Defending Your Home And Family: MARS and the Moon

Self-defense and home-defense are frequent topics here on the blog and on the boards. Recently such a thread was revived, Defending Your Home and Family, and I was actually surprised at the poll results, with 88% in favor of defending oneself and home.

I’ve been in the position of having to make that call. In the middle of the night a man kicked in my door. I heard the preliminary kicking, dialed 911 and dropped the phone. I pulled my bat from under the bed and ran to meet him in the living room where I brought the bat down on his knife-wielding arm.

I defended myself with a baseball bat but the perpetrator was able to take it away from me and beat me with it. I kept my wits about me and drew him through the house, with me as the bait, to keep him away from my sleeping baby in the back room. I kept close to him, rather than run, so as not to receive a full swing of the bat. I kept us in corners and against walls, restricting his full force of movement. Eventually I worked us out the front doorway where I ran to the middle of the street and started screaming for help. I heard sirens and ran back in to protect my baby. He was awake and fine. I gave my report to the police and they drove me to the hospital.

My moon is in Capricorn and I feel responsible for my home and everyone in it. I have Scorpio Mars and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have Mars in the third house (Mercury-ruled) and I act fast. Saturn in the 8th aspects my mars by quincunx, like a see-saw. I weighed the consequences for attacking vs. defending for a moment too long and lost my opportunity. But now I know that about myself, and it will not happen again.

The attorney handling the city’s case was shocked that I was willing to participate fully. I was shocked that there was any question. The case was strong but it was settled rather than tried. That was a long time ago. I never got my bat back, but at that point it was broken anyway. Screw it, I still have golf clubs.

You think you’re going to mess with sweet little Pisces? Better check her Mars first.

Where is your Mars? Do you know how you will act in a crisis, and can you see it in the astrology?

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  1. Mars in Leo 5th House. I am the one that keeps people calm and peaceful. I am the go to person for many… Lots of Virgo in my chart. Saturn in Aquarius in my 11th house aspects my ascended. I get my practical and serious side there.

  2. Haha! My son is the sweetest little Pisces with Venus conjunct his Sun, but oh boy. He has Mars in Aries….and you’d never guess by looking at him.

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    Oh, Satori, what an awful experience.((hugs)) I can’t imagine how scared for your life and baby you must have been. I’m glad you made it through.

    My Mars is in Leo with my moon in Cappy, so when I’m threatened, I ROAR! I love my Mars placement as well. It suits me like yours suits you!

    Btw, sharks are fish too! So never assume a Pisces is a weak fish. My hubby has Pisces moon and can do damage all on his own!

  4. My Mars is in Libra. I’m not sure how that would play out.

    The 2 Pisces in my life both have Mars in Sag. I would n ot expect them to sit idly by.

  5. R-e-a-w, you know I don’t remember being scared at all. actually, if anything I’m often plagued by a general feeling of anxiety/worry that is completely quelled in moments of actual crisis!

  6. Mars in Scorpio here too. With Pluto and Saturn. It gets ugly, but there’s always some restraint. It’s never pretty, but it’s always fair.

  7. Mars in Aquarius in the 8th. My ability to detach/disengage actually scares ME! Because beyond a certain point, it’s effortless for me to say, what the h*ll, just do it and see what happens. There’s a randomness to it that feels – well, unpredictable. Which is dangerous, which I’m well, well aware of – fortunately, I get stabilizing aspects and restraint from my Capricorn planets, especially as I get older!

  8. T Pluto is conjuncting my Mars, I have an Aries 4th house, and a 29 degree Sadge Mars that hasn’t had sex in months.

    I feel sorry for whomever tries to break into my house if they choose to do so.

    Glad you’re OK from that incident, Satori. Good use of the Scorpio Mars with the bait and dodge. 🙂

  9. Lordy! Thats frightening.

    Leo Mars, I roar when threatened also, but it usually just sounds like lady screams.

  10. Holy cats. Good work and great thinking Satori! My mars is sag in the first so it’s got Aries flavor and it’s conjunct my ascendant in Scorpio. I think these sorts of scenarios through on a regular basis and imagine myself reacting well, which I am confident I would do. (My dad, who is a prosecutor and a black belt in karate told me to think through awful situations and imagine reacting well and thinking my way out of it.) I worry mostly that if anyone ever threatened my child I’d snap them.

  11. satori, you rock!

    Aries Mars in 4th square Moon in Capricorn. I will defend my body and my home to the death. nothing gets my back up faster. I’ve probably told this story before, but I took an axe to my neighbour’s toaster when it caught fire and almost burned the house down (he was a meth-head). I was LIVID my home was threatened.

    Most recently a stranger corralled a stray dog in my fenced yard. The dog chased my cat up a tree. I was up on a balcony, asked if she was visiting someone in the building (I wouldn’t have said something if she as a guest), ascertained she wasn’t, and then told her to get the f out immediately. she put up a protest and I frog-marched her out of the yard, with her screaming and hollering that I was a bitch the whole way. actually, I was being polite: if I didn’t have the discipline I do have I would’ve drop kicked her. GET THE HELL OUT OF MY YARD BEFORE I THROW YOU OVER THE FENCE.

  12. reminds me of the time some kids hid a handgun in my backyard and i found it. they actually came to the front door (!) to ask for it back and i proceeded to lay down the law about it. they made some face-saving empty threats and then fled.

    mars conjunct mercury.

  13. Nothing like that has ever happened to me and I hope to God it never does. Amazed at your bravery.

    I am quite certain I would fight to the death to protect my kids – I don’t know if my Mars plays into that or not, but I think that most Mothers would. My Mars in Taurus squares Uranus and Pluto.

  14. With Mars in Libra, I don’t think it comes naturally to me, but I have been “trained up” so to speak and will definitely kill or be killed by anyone who comes into my house – without hesitation.

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      Charmaine Desjardin

      I have Mars in Libra coniuct
      Saturn & Neptune.
      When in contact with evil
      I talk to the aggressior
      I also try to remain strong
      Capricorn Sun my Venus Scorpio

  15. Pisces Mars, in the 4th conjuct Mercury. It’s also trining Pisces ruler, Neptune. Definately would defend my home and family (4th house), but the attacker might not see it coming until it’s too late. I would imagine this playing out where I would sense their achililles heal and ‘get ’em where it hurts’, then wade back into the safety of Neptune’s fog…

  16. Wow Satori!! I was with you on that post – you had the presence of mind to figure out what had to be done and not give in to the emotional moment..what a gal!!
    Having Aries in 4th, and Merc in 3rd conj. Mars in 4th (in Pisces), I think I seem placid but would attack (read: attack) the person who came into my house….just hope I think to call 911 for help..

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    @ Chrispito – I have that similar 4th house fire Mars square Cappy moon in the 8th.

    So I related to this,”Aries Mars in 4th square Moon in Capricorn. I will defend my body and my home to the death. nothing gets my back up faster.”

    I walked a guy, who wouldn’t leave when asked, off my property with my .357 at his back, then had to drive the asshole 60 miles to find a hotel to drop him off at… Sheesh…

  18. Well the crazy thing is I can’t stick up for myself when it comes to the people I live with, in said home.

  19. I have Moon-Mars-Venus in the 9th house in Pisces!! I react very fast and with fluidity and flexibility. If my family (moon) or any loved ones (venus) are at risk, I act (mars) fast and I see it coming (Pisces).. I think Pisces energy is not always sweet.
    Empowering story Satori!

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