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balkingI have Mars in aspect to Saturn. If you tell me to do something (Mars) my first reaction is to balk (Saturn). Before I act I have to satisfy the placement of my Saturn. My Saturn is in Aries, self interest. My Mars is in Scorpio. One expression of Scorpio Mars in aspect to Saturn can be rebellion.

The way to circumvent my balking is to make me believe the action is in my best interest. In order to motivate Mars Saturn look to the sign of Saturn to reverse the resistance.

Scorpio is a detective. Mars and Saturn with Scorpio and Aries will resist action until they’ve gleaned why it’s in their best interest. In this case saying, “MOVE!” won’t do it. Say, “Get your foot out of the fire; your pants are burning!”

What is the condition of your Mars? What motivates you to act?

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  1. Would this work for Mars in hard aspect to Neptune as well? I have horrible problems with procrastination and need to find a way to jumpstart my Taurus Mars and not just give in to foggy distractions. Ugh.

  2. Ha, ha, ha. Satori that last line “…foot out, pants on fire.” That is IT, for me with Saturn-Mars and Pluto trioed in the 7th and 8th (Leo!) motivation’s just like you say. Hot Momma with your pants on fire.

    It’s saved my butt more times thaan I’d care to admit that kinda motivation.

  3. whatever planet is aspecting the mars… look to satisfying its conditions by sign and house placement. 🙂

  4. My mars(house 8 scorp) is squared by uranus (house 5 leo) which is supported by saturn(8 house scorpio). I am best motivated by some someone else’s hidden agenda. Don’t try to keep me down, don’t try to keep anyone else down. You want me to do something, just try the words, “You can’t”

  5. haha, i can totally relate. i recall many a fight with my mother over how i should do my hair. she’d tell me it looks good and i’d purposely undo it. i’m doomed when i have kids, no?

    i have mars (cancer, h6) sextile saturn (virgo, h8), trine uranus (scorpio, h10), and square pluto (libra h9). i will work my *ss off for a job that moves me (i mean really really work) but if i don’t get enough in return, or if there’s some underlying unfairness, i won’t hesitate to bail and you’ll probably be surprised cause you didn’t think i was that type.

  6. I have Mars/Saturn trine. Both are in hard aspect to Uranus/MC. My therapist gave me food for thought on this (my self-defeatist personality):

    “Deliver what’s expected of you and no more: use as your mantra ‘enough is enough’: find your own reason for doing the work as a priority.

    I’ve been working on this for months and it’s really helpful. Thinking of Uranus stabbing at the Mars/Saturn…I don’t need or like to be told why I should do something; I’m intelligent and independent and can figure it out for myself. Usually–ha!

  7. btw, this is the first time that i realized i have mars sextile saturn. i think it really helps keep mars-pluto in line (as much as mars-pluto can be kept in line)

  8. I have Mars in the 10th. Does that count for the balking? Or would that more be the trines I have with Venus and/or Mercury in Aquarius? I don’t mind doing it, as long I can do it my way. I don’t mind taking orders, I just don’t like it when people go about giving them as if I’m still in kindergarten. I’ve learned though that a lot of time start explaining the ins and outs of what they want me to do, just to keep their own head straight. 🙂
    (but still…)

  9. So you are familiar with this Mars Saturn energy – and maybe why you picked up on the balking vs. laziness in Chart 34. LOL and thank you for the suggestion to look at other planets in aspect by sign and by house.

  10. My Mars is Aquarius rising
    My Saturn rx is Taurus
    What motivates me to act?
    This is an open question

    Responsibility, like it’s my job to

    Chivalry, like she could use some help

    Whimsy, like what the hell, why not

    Means to an end, like doing something to get something else accomplished

    No choice, somethings you just got to do, that’s life


  11. I’m the same way. My first reaction is ask “Why?” Because if there is no reason I feel I should be doing it, why should I do it? (Mars aspects Saturn in Capricorn in the 1st House)

    If I don’t think they should be telling me to do something in the first place, I’m offended (Leo Mars) and humored (Leo Mars) that they think they can make me do something.

  12. Oh. You know. The old t-square. The bane of my exitence currently. Yeah, yeah. I’m getting over it. (Insert a loooooong string of expletives here.) I WILL rule.

    Do you recommend dealing with the sun/moon opposition first? Or the individual squares? Or should I go all wholistic on my butt and do it all?

    (These were rhetorical questions.)

  13. Mars square pluto softened by good mars aspects to sun, moon, and venus. Sometimes I am self-centered. I think obsession or a fixture on something would motivate me to act.

  14. Avatar

    ROFL this is FUNNY. Mars Saturn conjunct, the errr, fulcrum of the t-square.

    Satisfy what you said? Motivate? how?

    Either it goes or it doesn’t go, if it goes … DO NOT GET IN MY WAY. I WILL finish the PROJECT.


  15. Saturn in Sadge, Capricorn (Saturn) Moon in 9th house trine Taurus Mars. I’m a big fan of ‘balking’… in fact, it’s a joke at work that whenever a co-worker/friend of mine asks me to do something I say ‘no’ while she’s still in the process of asking. Of course, I’m joking and she knows it so she just ignores me and I do whatever she asks me to do anyway… I’ve jut got to say ‘no’ first lol.

  16. I have Mars & Saturn both affecting some or the other way. Hard to handle them this way, thanks for passing along a nice post on Motivating Mars Saturn.This is a nice help…!!

  17. A third or Mars in Pisces needing motivation. 😉 When my Sun is in high gear,I’m okay, otherwise…

  18. Hey! I just looked at this in a different context & realised my Pisces Mars & Saturn CAN be motivated… by my Aries Moon 😉 I just hadn’t really followed the thought through enough.
    I was feeling demontivated =D

    @CArRiE… chick… use your Aries, it’ll do the trick!!! lol!!

  19. this is great!!! you’re right mars saturn needs something to motivate them! l don’t have mars saturn but l know l wont move if there isn’t a life/death matter going on either..l know this vibe.

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    Baireon The Fist

    I have a 6th house sun in libra conjunct a 6th house mars in scorpio opposite a 12th house moon in aries all making a t-square with a 9th house saturn in aquarius. Its like driving with the pedal to the floor with a burned out clutch. Its twice as irritating whenever im attracted to someone becuse i tend to miss oppotunities or give off a bad impression. 10/22/91 For chart.

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