Pluto Retrograde In Capricorn 2024 – Get Real – Consolidate Losses & Gains

capricorn goat pull toyPluto will turn retrograde in Aquarius on May 2nd, 2024. It will reach Capricorn, mid-July, and then sit at 29 degrees through the end of November 2024.

I wrote about Pluto retrograding back into Capricorn last year.  As it turns out, my core thoughts on this have not changed, but “we” as a people have!  The old post has good information so I will leave it as is but update in bold.

People have changed on many ways, but I am going to focus two of them, that seem pretty much universal.

#1 People are punch-drunk. This is a Capricorn concept. You’re so beaten, you can’t feel it anymore.  Well, you can, but you play dead; conserving your energy because you just know, you’re not getting out of this without further pounding.

I’m sorry anyone has to be in this state, but it can call allow your to protect your soul as your endure hardship and painful rejection. The phrase, “beating a dead horse”, comes to mind.  Extrapolate from there, please. When I try to, it’s interesting but off topic!

#2 People are “awakened”! 

Please don’t confuse this with the political “woke”. I am talking about Aquarius and Uranus, The Awakener.  People are no longer acting like little children. Their spines are straight and they’re looking around. They’re alert, if you will, which does not mean “paranoid”. I rarely run into someone in utter denial anymore.

From May, 2023

As for what to expect from this – more of the same!  Businesses crushed, shadow governments, issues around power and control.  Bone deep pain, if you have one of those charts and it’s hit by this.

Pluto’s short stay in Aquarius has shown everyone the power of A.I. We see, or put more succinctly, we feel the shift in the paradigm as the future is upon us.  With Pluto back in Capricorn, businesses will attempt to restructure.

The idea things are resolved at the end of the transit is wishful thinking as I explained here:

The Aftermath Of A Pluto Transit

This doesn’t mean an individual can’t heal or become empowered but you’ve got to take responsibility for this type operation.

The combination of Saturn (Capricorn) and Pluto suggests consolidation to me.  Consolidation of losses as well as gains.  I also think this would be a good time to stop the bleeding. I’m talking about constant leaking of energy of whatever type.  It could be via a person you’re involved with, or it could be a “thing”. It could be a “rabbit hole” you’re been hanging ’round that’s become a giant time sink.   It’s a good time to get real!

I’m sorry but I expect more lay-offs. Business has been constricted since day one of Pluto in Capricorn.

I have planets affected by this. Rather than invest time in the dirt and the grime, rustling around in the trash, I’m working to place lines between me and all that. I want to maintain my posture and integrity, even when the lights go out. I think this entirely possible to do for most, but it’s got to be a personal decision.  The power is there to be tapped.

Everything here stands.  This time I expect large businesses to fail. I am not sure if any small, independent business will survive this, though I will try.

Update July 15, 2023 – I see businesses closing, contracting or consolidating, by merger in some cases.  There are potentially some businesses rising from the ashes as well.  It’s interesting to watch but painful for many.  Actually, I would say it’s painful for most at this point.

Manipulation (Pluto) by businesses (Capricorn) is off the charts. I’m talking about the various ways people are being covertly motivated to quit their job so the business can avoid paying severance.

We’ve also got the big tech with all it’s subversive bs… it’s being exposed (Pluto) to the light of day (sun).  This is not having a measurable affect that I can see.

There’s also an incredible amount of death and illness. This is in part due to an aging population but the stress is also causing a lot of problems; it literally makes people want to roll over and die.  Suicide is another concern. Offer support to others if you can.

Everything here stands as well, though the firings and lay-offs have gotten increasingly “colder”. I expect this trend to intensify.  It’s almost like being fired with malice; people who don’t deserve to be fired at all!

It can be demoralizing; this is why I mention, protecting your soul. “You” are not what happens to you, when you become collateral damage, due to another person’s sin and greed or whatever it is.

Here are your dates:

May 1, 2023: Pluto retrograde @ 0 degrees Aquarius
June 11, 2023: Pluto retrograde back into Capricorn
October 11, 2023: Pluto direct @ 27 degrees Capricorn
January 20, 2024: Pluto enters Aquarius
May 2, 2024: Pluto retrograde @ 2 degrees Aquarius
October 12, 2024: Pluto direct @ 29 degrees Capricorn

Update – August 4, 2023

A mere two weeks later, things are moving quickly. Lay-offs continue to be a thing. Yellow Freight is shutting down after 99 years.

