Client Testimonial: “True Homegrown Astro-Philosopher”

Recommendations from clients

Tanya writes:

“I remember when I set the appointment. I was in a new room, new city, surrounded by boxes and no friends to speak of. I didn’t know what to expect or what direction I was moving. So I threw some dice and called an astrologer– Elsa P. She prompted me to have faith in the coming year. She didn’t bullshit me that I’d ‘find true love’, or ‘soar against all odds’. She talked straight and quick to the point. Elsa used the time I gave her like a surgeon would on a patient who had no time for medical pampering. It was surgery. In one 15-minute conversation she managed to gift me with a working concept of what I’d sought my entire life. True faith. Regardless of the outcome of some Saturn Crush or Pluto Clean-Out, regardless of what I would lose or gain, I could find contentment if I kept the faith. It was more than I can repay her in words. Anyone who speaks to her for 15 minutes would know this– I can’t imagine the benefits of the wisdom she could impart to you in an hour. She’s a true homegrown astro-philosopher who will get right into your core and shine light into every dusty nook that you’ve been putting off cleaning for years. Summed up in a sentence? She could give a sewer rat hope. Thanks Elsa!”

Thanks, Tanya!

2 thoughts on “Client Testimonial: “True Homegrown Astro-Philosopher””

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    Shandelle Cayce

    Hello! I am intrested in a reading about my life, I need to
    Sheds some pounds maybe 30-45 pounds. I am also information about
    my future and love life. I am lost and I need some help and answers
    Thanks a million,
    Shandelle Cayce

  2. Hello! I am intrested in a reading about my life.
    I am also information about my future and love live.
    My live about love at the moment is very important, I am suffering for it,because I love this man.
    Thank so much.


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