Saturn In Sagittarius Square Neptune In Pisces (The Veil Drops On Pisces)

I spot trends early on. I think this is due to the Jupiter Uranus aspect in my chart, and the fact I work with so many people around the world. Patterns emerge, they’re hard to miss.

I strongly suspect that Pisces is going to have a struggle with their upcoming Saturn transit. This surprises me some, because Neptune is in his home sign in Pisces. However, I am already seeing Pisces hitting a wall (Saturn)  hard and not having it register.

For example, I talked to a gal whose boyfriend thought it was okay to have sex with her, without mentioning his positive HIV status.  You would think that discovering this would see her break the bond. Instead, she’s got to fight to find the shore….a different shore, away from this guy.

I realize this is an extreme example. I do this on purpose to make an impression.  It seems that Pisces has been floating with Neptune in their sign, supported by Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in mutual reception (Capricorn).

Jupiter has also been supporting Pisces from Cancer, the sign of it’s exaltation.   That protection has evaporated at this point.

I see trouble ahead for Pisces. I’m sorry, but seven women coming to me in one week’s time, all with a similar story, does get my attention.

*Edit to add…the Saturn Neptune workshop transcript is available now. It will help!

37 thoughts on “Saturn In Sagittarius Square Neptune In Pisces (The Veil Drops On Pisces)”

  1. haha, of course… I was worrying about the upcoming Sat transit in my 12th house and on my Sag AC and as you said, it won’t be that bad – so here we go, I have Pisces Sun…

  2. Jupiter did support me (pisces) this last year being in my 1st house cancer..and now with Jupiter in leo I’ll be coming into my Jupiter return in 2015.jupiter return and Saturn return. So 2015 may not be so bad for me.

  3. Oh no my friend is a pisces very sensitive I try to support her as much as I can but I´m a Cancer and have other heavy burdens to carry too

  4. Ugghhhh….My sun is Sag…Asc is Pisces….married to a Pisces sun with Taurus asc. Tell me we aren’t headed for a train wreck please.

    1. I don’t know, Linda. What I do know is in the post.

      I am not seeing this with Gemini (who will also be hit) or Virgo (who has also had a lot of support. What I see is Sagittarius, landing and Pisces hitting the end of a road, they did not know existed.

      This is totally based on my consults over the last week. You may have a different experience. Obviously some people will. But this is like this:

      A lot of people had (will have) the experience.

      Generally speaking, I think Saturn in Sadge is generally positive…but the Saturn Neptune square is going to be very hard on many. That’s why I did the workshop…because I can see this and I really feel I’m right.

  5. It seems to me that the Piscean energy is shifting since a few years. Overall, I notice a kind of global shift in Astrology, where Earth signs seem to have acquired the traits of water signs, and water signs are acquiring Earth traits. Especially Pisces, who seems to be less elementary, and more down to earth. What do you think? It is just my observation, (Me=Scorpio, of course…;)

    1. That’s interesting. I think the signs in opposition share qualities…Virgp projects Pisces, for example.

      As people get mature, they become more integrated. It might be that you’re seeing what you’re seeing because you (and the people you know) are older / more mature.

      1. Can it be acquired by transits? I mean, I feel far more Capricornish now that Saturn has been in my 1st house for 2 years. And I like it! I really like the stern and responsible energy that Saturn taught me. I’m probably maturing under these transits… 🙂

  6. Indeed, I see my Pisces brother hitting a wall and not having it register. Pretty soon he will have Neptune transitting his Sun as well.

    Does the whole hitting a wall thing and not having it register also go with people who have Neptune conjunt their Sun natally. Will there be a time when it does register? When will that be, approximately?

    1. 2015, when Saturn and Neptune square off.
      I think a certain percentage of people are going to completely thrown for a loop.

      I am trying to slowly mention this, so people who want one, might have a clue. But I’m not up for fighting over it, lol.

    1. As I said in the comments, it should be that way, but this post is based on what I am already seeing, overwhelmingly, in practice.

      It could be that Pisces is most sensitive, I really don’t know. Again, what I wrote is what I do know. I am seeing Pisces, potentially overwhelmed. Not standing up to a flood, but taken into current.