Consolidation also continues to be a thing. The Kroger / Albertsons merger is moving forward. We also have banks consolidating. Also in finance, the Charles Schwab / TD Ameritrade merger is completing. This is also resulting in job loss.

I read there will be far fewer websites in the future. I am sure this is correct because independent people are excluded from search results, almost completely at this point.  The culling or rather, the killing (Pluto) of business (Capricorn) is intense and deeply painful. There is no sense working to maintain a website that no one visits.

I think we’ll see chunks of the internet disappear and in fact, this operation has been running in the background for many years. If you doubt me, do an image search and look at the insanely limited and boring results.

On the upside, deep healing is possible. There was little reaction to this post but I think it’s important.

Pluto in Capricorn & What Lies Below

It’s the idea you can get to the root of something. This morning client told me she called because I’m able to look from the ground, up.  This transit hit my chart hard and I worked it. I can tell you for sure, you may have to dig, but the power is there.

The website thing has come to pass. Many independent people have moved onto other people’s platforms. 

It’s very hard to find interesting content, as information is consolidated, centralized and served by AI.

Pluto enters Aquarius November 20, 2024. See tag.

What’s your plan for Pluto’s return to Capricorn?

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  1. Steel myself for repeat hospitalizations in the family, possibly. Get my professional life in order which has been on hold, even though it’s scary out there in a changing world. Take refuge in a wonderful partner as and when I feel sad and overwhelmed. Don’t dare to hope, in fear of hopes being dashed. What else can a person do? This is Pluto.

      1. Sun 3 degrees Capricorn
        I am struggling (money)
        Yesterday I went to withdraw
        from Bank ATM, all was working
        when the money was going to
        dispense door was opening
        there was a strange noise with
        ATM then a unusual ticket popped out saying there was unusual activity call Bank. I immediately called & waited forever for help only to be told it could take up to 30 days before I get my money that I NEVER RECEIVED from ATM. Now I don’t have groceries I needed.

  2. I think I’m just going to get my head down and get on with what needs doing. I’m also trying to see the best in everything, instead of being dragged into the depths. Pluto is hovering around my Mercury and the mental strain is very real.

    1. Just when I think I have learned all things Capricorn, Pluto slides back in there for another term. I’ve had enough already! Lol. With all three personal planets in Cap (Mercury, Mars and Venus) in my 9 House it feels I’ve spent my while life learning Capricorn lessons of integrity, structure and hard work, for example. It hasn’t been all bad especially when I caught the Pluto trine to my natal Pluto in Virgo allowing me to dig deep. I’ve passed through my second Saturn return just fine, unlike my first one which was horrendous. Then yesterday was full moon in Cap! Hello? That’s enough already! I’m so looking forward to some relief when Pluto moves out of Capricorn and hopefully a lighter mind and body

      1. Hi Alison,
        Guess what l did on Cap fullmoon? I went to the dentist. First available appt. It was not good.
        Yes, he was a professional-but the rooms were ugly and the equipment old. His suggestions definitely Old School. I felt depressed.
        Then something shifted in me…l am going to get a second opinion and go to my niece’s dentist–all wizzbang new tech in a beautiful building too. My 11th house is Capricorn. I will shoot for’hopes and wishes’. Good luck with what is before you.

      2. Knee replacement on August 7th. How Capricorn ♑️ is that? Bones and knees.
        I’m not looking forward to the surgery, but my knee has affected my life.
        I have Venus in Capricorn at 20 degrees, but it’s too far to be a conjunction. Am I correct about that?
        Anyways, it’s happening.

  3. Maybe we need to look back at what happened when Pluto retrograded back into Sagittarius (around 2008?). Did it resurrect Sagittarius themes, did Sagittarius themes eventually crumble, or did the ingress into Capricorn overshadow that retrograde?

    We could get an idea as to how Pluto re-entering Capricorn will play out. I feel that when a planet retrogrades into a previous sign, it signifies unfinished business, issues that require tying up loose ends, wrapping things up.

