it would be ingrained in their society to be nazi’fied. 🙁

          1. Yes history is so complicated isn’t it? Yes from our historical perspective, deporting all slaves to Africa sounds ridiculous and a cowards way out. But given all the immense pressure Lincoln was under and having generals who wouldn’t or couldn’t fight, lives lost, economies ruined, a country about to divide, I think Lincoln held up immensely well. As an Aquarian, fixed, stubborn he kept the course the best way he could. He is only one man. No one person can fix all the immense injustice in this very imperfect world. Lincoln addressed this issue in his speeches also. In the 19th Century, European countries were all fighting a battle to gobble up countries for Imperialism. Thus, World War I and World War II. Countries all go through a Pluto return (every 250 years)?. The US is on the way out of being on top just like Britain and Rome were. Constantly changing and hopefully we get a few good leaders (a rarity) long the way.

            1. War is terrible. It cost millions of lives. Ww1 and ww2. Even now thousands are dying in ukraine/russia war. People fighting to maintain a way of life

      3. Abe Lincoln was against slavery but wanted to deport all black slaves to Africa or South America…He fought the war to make the South pay the Morrill Tariff, which turned the agrarian Southerners into 2d class citizens..That war killed about a million in battle, and about 2 million civilians, mostly from starvation…more than 10% of the US population, and destroyed 20 years of GDP…

  5. There are times I can’t feel cold, because I know I AM cold.

    I can detach, and look at it from a distance, without feeling it.

    I think this transit will challenge people who have lost connections with their feelings, values, money, etc. When they finally re-establish the connection, added with their beliefs of what is right and wrong, people will connect with each other, form our groups, and will rebel and slaughter.

    We have seen psychopathic individuals – but we will now see psychopathic groups.

      1. My second dismissal from a job (in just a month’s time) happened a few days after Pluto went into Aquarius. This one was indeed cold, short and brutal.

        Nobody should be let go in that short of a time frame. That’s not enough time to feel out a new place or get acclimated, but hell, this transit isn’t about that.

        If I don’t go in a different (Aquarius) direction, I won’t succeed, period.

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    Aquarius Lurker

    Pluto in Aquarius is cold to me too. No extenuating circumstances accepted. For example, if ever the refugee system and the concept of asylum were to be abolished, it would be under Pluto in Aquarius – note: this is just my own made-up example, not based on reality and not something I would like to have happen (sorry to those who disagree). How about a real example of something already happening: assisted living homes matter-of-factly evicting residents whose money have run out – there was a story in the paper yesterday about an older lady whose family had to scramble to find a cheaper place for her to live (her Medicaid finally kicked in but the place where she lived said Medicaid wasn’t enough, and she had already burned through her nest egg so she had no choice but to leave). To survive Pluto in Aquarius you would have to learn not to take things personal because Aquarius is not about you as an individual. ‘It’s not personal, it’s just business.’

    Another idea: celebrities – maybe celebrity worship will go out of style because the mood of the day won’t be about flesh and blood individuals. Maybe it will be replaced by hero worship, not of a real person but rather of the idea of a person; an unseen, hidden figure. We have already started seeing some of that, and various people are energized by it. But I find it grim!

    1. @aq lurker, this is an awesome perspective. I was talking to my son, who is double fire, so very fiery and mentioned how back in Pluto aquarius times the french revolution era, and how the super rich didnt see or care about the super poor dying in the streets. But he also mentioned that people like Marie Antoinette who was stated, “let them eat cake” … because in her world, she was ignorant. this is the only world she knew. so when people stormed in crying for blood, she thought perhaps maybe cake would suffice and let them have alot because in her world they had plenty of cake. So to him she was also innocent, but innocent because of her ignorance. If we dont know better and who is suffering out there, detached and not caring about the common people. They will come in and stampede and take heads. literally. This was already going on last year when they stormed the government palace in sri lanka because people were starving and standing in line for water.

      so to survive pluto aquarius,like you said, its about the “other” not about “you” anymore because you have to think of other people. Therefore the individual you is too selfish, and if you think of other people it is in the interest and happiness of a happy society. i think this is the idealism and wanting a better world. but in order to do that, others will also pay the price and be decimated. its very sad.

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        Aquarius Lurker

        Indeed – being overly detached could get you in trouble. By not caring about others, those others could get mad and maybe get violent – like in Sri Lanka or olden France in your example.

        Equally, expecting to be cared for by people whose personality is detached, will also get you in trouble – you’re not going to get a high level of care, and may even be kicked out onto the street like that lady in the assisted living that I was talking about.

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          Aquarius Lurker

          Therefore, in my view, the solution is, when you are the recipient of coldness, don’t take it personally. Learn your lesson and move on 🙂

          And part two is, if you’re going to idolize someone, hopefully it’s someone that’s got a heart.

          1. The detachment idea is grand. Thank you!

            People with warm beating hearts are denigrated, it seems. And creativity is machined, which I personally, loathe.

