Client Testimonial: Meaty And From The Depths

from the depthsJD writes:

Satori’s reading gave me confidence about my transits and my solar return chart. She gave me concrete and realistic suggestions for navigating these energies; I’m looking forward to the next year.

If you are thinking of getting a reading from satori, you won’t be sorry. My reading was meaty and from the depths.

Thanks, JD!

8 thoughts on “Client Testimonial: Meaty And From The Depths”

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    Well, hell, it did sink to the depths… Second draft! Maybe I’ll write a more glowing review of your services this time around! *wink*

    I agree heartily with JD! I received a consult with Satori as a gift from a generous donor here on the boards – again – THANK YOU – and so needed to hear what she parsed from my chart…

    She cut to the chase and really dug down deep to give me the meat that I so badly needed. Being at a transition point in several areas of life, I was searching and Satori gave me a lifeline, literally, to grasp and pull myself up on. Her straight-forward style was so nourishing to me and she even knew my kids when she looked at their charts. It was really amazing to have her confirm all that I’d been feeling for so long.

    What I didn’t need was an astrologer who only showed me the rainbows and sunshine, that would have made my inner emotional turmoil even worse. What I did need – and got – was someone skilled at reading aspects and transits and who applied those same aspects and transits into a tangible way out of a hard spot. Satori also could see what feeds my soul and she put that out there as well.

    My advice if you’re having a hard time or if your life is just becoming a jumble, is to consult with Satori. She’ll help you untangle the jumble and get you back on your path.

    *fist bump* Satori – you rock!

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    OK…Second draft went to the depths as well… Any divers willing to retrieve it? I may just send you my rave review via email and let you post it…

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