Death Must Not Be Real To Them…Tempting Fate

ebolaSomeone I haven’t seen for awhile, just found me on facebook. I told them how and why I signed back on and then added, “I limit my time here so I don’t go crazy reading how people want to give other people Ebola. But with restrictions like that in place, I enjoy myself.”

I am reading things like that on facebook. This group of people should be infected with Ebola – give these people, Ebola…

It’s unfathomable to me. I guess it’s because I go to the hospital all the time. I see people sitting there with their dying mother, sister, uncle, friend.

How a person can sit on facebook and wish an incurable disease on someone is beyond my comprehension.  Do people think karma does not exist? Does not apply to them?

Years ago, I had an arrogant friend. She insisted on parking in the handicapped parking place at the school. The staff asked her not to do this, but she did it anyway.  She felt it was early in the morning and there were no handicapped people there, so no big deal.

I asked her if she didn’t think she was tempting fate.  Her jaw-dropped.

She never parked in the handicapped space after that. I was relieved.

Is death real to you? 

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  1. Good grief! Wishing people a horrible, deadly illness. I can’t imagine remaining even Facebook friends with someone that felt that way.

    I feel guilty at laughing when I found out that my ex-husband (who beat me) broke his hip…but I still feel bad for the pain he must feel.

    I also have a hard time not wishing death to the members of ISIS for the terrible crimes/murder they are behind, but I would never, ever take a platform on the issue spouting that my opinion was surpreme or that I had the answer/solution to any massive problem.

  2. I have never read comments like that on any site that I have ever read. I used to read a message board that has since been taken down because the trolls took over so I know it exists, but wishing a hemorrhagic fever and horrific death on someone is beyond the pale. I would advise reading a different site!

  3. It’s a cowardly way of expressing anger and rage, from people who feel powerless. It’s especially malicious when they are keeping themselves from growth and happiness.

    1. Service is pretty much all I’m interested in. It’s always my end goal, because it’s the only thing in life that doesn’t bore me.

  4. Wow. I have never, ever read a comment like that on FB. That gives me the creeps. It’s so ugly. I can’t imagine being friends with someone who would post that. Sounds like you need to winnow your friends list and start over if you intend to stay on FB? for your peace of mind? I would cut anyone in a flat second for such comments.

    Re tempting fate…I have seen a few people I worked with do horrible things to and say horrible things about others in the last two years. They seem to glide by and gain and add power while leaving a growing number of wounded in their wake. The head of visitor care laughed at our concern about handicapped egress in the event of emergency in a new building; in a big meeting, said who cared as long as she and her staff are out first. We were dumbfounded; she was promoted. And promoted again. So….I think some apparently can do these weird things and get by. I have heard probably a dozen similar stories from friends around the country in the last few months. It makes me sad, but actually, I am starting to think bad wins.

    1. I have a hard time realizing just how many people there are with such a narcissistic attitude, such a lack of awareness. But what goes around, comes around. Karma is real and these people don’t realize that yet . . . but they will at some point and that could be a hard, difficult lesson to make them aware and gentler human beings.

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    Camille O'Grady

    I have always known and experienced the power of words; stupid and/or cruel words are as real as rocks, often with an energy that is timeless. I love your ‘tempting fate’ story as well.
    People have become so blase and careless about what kind of energies they toss into the universe…Though I am no longer a practicing Catholic myself, I admire that you are delivering something so important to people who are often at their most vulnerable; Jesus’ own ‘words made flesh’.He certainly knew and respected the power of words, because his words shine through, no matter whose gospel He is quoted in…As you point out, words are not ephemeral, and everyone needs to be responsible for what they project into the world at large.

  6. There are masses of hateful comments cursing Israel etc by Arab trolls on Facebook . The vitriole is unbelievably loathful. Clearly the notion of Karma is not even on their radar.

  7. Yes, death is real to me. I actually like to look at my life from a perspective of death actually. It’s really made me look at my choices. And compelled me to change things I wasn’t proud of. It’s also given me a sense of intensity and urgency about life which I don’t always like. I think balance is important.