    1. I agree.I don’t think there is a full out bunch of new issues brought to bear, but a finishing up of what was not completed. I am just so happy my Cap planet and my Cancerian planets are in very early degrees..I am trying to ignore the rest of Pluto-in Capricorn until it is gone.There is not too much more left to lose or consolidate around me,anyway! House, parents, grown kids..all the calamities seem to have occurred by now.. I pray for peace. With Neptune on my Ascendant, am focusing on faith,leaning into the wisdom of my elder years , and serendipity!

  4. Hi Elsa. Could you go through the dates for the exact degrees of cappy for those of us with late degree cappy placements?

  5. Pluto will move back into exact opposition with my Sun. Just want to focus on getting stronger. Using whatever comes at me (other people, etc.) as the sharpening stone.

    1. OF COURSE . “it’s not over..” It’s just beginning! The USA Pluto return has been a fascination of mine for years..and here we are. I think the regression back into Capricorn is as Elsa says, more of the same in the biz. world..more layoffs, more closing and consolidation of businesses,less choices in retail and food service, possible recession (or currently IN ONE) and more angst,leading up to the shifts that Pluto in Aquarius will bring. Enlightenment? World Peace ?? I think not. But an uprising of the middle and lower classes, yes. Organized workers and more attempts to overthrow our democracy, yes. Death and retirement of many of the old white men? Yes. All part of a very long process.. Pluto doesn’t act quickly,it is a deep rumbling that churns up the underbelly.. over years..and change comes slowly, but also with dramatic events, as aspects are made.. ON personal level,look to your strengths in your chart to navigate .Look at how the larger picture affects your life and decisions..your work,family,hobbies,plans,goals. If you’re college age: WHAT careers look good going forward (not liberal arts!) If you’re newly married: how MANY kids do you want to bring into this world? If you are old (like me!) how can you pare down, secure your foundations, and thrive? Lots of food for thought: and that is what astrology is all about.Knowledge is power.

  6. Pluto crossing my MC five times this period.
    First bout had to do with relinquishng very powerful dreams.

    1. Avatar
      Aquarius Lurker

      In my case, Pluto will cross my ascendant.
      I suppose it means I will relinquish my personal trappings – reputation, standing in society, physical appearance, voice.

  7. “if you have one of those charts and it’s hit by this”

    What’s one of those charts? Does a triple Cap in 5H apply?

  8. Loosely hold on tightly? Pluto coming back to slam into my Ascendant. Again. Lessons I need to learn? Guess I should run through them again!

  9. Pluto will be back in my 10th. Restarting my career was a mess. N. Pluto is in my 6th.

    All I can do is navigate the shadow side of this field and overcome it. The helping professions have very slimy underbellies.

    1. Not wrong LisL, Pluto hit my 10th house, 2008, lost a good job via lies to a very gullible manager. Working as an RN in casual roles since then, and it’s brutal. If some one doesn’t like your face – you are gone. Have totally lost confidence now and can’t face another lay off. I know The universe is telling me to do something else, but can’t think of any thing at my age.

      1. I can’t work in corporate animal care any longer was my lesson. It took moving to a nonprofit (and a pay cut) to stay in the field. I was almost out – I was burnt by working in three corporate clinics in a row.

        Corporate and neurodivergent do not mesh well.

  10. What to do?

    It’s in my 11th–hardly anyone left, but l don’t miss who has gone–that says a lot. ‘Time to stop leaking energy’ Yes.

    A friend from the past returned…a Virgo. A fine mind. An artist. She got an ADHD diagnosis recently.l have my doubts about that.She is a perfectionist.

    I am not sure ‘about the hopes and dreams’ side of the 11th. I have one perhaps but l dont want to spook it.

    I do worry for the young people, they are getting hit big time–what about their hopes and dreams?

    I think at this last stage of the transit, if we repeat the same, what have we learnt?

    What have l learnt? I am not prepared to go along with something l dont believe in order to be in a group, or maintain a friendship. I mean big stuff, not little stuff…like protecting a rapist.

