Dating Gemini, Let’s Talk About ‘Em!

I am about 28 years old in this story. I was dating ’round the zodiac at the time.

He was a Gemini with a Leo rising and an Aries Moon. We were another match made in hell but he had Mars in Leo conjunct my Venus which makes for a sexual phenomena. Due this we both hung in longer than we would have otherwise. When I heard, “Get it while you can”, and I it seriously.

One of the things about dating a Gemini is they look around a lot on a date. This is while you’re talking, I mean.

Don’t be confused: they’re looking for someone more interesting than you and you shouldn’t take it personally because it has nothing to do with you. Even if you are the most interesting person on the planet, they’ll still need to check every minute to make sure. It’s your job not to smack them or get emotional about this, sheesh.

That’s not what did us in though. It was superficiality vs depth.

Gemini lives on the surface, very much like a butterfly flitting and this is how it should be. Should a butterfly only flap their wings half as often? Of course not.

We were sitting in a bar talking to three people sitting next to us. Chit chit chat. If you date a Gemini, get used to this. They’ll strike up conversations with everyone because very frankly their attention is split and it’s hard for them to focus on just YOU. In fact it’s impossible.

Anyway, he was in the middle between me and this trio, who I was waaay more interesting than. A few stools down there were 3 or 4 rugby players who were clearly not from the neighborhood, speaking a language I didn’t recognize. One of the people we were talking to asked, “I wonder where they’re from.”

My date answered, “They’re from Xxxxxxxx”

“How do you know?” I asked, imagining he recognized the dialect.

“I know them.”

“Huh? You don’t know them.”

“Yes I do. Their names are X, and Y and Z and they’re here from Xxxxxxxxx to play a Rugby match”

“How the hell do you know that?” I asked.

“I know them.”

“How do you know them?”

“I met them.”

“How did you meet them?”

“I was curious and so I told them my name and asked them theirs.”


“When I was at the urinal.”

“Oh please no…”

I was dyin’. My date was meeting and greeting in the toilet. I was mortified but that was just the beginning. This led to an hour-long debate about whether he actually KNEW them or not. Like this:

“I know them.”

“No you don’t. You don’t know the first thing about them.”

“I know their names so I know them.”

“No you don’t. Which one of them is married? Do they have any kids? You don’t know anything about them.”

“Yes I do. You don’t have to know every single thing about someone to know them, Elsa. I know their names. I know where they are from. I know what they’re doing here, so I know them.”

“That’s ridiculous…”

And so on and on and on.

We went home and never saw each other again. No sex is worth this, and on that we agreed.

Got experience dating Gemini or dating as a Gemini? Tell Us!

24 thoughts on “Dating Gemini, Let’s Talk About ‘Em!”

  1. LOL! As I have mentioned before, the main people in my life (mother, father, husband) are Gemini. Both of my parents are like that, but my husband is not. What’s funny is that he is shy but other random people just love to strike up conversation with him. Also he tends to argue with me on accident even though he does not enjoy doing so. He could accidently argue about anything. That usually happens when he is tired and isn’t thinking so it must be some kind of natural tendency. He has a lot of planets in Virgo and Cancer so not a typical Gemini in most ways.

  2. well, as far as dating one, it’s “interesting”. more or less like the above. geminis with leo (or vice versa) are a lot more hardcore about their hyper/annoying gemini attributes… ie, the debating, social climbing, looking over heads, two-faced behavior. it seems more personal.

    i might’ve already said this when this story was posted before, but i can attest to the lack of eye contact. i have the worst eye contact in the world.

    not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but i’m sure it’s a universal thing that geminis have issues with words and terminology. it’s a bad thing to assume terms with a gemini – better to ask where things stand than to blurt out that you two are, for example, “dating” or even affiliated beyond the random chance of being human. SAYS WHO? i remember getting very uneasy as a kid if someone referred to a guy i knew as my “boyfriend”, even if he was. there was a specific instance where i had an argument with someone over if i was “dating” someone at all – we had never gone on a date! how do you date someone you don’t have dates with?!

    terminology is a status thing for me, but i also don’t like the idea of being terminally connected to anyone. let me be freeeeee. i have noticed similar things with other geminis.

  3. Have been dating a Sun, Moon, Mercury Gemini and the filthy texts/emails have been flying (God bless his Aries Mars, btw! My Sun Scorp, Aries 8th house is very appreciative..) Though we’re in bed about 80% of the time (and yup, he wants to talk and describe what’s going on then, too) I have to say when I see him with other people I am impressed with his social skills. I like to talk to strangers and am easy, but he can literally talk to people about anything while I am much more specialized. Very good sense of humor. Affable and socially aware. And always planning trips and getaways! I’m kinda critical and I don’t have much to criticize about this Gemini, oddly enough.

  4. I’ve always kinda resented the idea of Geminis being shallow or superficial, but it may be because I have so many planets in Taurus. I’ve never met a Gemini that could really be described as the butterfly type, though.

    I do have the Gemini impulse to look around a lot, but at the same time I have the patented Taurean stranglehold going on. 🙂 “Look at all these people! Aren’t they all wonderful? Wait, don’t go, it’s only wonderful because you’re here too!” A Gemini isn’t sitting around comparing how interesting their date is to someone else. A Gemini is just happy when all facets of the brain have something to pay attention to at once.

    (If you ever want to throw a Gemini into an absolute tailspin, ask them “What is your favorite…” anything. We can’t tell you. Each of our hundred different sides picks a different one, and each time, it is absolutely true.)

    One of the best boyfriends I ever had used to recognize when I was getting restless and encourage me to do other things (usually cooking or washing dishes) when I talked to him. “You have a powerful need to multi-task.” That was the most perfect thing anybody has ever said to me. I form really deep attachments to people who let me be who I am.