        2. there is something strange about those assisted living, for elderly and they want to “assist” and help by making those homes for them to live in but will kick them out if they have insufficient funds. its very cold hearted. You’re a service (example) to help the elderly not kick them out. it seems as if its truly ” business” in disguise of being all good and benevolent. hopefully her family can take her in.

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            Aquarius Lurker

            Yes… At the same time, you have to admit that markets are a brilliant idea. Through markets, we have been able to distribute almost everything that’s needed to survive to most of humanity. And we have grown our population to 7+ billion as a result. Yes, I said most, not all. I think that’s my Aquarius detachment showing…sorry.

            Anyway, thanks for an engaging discussion! Talk again another time 🙂

            1. lol going computer bzzzt calculating numbers xD

              oh and as for above comments about detachment, isn’t it interesting we both mistook the detachment for the “royalty” who were detached about the common people’s plight. While symbolically, royalty is leo, and aquarius is about the ‘people’ …so the symbols are intertwined, here. because of the axis. of both royal/commoners. ^^
              yes good scorpio moon discussion tonight 😀

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        Aquarius Lurker

        Yes that too. But I was thinking more of, say, the mystery person who invented Bitcoin. To this day no one knows who the fellow (or gal) might be. Nevertheless a devoted following developed around this person – groupies. The groupies would wait around for the person to post messages or drop tiny portions of bitcoin, anything. They were in thrall!

  7. The current cold blooded scheme, financed by our taxes, to replace Americans with illegal immigrants, seems quite chilling enough…

  8. Doesn’t America have Moon in Aquarius? Perhaps that’s part of what’s being felt, a Pluto Moon conjunction in Aquarius.

  9. This past week my company laid off 821 people. We got an email when we first logged on in the morning. The email said if you get a private email within the next hour, you are one of the people being laid off. I’m still with the company but think what a horrible way to let people go. Get an email an your done for the day.

    1. I’m sorry. There is A LOT of this happening. It’s not being reported. It’s traumatizing people, deeply. Including people who were spared. Something akin to “survivor’s guilt”? But also, people have to keep working when they’re friends were screwed over.

      There has been a lot of teary conversations over the last week. It’s ghastly.

      I truly feel we has people on the floor right now, devastated, too traumatized to speak.

      They trained their replacement (AI in many cases). That’s it!
      I can understand because the same thing happened to bloggers. Our intellectual property was scooped up. Visual artists too.

      I’m a bit sick of people setting aside the human cost… But then again, I pretty damn sure, their turn will come. A cancer man put it best, nearly 40 years ago. Privileged guy at the time of his Saturn return. Brought to his knees.

      “Never postpone growing up.” He said. He told me he had always thought he was better than me, but he’d found out, in reality, he was just an asshole.

      I felt sorry for him. He got knocked into the next state.

      Saturn is in the last sign of the zodiac. It’s significant.

  10. Yes actually. But I will say this; all the mans that have used their Pluto impolitely will probably get their due. I know Pluto is a collective transit felt, but when you meet someone with 5 planets in Scorpio then you can’t help but feel giddy knowing Pluto is detriment in aqua. Casual shower thoughts hahaha

    1. i think detriment in pluto would be taurus. because scorpios ruler is pluto so their opposite is taurus. i had to look that up ^^ uranus is ruler of aquarius and exalted in scorpio. venus is getting an upset (finances) though. 🙁

    2. A planet is in detriment when it is in the opposite sign it rules. Pluto rules Scorpio so it’s in detriment in Taurus. Pluto is exalted in Leo and in fall in Aquarius.

      So, I am not sure what you mean.

      Also, Pluto can be felt personally. Pluto can get very personal.

      I have 5 planets in Scorpio. Nice to meet you. Seen many a transit but as of right now, I have never been stronger.

          1. I’m using detriment instead of fall. I don’t have a clear understanding of the difference. But to further my point

            Here goes:

            I’m here to learn. I’m not happy if someone is suffering . I am happy if they get theirs. This transit is and will be just as cold and personal , as you want to put it, to me. When the person I’m referring to ruins your day for the rest of your life , then maybe you’ll understand. I have no doubt Scorpio is a strong sign. I’m rooting for you. Soup all around.

            I’m here because I do know things about astrology. I learned the Pluto transit is personal when I was young. I also know it’s an outer planet. That’s why I’m here.

            The home sign of Pluto is Scorpio, and guess where mine is, right there.
            And guess who’s sun is in cold Aquarius; mine. But I’m not cold. I’ve got Leo planets too. So this is very personal.

      1. hi soup, i didnt know pluto is exalted in leo, i went to look before, about pluto’s exaltation and no one seemed to get that official. Many sites said Neptune is exalted in leo. And there’s no exaltation for Leo Aquarius and Scorpio, one said, I thought hey yes, Uranus is exalted in Scorpio.