    Good luck to everyone here esp. those under bigger pressures than me atm.(touchwood)

    1. That’s exactly how I experienced Pluto transiting my 11th house a decade and a half ago: “What have l learnt? I am not prepared to go along with something l don’t believe in order to be in a group, or maintain a friendship. I mean big stuff, not little stuff…like protecting a rapist.”. Wow, it’s uncanny how you expressed my sentiments and experience so perfectly, Dianne M! Hardly anyone was left and I still don’t miss any of them, either. Amazing similarities with Pluto in the 11th house.

      1. Thankyou for telling me that, Niki. If it was that long ago Pluto must still be in your 12th. Yes? I can feel it coming… I know people (here) have had a rotten time with it.l hope you are travelling ok. I already work with dreams and the creative, but l know the 12th is bigger than me and l can wait.

        1. Pluto is on my ascendant today (within 25 minutes), so it will start to retro back into my 12th house and finish whatever I failed to learn. Or that mysterious raised and ever-growing lesion on top of my head will be the death of me! (The biopsy says it’s not cancer, doctors have no idea what it is, so we’ll see what the next doctor says in September.) Yep, as Elsa forewarned, I developed a weird skin problem with Pluto on my ascendant, but otherwise relatively healthy, touch wood.

          Overall, I’ve enjoyed Pluto in the 12th. I’m 53 and lead a pretty simple life in my mid-years, as I chose on purpose, following the signs leading me this way. With so many planets in the 1st quadrant, I feel in control of my life, for the most part, as I’ve read about the quadrants. No kids, no parents, no extended family (except a sister who seems estranged now), no partner, no motor vehicle, just a mortgage to pay and a community garden to run. I have a good life of my design and relative autonomy.

          My life is so different than it was in the 11th house — much less socializing with different groups of people, less going out to events, and now, a bit less fretful anxiety and doomsday thinking about the ever-increasing perilous state of the world and climate (although that fluctuates, especially when the wildfires blow smoke into my city).

          Rising interest rates (and inflation) has affected me financially, so I need to stick to a bare bones budget, but I have a Taurus stellium and have always been frugal, so I don’t mind. I enjoy nesting, staying close to home, tending to my garden, reading books, watching free movies from the library. I don’t have the spare cash to go out to events and dinners with friends like I used to, but that’s ok, those were getting annoying for various reasons (ack, the food waste by ex-friends, I couldn’t handle witnessing it). I had my fun, but it’s nice to retreat from all of that busy commotion now. I feel privileged to be able to retreat, and my wish is for everyone to have a space of their own to retreat, in whatever form. The busy-ness for me now is my paid work, and the busy buzzing pollinators I love to watch in my garden.

          Dianne M, the nighttime dreams are so vivid with Pluto in the 12th, so I hope you enjoy that after your ‘wait’ in the 11th, if you’re not already experiencing them, it sounds. I don’t mind being so home-bound now because I travel so far, learn a lot, and have such fun and meaningful adventures in my dream world — without spending a dollar or incurring any real risk, yay! If Pluto in the 1st is similar, as Elsa says, I’ll be fine for the rest of my life (I’m 53 now). Enjoy your time in the 11th, but try not to worry about Pluto in your 12th. I’m glad I survived so far to learn from it.

    2. Avatar
      Madeline Kasian

      Dianne, I also have pluto in 11 and feel like the last man (woman) standing, at times.. a number of group activities that were a creative part of my life for years, fell apart. A few PEOPLE became toxic in unexpected ways and I had to separate from those interactions too.It is a bit lonely, but most days, not really. As I go through this transit I am not a young chicken , so a good dose of solitude is rather welcome a lot of the time.

      I am being careful about where I spend the energy I DO have!

      I have always worked with the younger generations and like you, worry over their coming of age and trying to find careers and partners under all these aspects..well, it is what it is..

      1. I hope it is a better day for you today, Madelaine. I had a moments hesitation about a group (the garden) maybe it was me not them.
        Yesterday, l heard that 6 more people had gone– all young people–this is not how a community garden grows. And the ones l had trouble with are doing the same things, in the same way…desparate to ‘boss and manage’. Sadly, trees have been hit with borer…and gall. Too many weeds of the bad kind … Enough said.