    As far as claiming to know someone after just meeting them, enh. I don’t do that, myself, so I couldn’t say… Pisces moon as opposed to Aries moon could explain that.

  5. I am so glad that you brought this subject up elsa. I have known a few Geminis. I think they are very good for bringing you into the know. (now) But as you said I feel that they can get bored easily, and need lots of constant stimulation that can be draining for others. Trying to keep up with one can feel a bit like fighting your way out of quicksand.
    In the end it was depth v.s superficiality. Yeah i can relate to this, even though two of my best friends in life have been geminis. I guess if your going for depth, you probably won’t find it around geminis. But they can be loyal and true friends.

  6. When you are friends with a typical Gemini man there will always be somewhere to go on Sat. night and the most interesting company to be had. I love them as friends. Will never EVER have another relationship with one though although I think Cancer men are the worst of all the Zodiac. They are either meek or grumpy.

    Gemini women are a lot more complex than their male counterparts.

  7. Libra girl who has found herself – expectedly – with many Gemini lovers. Something wonderfully playful about these folks, if you can get into the spirit. Seems to me as if that “other half” is most frequently the inner child, for better and for worse. (Has anyone else experienced this?) Great, fun lovers, in my opinion, but consistency, groundedness is an entirely different story. Thanks for bringing up the topic!

  8. Haha… it!

    That is soooo me – I have moon in Gemini and even with my Scorp ASC I find it hard to focus on someone I KNOW for long periods at a time. If I don’t know them or know them well they have my full attention (SCORP) till I do.

    I know a Gem who could barely sit still, so jittery and eyes darting everywhere, voice stutter, we had that Gem to Gem buzz to begin with where we play fight; something I do with my double Gem sister; I love it but my SCORP can only tolerate a certain amount of it.

    Ooh I like what you said ewinbee, it’s for that reason I don’t like surveys as I’m always changing. I usually have to write; my favorite colour; at the moment or favorite clothing; at the moment etc..

  9. Dina – my friend cf, (Claire-France) who I mention all the time is a double Gem so I would say no. MY friend, Alexa who also makes the blog from time to time is a Gemini Pig… something she likes to make sure people know. 😉

  10. Hahaha.. oh boy am I like this. With Gemini and Cancer, maybe I have the worst of both worlds like Togi said. Hey Elsa, do Geminis annoy you? Do you not like spending time with them?

  11. I have so much information on dating a Gemini, I don’t know have the time to type it all out.

    But, yes. Gemini will talk to anyone, anywhere about anything.

    And a Leo should really NEVER date one, because if you need ATTENTION, you’ll never get it – at least not totally. I can’t tell you the number of conversations I’ve had with my Gemini when he was concentrating hard on something else at the time and kept repeating, “I’m listening, I’ve just…do this thing…”.

  12. I have mixed feelings about geminis. Use to hangout with a gemini sun ALL the time. We had amazing chemistry (never dated or anything, just friends) i even wanted to cross the line a few times. But in the end, i cannot accept the fact that he shares anything with anyone. I’ve told him private things about myself and i did not appreciate him blabbing out to people about my private things. This gemini just did not understand privacy and discretion lol. He was like a broadcaster, a public announcer. Totally Pissed me off. I cut him out of my life cold turkey (scorpio stellium).

    Funnily enough, my current bf is a gemini moon. He has great respect for one’s privacy, quite private himself too. He does talk a lot though, a lot. He doesn’t so much want much feed back, most of the time he just wants to talk, and have someone listen.

  13. I dated a gemini that was a couch potato combined with the the usual discussions about who knows what. I can see why they must be bored because they can’t really sink their teeth in to anything for too long. I like them because they are always up for chit chat and are often rational.

  14. Two of my closest friends are both Gemini women and they are the types of people that will strike up a conversation with strangers while we’re hanging out! I also noticed that they tend to act a bit “ADD” as they get distracted easily as they find something more interesting. They like to talk and be nice to people – and they’re quite good at small talk – something I can’t always be bothered with. 🙂

    I never dated a Gemini. I was never attracted to one.

  15. i dated a gemini on and off…er dated isn’t exactly the right word but this dance went on over a two year period. his venus was conjunct my mars in cancer and my moon-neptune in sag opposite his sun. he’d bring me to parties and we’d go off sociailizing on our own. the problem was we never ended up hooking up – despite brushing our teeth together, sleeping in the same bed, and him making me breakfast. oh, bizarre cancerian venus mars. he also had mars-saturn conjunct my merc-jup in leo. i think my sometimes theatrical antics were partly what bonded us but he never put out enough MARS for me. i mean go for it, man!

  16. hey geminis are social butterflies flitter here flitter there my son in law is one pals with everyonekind of person very sociable indeed.i can be, depends on circumstance teaming up with fellow geminis,saggy, hey fire n air types are so much fun, aries asc, sun leo,plenty of fun fun times with these astro buddies live, life laughter.

  17. idk; I’m an 8th house Gemini Sun and when I’m on a date, my complete focus is on the person I am with and the activities we are doing. I can be social, I love talking to people and hearing their stories, etc, but dates are different…I don’t like superficiality with people I am into. I can deal with superficial stuff with friend or acquaintance types of people, but romantically or sexually? Hell no. That stuff is as serious as a heart attack with me.

  18. Haaaaaaa Aries rising moon Gemini Leo sun oh yeah just luvvvvvvv Ma Gemini friends, soooo much fun too be around, n very mischief, friend for life. We bounce off each other. It’s all go go go, luv em to the moon n back.

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