Elsa P: A Multiplier Of Energy, And A Goat On The Edge In Her Element

It’s seems obvious to me but I realize nothing is obvious with me so I will try to spell this out: I HAVE A BIG MOUTH. If you tell me something in confidence, I will keep your secret until I die but if you just tell me something there is a chance it will find it’s way on to my blog.

Now don’t get me wrong. I have not gotten in trouble for anything I have published because fact is everyone who talks to me understands this and if there is any doubt about it, I ask in advance.

People talk to me knowing I am a megaphone but trusting either my discretion or my commitment to maintain some kind of boundary they set.

An example of this would be the soldier’s request his picture never appear on my blog. It never has and if you are waiting for this to happen, I can tell you right now it never will.

I don’t know what you make of this situation but it is probably more interesting then you think. Because if you want something broadcast you can “tell Elsa” and this is a service. I multiply energy like crazy so a little bug in my ear can go a long, long, long way.

I just want people to know there are no breeches on this blog (or anywhere else I may post or publish). If I wrote it and published it that means I’ve got clearance from the source and I think having this spelled out is important.

“Don’t put this on your blog,” will never be overruled by me because I do not want to be, “Elsa – that person who betrays people.”

If you read something that shocks you, rest assured I have the thing covered. I have Capricorn and there are times it may appear I am in precarious position, ready to go over the cliff when in fact I am just walking along the edge, safe and in my element.

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    Gosh, I’m with goddess, your integrity was never a point of concern – exactly the opposite, the vibe you put out to me is ‘your secret is safe with me’. I would think that some one needs to clarify that something they tell you is a secret is something probably well worth putting out there in disclaimer format right out front though.

    “Uppppppphhhhh – go no further – FAIR WARNING – anything you tell me is open to disclosure to others unless you tell me otherwise!”

    Not sure how clients would take it – myself I’d be glad for the forwarning.

  2. When I consult with a client, it is confidential. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have any clients, I am sure!!

  3. and just cos it’s shared on the blog doesn’t mean she’ll say it’s you that said/did it. she usually says “a friend said…” I’ve never had to qualify anything I say as private: Elsa has good sense.

  4. I consulted Elsa about something I did that I was deeply embarassed about. Only one close friend knows and because I was so mortified I didn’t tell her the half of it! I had no hesitation in telling Elsa all, knowing it would go no further and that I would get some clarity. After the consultation I felt a giant weight had gone and I’ve even managed to have a laugh about what happened. I no longer fear bumping into the man I ’embarassed’ myself with.I just never thought I’d see the funny side of it.

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    Holly Alexander

    “I multiply energy like crazy so a little bug in my ear can go a long, long, long way.”

    Capricorn Elsa…thanks for finding and highlighting my “Super Full Moon in Capricorn” article…my desire to share and breathe new life into the understanding of this “mystery school.” I’m Cap Rising with Saturn conjunct…always exploring this energy.

    I had 1600 hits on my article yesterday – fantastic! There is something also very Aquarian in you!!! Is it Venus?

    Much gratitude to you for both of these energies!


  6. Holly (nice to meet you) – that is sweeeeet!

    I have no planets in Aquarius but I have Jupiter in aspect to Uranus and I think that explains it! 🙂

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    Holly Alexander

    Gotcha…I also have Jupiter in Sag at 25, Uranus in Leo at 23…Mercury at 23 Libra…Love Love Love this energy…only thing for me in Aquarius is Chiron…late degree. I’m definitely getting zapped by the Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron conjunction, all there with my natal Chiron, and in a grand trine to my late degree Libra stuff, and early degree Cancer.

    What a wacky ride, this planet earth thing! Cheers!

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