      I am not discounting the transcendent nature of the sign. I am merely telling you that I have had contact with seven different Pisces or Pisces Moons and they are finding out, or may soon be finding out, things that impact them, greatly.

      When the Virgos and Geminis show up, I’m sure I’ll mention it! Maybe they are being helpedp with Mercury in Leo, at the moment. Sunshiny. 🙂

  7. I’m one of those Pisces that Elsa knows that’s had the veil drop on her. Serious, life-changing stuff.

    I’m hoping I’ve got enough sturdy energy in my chart (Leo ASC, Mars in Aries, some Sadge and Libra — and a whole lot of 8th house energy) to come out on top. Getting a life, changing my routine, trying to remember the girl I’ve forgotten is still in there some place.

  8. I have already been through a Saturn transit Sag. and there wasn’t any life altering “bad” event that happened in my life at that time. I have a Sag ascendant at 29.40. I have Mercury conjunct that Asc. almost exact. I have mars, and sun conjunct that asc. also. Further up I have venus in Sag. During the last transit which was ’85-’87 I got real about what I wanted and what I needed. I use placidus because that is what I learned on way back when which put Sag in the 12th house. So basically I had Saturn conjunct four of my personal planets and my ascendant during those years. Those years were easy compared to Pluto transiting Sag. The years where pluto transited Sag were a walk in the park compared to when I had Solar Arc pluto conjunct my MC. Now THAT was a life-changer. It obliterated me—it completely destroyed who I was— and made me an entirely different person. I have also lived through Pluto crossing my ascendant by transit—I became very empowered. Saturn is easy-peasy compared to a Pluto solar arc aspecting an angle. I’m looking forward to this Saturn transit. I welcome it. I’m prepared for it this time and I can’t wait for it to cross my ascendant this time. 🙂

  9. “Pisces hitting the end of a road, they did not know existed.” THAT’s ominous! And I’m an optimist. But I’m all ears – angular Pisces sun, full moon (Virgo) w/Gemini Asc. For awhile, I’ve had chiron transitting my sun & neptune on the midheaven. None of that so bad but maybe I’m lost in the veil! Saturn is moving into the 6th very soon & won’t get to the 7th until late Sag. I do try to stay healthy. I did recently take a man back I shouldn’t have (gone again!) & that has been hard but I’m a survivor.

  10. Crud! I’m having a difficult enough time with the Pisces in m life with transiting Neptune conjuncting his Sun. His natal Neptune is at 3 Sag.

    I’ve been hoping for the fog he’s been in to clear, but this does not give me t impression that it will clear to show sunny skies 🙁

  11. I also have a Pisces in my life for whom I see trouble ahead. She’s young, granted (early 20’s), but unusually clueless about the real world. She was brought up to expect that other people would carry the burdens (Saturn) of day-to-day life for her. The crash and burn is gonna be extra tough because she has a toddler, and just found out she’s pregnant again. She has a tight grouping of Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Pisces/10th house. Her Venus is in Pisces also, but away from the group… AND her husband is a Sadge sun. [*sigh*]

    1. And yep, it has begun. She miscarried the fetus before her first trimester was over; has recently announced her plan to divorce her Sadge husband; and has allowed the biological father of her toddler (he’s a Virgo, so Virgo/ Pisces axis) back into her life (i.e., the guy who used to beat on her). [SIGH]

  12. So far I’m hearing from a LOT of Sadge & Gem people… pretty much since Saturn turned direct.

    Not so many Pisces or Virgo… yet!

  13. I have 4 planets in Pisces and Moon in Sagittarius, so this should show up in my life one way or another. However, I’m not worried. Part of it is, I’m older. I’ve already gone a few rounds with Saturn and know a lot more about reality than I did 30 years ago!

    Also, I don’t know if it’s Chiron in Pisces (already over my Sun), Neptune in Pisces or Uranus on my Aries asc. or something else – but I’ve been doing a lot of emotional work the last 4 – 6 years, clearing out debris, understanding insecurities, understanding unreasonable expectations. I have been doing this work in a structured, methodical way. I believe that this has helped me straighten out some of the tendencies that might lead to a desire for escape. I have felt significant, substantial healing.