  8. Sad to say I’m not surprised. Due to differences in opinion (and I always back my opinion with facts and links) I’ve been told by people they will ‘come and get me’-and my MOTHER too! And you should see how they talk to Jeff Borchart whose only child was killed by a pit bull or little Kevin Vincente whose face was ripped off. Did common human decency DIE with the internet? Or did it just bring out a lot more crazy?

    1. I think people behaved like this before in other mediums where they could be somewhat anonymous, or at least at a distance from the person they were spewing at. EG, the phone. Pre-internet working in a call-centre I heard the same kind of behaviour. Before that, there would have been something else. This behaviour isn’t new, but the internet has enabled mass-messaging of it.

  9. For me it’s very simple. Wish horror on another person, at your own risk.

    In my experience, payback, when it comes, is very specific.

  10. You don’t tell people you want them to get ebola.

    You don’t tell people you were a cancer survivor when you never had it.

    Are people begging for a visit from the karma police? That there’s no mercy from them – only justice?

  11. Absolutely real, death & karma, I think both are active and I’d go out of my way not to temp either. I just can’t fathom people saying stuff like that. It’s just a reminder to me of how cruel and uncaring/disconnected people have gotten,

  12. The interesting part is that most people believe in *something*. God. Karma. Whatever. Yet they do this / say these things and think them anyway…which is the part worth wondering about, from my perspective. 🙂

  13. Yes my sister Sara has recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma. It kinda redirects your life when some one you love is diagnosed with a potentially deadly disease. Like my sister said “It makes you think about whats important” Any little silly relationships that you were worrying about, romantic or whatnot, just seem to go out the window.Flushed out as it were. It gives you perspective,grave as it might be it helps you in a way too. I think people who wish things like this on others have little experience with death, very immature people or people who know right from wrong and have just decided to live in a very dark place.

      1. She told me yesterday with all the attention she is getting from everyone, she has never been happier in her life. She figures she should have gotten cancer years ago. We both laughed really hard, but thank you Elsa.

  14. Actually death isn’t real to me. It is an illusion. I have seen many people die. The body becomes a husk but the essence of the person within that husk is gone. One might say that organically there is death but spiritually there isn’t. What every one wants to call it, energy, soul, essence has left the body. Energy can not be created or destroyed according to the model of modern physics. Therefore the energy that we perceive as ourselves doesn’t cease to exist. If there were true death one needn’t worry about karma, kindness, evil, or anything we would want to do as there would be no consequences. One’s morals and ethics would be individual except as shape by the particular consensus reality they existed in. The fear of death would be the only moderating factor in any consensus reality. We know this is not the case in almost all consensus realities in the world today. There is heaven and hell in various definitions, reincarnation returning, to the collective consciousness are all different ways of looking at it. None of them could be called death. The essence/energy/soul is deemed eternal. Therefore there can be no death in the sense of going to nothing, no longer existing. The eternity of the soul/essence/energy is probably one of the oldest concepts if not the first abstract concept thought by humans as soon as they were able to abstract think.

    1. Tim, there is always more to learn and realize about the larger reality.

      I once had the same exact views as you expressed above. I have learned since that there is a type of true, permanent Soul death that sometimes happens to highly psychopathic/anti-Love Souls. (The Teacher Yeshua also speaks of this “recycling”/true death that happens as outlined in the below).

      What it is, is a sort of consciousness entropy that can happen. We live and have our being within the Source/Prime Creator. That Creator created us out of Love, but gave us freewill to rebel even against our own core/original natures.

      Some rebel so much and so cut themselves off from Love/the Oneness of the Whole, that the consciousness coherency/organization/connectedness that comes from Love (the connective glue of Creation), starts to break down, and they basically commit unwanted, unconscious suicide. Or in other words, in so closing themselves off from both inner and outer Light, they eventually extinguish themselves.

      Guidance makes every attempt to reach such Souls before these extremities, and yet it still occasionally happens.

      Besides my own guidance that I have received about this, 3 other sources that I highly respect also speak of a similar process. Edgar Cayce, Bruce Moen, and Tom Campbell.

