Saturn Transit! Am I On The Right Path?

Saturn is always serious!
Feeling pressured?
Want to know if you’re on the right path?
Don’t worry. It’s simple once you know what you’re looking for. Two minute video!

111 thoughts on “Saturn Transit! Am I On The Right Path?”

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    I am in the middle of a first house Saturn transit and there is an older male figure in my life, a Capricorn. It’s a professional relationship and I couldn’t respect him or like him as a person more.

  2. The greatest trick the devil/saturn played was to convince astrologers that all that is his is neptunes, and all that is neptunes is his.

  3. Wow, excellent. And while going thru my transit, yup, I have met three very supportive Capricorns telling me I am doing well and urging me on. To repeat: wow! Paying attention!!

  4. This just happened to me this morning! I’m sooo grateful!!! I wasn’t sure about a future decision and in walks a Saturn figure in my life with the solution, the direction. I’ve been praying a lot, every day. Prayer, patience, faith.

  5. Seems like lately that I have been nickled and dimed to death with some longer term Saturn transits (as well as some heavier game changers re kin and death).

    I am isolated due to my addictions so I don’t have a lot of Capricorn cheerleaders. I have “friends” and family galore who accept me. And colleagues that respect me a lot and for those, I am very grateful.

    But I

  6. No Buts! haha. I am my best advocate. I can do anything and I have become successful from nothing. Just a little weary of my life right now…

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