    One example: Neptune has been off-and-on trine Uranus, the pivot planet in a t-square. (I don’t know if pivot is the right term…the one that’s square the other two.) I believe Neptune has dissolved some of the tension in that configuration that contributed to a fierce perfectionist streak alternating with a fierce need to escape. So far, Neptune and Chiron in my sign has been good for me.

    We shall see…

  14. I have my Sun in Sadge and its square t. Neptune in Pisces now. Neptune truly is a veil. Its hard to get at the truth of anything lately. I think Saturn’s transit in Sadge is really going to help me cut through the BS. I can’t wait.

  15. I adore Pisces!

    My husband (Pisces sun) who is already struggling with this nightmare of Pluto on his moon. My Scorpio moon granddaughter with the Pisces Stellium, My Libra son who has been devastated over the last two years with the wife and her drug addiction, forced to raise a child alone and then almost losing a foot….he has a Pisces moon. His daughter with Pisces in her birth chart too…. good grief. My best friend is a Pisces sun. I have Pisces all around me all the time.

    My youngest son has a Stellium in Gemini and so does my youngest granddaughter. Good god!

    I am going to have to become even stronger. I am going to have to put on my battle armor and protect and hold up the Pisces and Gemini people I love.

  16. Thank you for your posts Elsa. What happens when someone’s North Node is in Sag & Saturn is transiting in Sag. For the next 2 yrs +?

    1. I’m with you on the natal nodal transit. But my nodal axis is now progressed into scorpio. ??? All I know is that as I become aware of all this controlling idealism blather going on, I am checking myself on any high horse idealism of mine. Natal sun conjunct Jupiter opposing mars in pisces. That, I think is part of my nodal-ness. Nodal is more like an underlying thing to me, like a road with a lot of past karma to get through to understand why, unbeknownst to me, I’ve made the choices I’ve made. But other than that I don’t pay a lot of attention to it. I will revisit though now that you mention it. I do, however, find eclipses interesting. Of course moon in cancer would.

  17. awww this makes me sad. 🙁 they (those with strong pisces in the chart) have always been protected during these past transits, especially with Jupiter Cancer. It’s been tough i notice — my sister has a pisces stellium and her libra husband has a pisces moon, and it’s been tough for them with two children to raise ect. And, it is true…the support is strong in the past, but now the veil is dropping and it’s so harsh and too hard on those with strong pisces in their chart. Me being 12th house too, and have pisces as well, i can feel the difference. Nothing bad happening but work ethic is harder and we’re constantly tired around here until we’re pooped out exhausted by the end of the day. There is no rest.

  18. I’ve been listening to a fair amount of squawk radio lately. A lot of ranting about whatever news item is available for attacking. What stands out to me is idealism (Neptune). A person says an easy solution and all I can think is how is that going to work and what are the consequences of that. The idealists talk like they have some kind of big picture thinking but really it is very small and homogenous. I guess idealism doesn’t deal with logistics. But it certainly does always seem to deal with eliminating a certain sector of humans.

    The silliest thing I heard was how could Robin Williams off himself. How could he be unhappy. He’s rich and famous. I guess that’s the ultimate goal? Problem is, I’d have to live with whatever lifestyle that comes with that.

  19. I have two close pisces contacts. Both of them are facing big lifestyle changes.

    One is dealing with logistics. Certain things have to happen first and she is working to make that happen. She’s very shrewd, very strong. Strong taurus moon along with some fire power.

    The other is a water baby like me. More planets in water than I have. He has to feel his way to the change. As it feels right he makes his moves. He seems to be spending more time alone introspecting to let it come forth in the way it will happen. We don’t talk much, but when we do, it usually starts, ‘we need to talk’. And the other will say ‘oh boy, here it comes.’ 😀

  20. I continue to hear of one epic story after another. I’m stunned at the devastation, Pisces women are waking up in. I mean, this stuff puts my stomach in my throat. 🙁

  21. I have a pisces mars square saturn natally, should I be concerned? Or am I always running into a wall and have some experience? I think I do.

  22. I haven’t seen too much of Pisces issues but my Virgo friends are really struggling with having their lives upended. Especially in the last year. Shocking divorces. Suicide attempts. Job loss. Children being sick or diagnosed with chronic disability. Financial issues. International moves. Virgo have been through the ringer! ?

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