  11. It’s in my 12th. I’ve been to 2 wakes in the last 2 months; the 2 friends were both in ICU. Also, I am having 2 root canals. Death and reconstruction theme?

  12. Pluto will retrograde back over my 28 Capricorn IC, not looking forward to this as my Dad is at end of life stage😢

        1. Avatar
          Hildegarde's Noviciate

          Celebrated my dads 88th this past Sunday. What a blessing. We were all laughing and having fun.There were more than a few teary eyes when my dad got teary eyed himself and said he felt greedy for wanting more time. We all wanted to do a group hug and stay there suspended.
          It gripped my heart and wanted to hold him so tight I didnt want to let go.
          So I know and I feel for you.

  13. Avatar
    Charlotte Comfort

    Oh, my, goodness, that’s a lot of back and forth over my descendant 29 Capricorn, squaring my Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫 I’m going to get dizzy 🥴

  14. Wow and wow, Niki!! So much of yours is mine too. No kids, partner, parents, extented family (not really). Sisters estranged–but l have a niece and nephew and we get on.
    I was a member of a community garden(s) until recently…l have a knee that bothers me sometimes and l manage an chronic illness (ME/cfs)…and there were some people there, who had attitudes towards others, l didnt like…so l left but remain a garden ‘friend’.

    Taurus Sun/Merc and a fixed square with Chiron in Aqu 12th. And I have just woken up after a zombie apocalypse dream…there were lots of doors and it was an abandoned university. ‘All doors need checking’.l have had Big dreams since childhood and other exps….from that realm.
    Reading. Drawing. Writing. On line movies and being frugal; l still grow my own vege and I dont like waste either. I like treating people now, not often, but l never could before …
    Funny, around about 6 mths ago l had a ‘growth’ in the middle of my forehead.(l have a pic). I thought cancer too…that, or l was becoming a unicorn– but no. I doctored myself. The same as they would treat a yak in Tibet. It worked.
    I am also older than you. Pluto over Asc. or near to it will be my great transition, l reckon.
    Yes, less dinner parties, but libraries and art galleries are 12th hse. and this group here is too. Thankyou Niki for sharing. It has done me the world of good. If you werent on the other side of the world l’d take you out for coffee and cake.
    Consider it done in our dreams.

    1. I’m so glad my sharing helped you, Dianne M. I guess you’re not on the west coast of Canada? Too bad. We could have coffee and cake in my community garden.

      I hope I make my garden a more welcoming place for everyone than the garden(s) you took part in. I’m the chattiest person, and if there are no people around, the flying creatures and plants hear from me. There’s always a bit of drama in these little microcosms of the world. I’ve witnessed the craziest things over the past 22 years since founding the garden, yikes. I do bitch when people neglect their plot, take off out of town for the whole summer, and don’t let the next person on our 150+ wait list get their chance to garden, argh! Other than that pet peeve, I love all my fellow community gardeners and consider them family.

      I’m so glad to hear you still grow your own veggies, Dianne M. It’s so important especially for ‘us’ Taurus types. I’m just a Taurus wannabe, though. Aries sun, with moon, mercury, venus, saturn, and mars in Taurus (Aquarius rising). I’m sure we’d get along well. I always get a long so well with Taurus people.

      And I think DIY health care is important to us Tauruses, too. I’ve been doing it all my life. The medical establishment is rarely able to help me with my weird health problems. Unfortunately tea tree oil didn’t work and this current issue I have is in an awkward place that I can’t see, just feel. It’s probably a spiritual blockage manifesting physically. Maybe I just need to figure out how to talk with my sister so as not to offend her while speaking my truth. She’s so Scorpio and secretive (with Libra moon, always needing to keep the peace, hiding pain and avoiding difficult topics). I do much better with forthrightness.

      Your zombie apocalypse dream with lots of doors at an abandoned university sounds intriguing (but no pressure to share here). My experience in 2007 sounds very similar. I had a MeToo moment a decade before MeToo was conceived, in a large community of so-called enlightened people that were harboring a rapist (who chose me as one of his many victims).