      Cayce very interestingly linked Saturn to this experience of true death in our system and in relation to humans and our afterlife.

      I suspect that all, or most, of our Spirits probably had created/split off at least one Soul that has experienced this extremity. I know that my Spirit has had this experience with a particular Soul, and that’s with an overall larger pattern of positive service and attunement to Love more than not.

  15. When I think Virus, I think: Uranus. Not sure why? I guess it’s the unpredictability of Uranus. Lately, I also noticed a lot of folks that have some sort of viral infection, from skin inflammation to weird viral issues. No Ebola though… but it’s curious that it pops up now when Uranus is retrograde, causing more unpredictable things to happen. Since July things have become so random, have you noticed this? it’s just weird how things became really unpredictable… I notice it daily, the weirdest things seem to cross my path…

  16. Yes, although “death” not so much. Reasons to believe it isn’t so. But, the “high” where we can get away with stuff is matched by the low where we get wacked and have to limp or squint or duck or wear a wig.

    The World will make sure we get a bit of it all, if we live long enough.

    I just chuckle at the dickheads on high, they’re about to bite the dust.

  17. Death is very present in my mind, but not “real” in the way it must be to people who are near it physically – whether person

  18. uh, the post zipped off again
    Was saying
    Death is very present in my mind, but not “real” in the way it must be to people who are near it physically – whether personally because in sickness themselves, or seeing it around them.
    Wanted to say to Charles: my brother had Lymphoma but was cured. It took 6 months of chemio, but it worked. I’m wishing the same for your sister.

    1. Satsun, thank you for that, we are very hopeful too. We actually find out today what her treatment will be, which is set to begin shortly. She is also at the Mayo clinic as she lives in Rochester, so she has really great care.What a nice lady, thank you.

  19. some people are like that in the world. The ones who park in the handicap and are NOT handicap in anyway, and don’t seem to care. I’ve met them in early in school — girls who think and beleive they are the hottest shit in their private universe, because they’re more privileged than the average girl. If someone dies who isn’t the “IN” type crowd, they just say, oh she’s a nobody who cares. I have occassionally been witnessed to people like that in life, because they feel that they are just more “privileged” and you wonder…why in the world they can jsut get away with no conscience like that. No matter how angry or upset you get at someone, don’t go there, or wish harm to others.

  20. *wishing harm to others, meaning don’t wish “cancer” or a disease, or ebola or something horrible like that.

  21. I must be doing a great job at keeping my FB friends list clean. I have not seen a single post from anyone wanting to give anyone else Ebola, or any other horrible disease or violence. I must have pretty awesome friends too!

  22. LOVE THE “SERVICE” comment… I am wired the same way but never thought of it from the ‘boredom’ aspect! Opened up that perspective for me ELSA and I thank you. FEEL so affirmed on the comment thread so many times!

  23. There is a generation of people who have spent their youth in front of the TV and to them it’s all a big movie — wars, deaths, accidents, illnesses, tragedies — none of that seems real to them. And, speaking of karma, I hate it when people say “I love him [or her] to death.” Please. Do NOT love me to death. LOL. I’m with you, Elsa, words are powerful things.

  24. What I think and what I actually do and say are two very different things. There are times I have wished harm upon others. About the only one truly aware is my husband. This is all weird having just watched the anime Psycho-Pass.

    Also today I had the urge to take a piece of hair and find and create a curse but even if Fate was tempting me, her crime is old now and I can only hope that Karma catches up with her on it’s own.

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    I think it’s great that you’re a Eucharistic Minister, Elsa. I spent much of the past decade in hospitals and getting Communion highlighted my days. I always warn people that the universe is listening. That the power behind words is real so you’re responsible for the energy you put out into the world, regardless of level of sarcasm or genuine intent. I also try to say positive thoughts out loud…I’ve seen the manifestation of asking God/universe or speaking gratitude and it can’t be written off as coincidence. So when people are saying negative statements or generalities, I feel like I would be culpable if I didn’t say something that I know in my heart to be serious and true. Its a weird paradoxical time when both overt political correctness and sarcastically condescending derisive humor are a trend of the era.

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