        Some sites even said Aries is exalted in Pluto, but they already have exaltation in the sun sign. While Aquarius is detriment in the sun sign. So detriment in the sun means they have to work much MUCH harder to be recognized they work twice as hard, so maybe they give up or feel depresed because their efforts seem so difficult like a sysphyus climbing up the mountain with the boulder, while someone with Aries sun and Leo sun have easier time to have leadership/recognized. So i think this is similar with detriments in venus, mars, mercury and moon and other detriments. I am still figuring out “Fall” placements.

        as for leo being exalted in pluto, i think i get it why some astrologers say that. It was during Leo Pluto when all the fantastic leaders came to fruitation. From evil to benevolent, you have your great line ups: Hitler to Mussolini to Theodore Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill even. So many line ups of great leaders; they dont have to be good because leo is fixed so there’s extreme good and extreme evil, and pluto captures it.

        1. *typo, FDRoosevelt. Also, i thought about Pluto Aquarius, everything is breaking down, there’s no fantastic leaders and all the leaders who got ousted out of their own palaces are running away. Such as i recall, publicly the leader of afghanistan ran away, and even in Sri Lanka, the leaders ran away. the only one that hasn’t run away is the Aquarius sun/Leo moon/Leo mars leader in Ukraine. but its terrible whats going on. everyone is holding the line. honestly i dont really keep up whats going on so i haven’t checked up on it; maybe i’m detaching because its just so awful.

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      That is so very Scorpio I’m just laughing in the dark of my own scorpiosity with my and Venus in the 8th house I’m doing it lovingly but damn damn damn. I’m feeling like I’ve spent most of my life plutonified and now here it is on my ascendant. Oh man.

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    Vahnessa Faires

    And furthermore, Pluto just wrecked through my 6th house . So don’t tell me I don’t know astrology!

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    I have found out that I don’t revel in people getting to come uppance I don’t like to see anyone suffer. And I don’t revel in it but The idea of cancel culture or everything everything was some kind of trigger warning or content warning or all the words you can’t even say on YouTube anymore which aren’t bad words or scary words and anyone who has a lot of Pluto as I do…. I’ve tripped off the robots that feed the algorithms into silencing me just for referencing some things in history. And Teddy Roosevelt was a Scorpio FDR was an Aquarius….

    1. oh sorry i meant FDR. i got those mixed. >_< thank you for the clarification. But yes FDRoosevelt, was the president during the world war 2.Teddy Roosevelt was in office in 1900s to recheck.

  13. For now, I prefer the detached coolness of it.
    I have learned that showing emotion is like bleeding next to a shark.

    I gladly take the break. Things that hurt me over the last decade don’t bother me anymore. So, now I can be productive in other ways. I don’t feel the energy as dark. Detached? Yeah. Good for me. I have been way too attached for too long. Someone could literally walk up to me and call me every trash thing that could come out of their mouth, and I would just stare at them. I won’t lie. I am unrecognizable. Gladly. I will live the rest of my life with this transit.

    I feel like I can see things as they actually are now. If I am cold, I have had help getting here. The worst thing in the world could happen in front of my eyes right now and I would show no emotion. I have no tears left to cry. That pain from before… no one could endure that for long. I mean you would literally lose yourself.

    This may change, I really don’t know. Maybe I’m in a mood… but I don’t care about people like I used to. And I don’t want to anymore. The light switch has been turned off. For me it’s a gift.

  14. Wish I could have coffee with you all, drinking it again, I would get all huggy
    My dad was the Scorpio I married a Scorpio rising cause I divorced him nine years ago. I’m a Capricorn my kids are Aquarians. I’m best with my mouth shut I don’t think I could be received by most of our honest I made about my feelings, canna worms you know what you do with a can of worms. Yeah, go fishing.
    I think other than here I stand pretty quietly I know my radar sans as a striking handsome man came close to me, seem to be looking at me in the grocery line. I completely lost sight of my own phone number, which gives me a discount at our little store because it’s so over priced anyways happy Easter

  15. I noticed that on dating sites an unusual number of Aquarius men. Hmmm. After dating a few of them it was noticeable a degree of coldness in their personalities. That can be beneficial in some careers, but in a personal relationship could spell trouble. If I looked at their entire chart, a mix with some warmer planets was helpful to balance them out. One was Aquarius sun with a lot of Capricorn rising, and Capricorn moon, he was the coldest emotionally but see ed to blame it on mother & 3 past wives. He was divorced 3x and many live-in girlfriends over the years. One guy with Aquarius rising, Virgo Sun had a Pisces moon and that really added some warmth to his personality which he seemed to work hard at concealing that warmth for fear of being taken advantage for his kindness.

      1. good reminder, Elsa. I remember Pluto sagittarius and the awful deaths/killings of publication and speaking your mind. Pluto scorpio with exposing the sex offenders, its all so gross. Pluto is supposed to heal, from what you teach us, but it’s tearing it down and ripping it out. I guess we all are so tired after pluto capricorn & covid/restrictions, businesses torn down, and want hope. 🙁 so i guess most of us are looking for fixes.
        it is very scary.

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