      I’m happy to say that my wish came true, however — that more rape victims would speak out, despite the incredibly high personal cost, and that there would be more support for those who have the courage to speak out. It was so different in 2007! I used older forms of social media to spread the word, but wow, it was the most challenging thing I’ve ever done and it had severe consequences in my life. So thank you, Dianne M, for what you did, in whatever shape it took. I don’t regret anything. It had to be done, and I had to shed those relationships and that person I was. My speaking out so publicly also helped cure a mysterious 10+ year health problem I had (serious digestive-related problem). Big silver lining there.

      Anyway, that was my Pluto in the 11th house experience, and now it feels much more peaceful in my 12th house. Death was always at the forefront of my mind and experience with Pluto in the 12th, but after mulling it over and reading so much about death in its various forms, I’m at peace with my own, and look forward to whatever happens in that other realm, if anything. I just pray I don’t suffer too much before it happens. I just finished a book by a Canadian doctor about Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), and discovered that it’s just too bureaucratic for my DIY nature. We shall see… but in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my final years / decades, witnessing the crazy antics of humans on this beautiful planet.

      1. We have ideas and experiences in common– most definitly, Niki. I am in Victoria Australia. A bit chilly but not like your winters and we have bushfires…
        All l can remember about last nights dream is a piece of string with a knot in it…l am being asked to remember.. but it is too much all at once…
        I was at the community garden for more than 10 yrs. People came and went; we had magic afternoon teas ‘everyone’ was there… then came the Olde Brownies who only liked one sort of person…

        Take all care in land of moose and sqirrel.

  15. Avatar
    Bob (in Australia)

    I’m not sure how many of your readers know the esoteric meaning of a “tower moment” but I’m sure many do. I’ve struggled with inner demons all my life (a stacked 12th house) squared to Pluto, my chart ruler. So the energy presented by Pluto’s activity is very familiar to me and I’ve learnt during my lifetime to use the continual transmutation in a positive manner by seeking counsel with my higher self. Don’t get me wrong, I still suffer the turmoil but I’ve learnt to trust my intuition and can usually find the reason behind the angst that makes sense for my spiritual evolution. This is what we are all facing with the current Pluto energy and you have to look really deep inside to find answers.
    Pluto in Aquarius, dragging everything that hinders the intuition to the surface where it can be examined and discarded or reorganized.
    Pluto’s return back into Capricorn is just tightening the screws to make sure we don’t leave any stone unturned.
    My prayers are with everyone while they undergo the transformation but trust me, the enlightenment will be worth every ounce of the pain ultimately. They are Cosmic evolutionary rules, we can’t escape them.

    1. “… the enlightenment will be worth every ounce of the pain ultimately.”

      I agree, wholeheartedly. At least in my case, there is no other way to break through.

      1. Avatar
        Bob (in Australia)

        This might sound a bit “wacky” but I’m being sincere when I tell you that trusting intuitive flashes (and they can happen so fast that you can barely grasp them before the mind starts helicoptering again) is a learned skill and the heart has to train the mind to respond rather than react. Stepping outside and observing the process is key and time can stand still in the present moment and actions taken to take a more appropriate path (wisdom). Anguish and pain can vanish in an instant! Your little community in here is such a valuable tool to learn those skills for everyone and then we can all find that peace of mind and serenity that we are all searching for.
        We are evolving so fast and we really need our own little community (or communities) to support one another. Strength in numbers, no man is an island. This from another part of my own little community.
        “What this means on a practical (esoteric) level is that the emotional hook (guilt, lust, martyrdom, duty) has been removed. Don’t be surprised if the ego glue holding your relationships together dissolves rapidly. This doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship will end, it may just shift to the next octave. Imagine being surrounded by people all supporting each other to evolve into their best self… magic!”,best%20self%E2%80%A6%20magic!

    2. same/ish. getting there, i’ve just realised, fully how i’ve created my own rather shitty life, i can create better, no more victim, infinite love.

  16. right back over my mars to sq my mc, for the last time.
    the first hit of my mc was a big one, once mars joined in that is. huge life changing explosion.

    meanwhile i’m looking forward to midsummer when p conjuncts mars for the second time and venus moves into 1, and jupiter trines my moon, and more. i’m hoping for some , well, idk, something. as i’ve just been hit by the ole devil again.
    chiron trine uranus, fresh air but upheavel too.

  17. Hi Bob,
    I am in Australia too and l know what you mean about The Tower. I read and l am born on the 16th. Without transmutation there is no growth.

  18. Pluto has been squaring my Midheaven and 27 degrees of the signs Cardinal on the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th is my family’s shared chart signature. Major changes and adjustments on the home front, family front, career front, and marital front have already taken place in the last year. Mostly good. With it trining my Mars in the 10th, it’s been a lot of professional conflict (Mars) and death (Pluto) of said professional relationships. When it goes back into Aqua, it will immediately quincunx my Sun. To boot, Saturn is squaring my Moon.

    Tbh, it feels like adjustment depression.

    1. Sounds similar to me. Pluto opposite MC and Saturn opposite my virgo sun/pluto quincunx sun.
      My father passed today, end of cycle deterioration of his health started at 29 transiting capricorn pluto 😢

      Hang in there… are not alone

      1. Helen,I am sorry about the loss of your father.I lost my Mom and my Dad under Pluto aspects too. Never easy no matte what age they/we are.

  19. feel like this is going to brush my sun one more time 😛 that transit was awful. it also provided some absolutely necessary changes (the weak parts of my life were broken)

  20. Interesting!!
    I have progressed Venus in the very last degree of cancer so this transit will make a direct opposition.

    Wondering if transit to progressed are material and should be not be taken lightly?

  21. Plan?to follow the little bluebirds over
    The rainbow, to the precipice of what feels like huge changes? What are they ?
    No guessing, but I can feel something huge getting close, maybe it’s peace
    Maybe it’s crazy weather, feels big
    Can big things be really little?

    1. I feel things have flipped as well. I also just spoke with a client and she’s had things flip 180 degrees too. It’s encouraging. 🙂

  22. It’s about time. A knot in time. I am not so sure about linear time anymore…one day, then another sort of dragging time. Liminal time feels different…the stepping through. But not yet. What about vertical time? At the crossroads…backwards, forwards at the same time.

    1. Talking to myself here. But this time thingy is a true story…l said things were ‘limping along’ and my leg lost its elastic. I feel like l have become my own symbolic expression of the/my outer/inner. Time flicking by.

    2. to give mine to your both here Dianne, we *experience* time in a chronological fashion of observed history of entropy BUT it’s not linear [IMO] it’s cyclical, patterns repeating and overlapping, past is present and future, as can be seen in latest science stuff on quantum levels trying to observe electrons. It’s why astrology is so powerful, it shows the patterns and nuances. I can tell you, don’t try to see your doc literally on All the -try, -phy and -ogy in all the sciences are simply parts of the whole. I particularly like Robert Moss’ dreamtake on Einstein, who in that scape describes it as ‘probability packets’ and Jane Robert’s Seth stuff is interesting too. But yes, the liminals are literals of late, and collectively felt it seems. Esp the body/mind/psyche combo in action. This may also be a neptune delusion of mine too – I figure the odds be 50-50!

        1. Yes, to the patterns…l am more Jungian (post) but l remember a story about Jung trying to make a point to a woman…he opened a window…a beetle flew in and he says: Here is your scarab (from her dream). I want to change patterns and l am. Things will happen…do happen. l recognise it. Turn the other way. Make choices. Choose differently. Everything is squeezed tighter– no avoiding it…things are dynamic. Each lesson a quicker run through less dragged out. I am less inclined to go with the same old same old…l might engage with someone but ‘know’ how it is going to go ‘know’ the story already. I refuse to play my role. Someone wrote ‘They do not want any new friends’. I dont want to meet certain ones again…been there done that. Get me?

            1. Exactly. It happens a lot to me…but lately l am even spooking myself. Most of it is not for public sharing.
              But let me say it this way: if we repeat the same we get the same. Change comes from change. You have a good one Marty.

  23. I work at a daycare and I can see that they are covertly and actively trying to get the staff to quit. So that it can be a revolving door where new arrivals come and then go. They are also trying to maximize enrollment at the cost of children welfare and staffing shortages/mental health. We are not equipped to care for the children that they are enrolling. They have severe delays and emotional/social disabilities. On paper, they say we are trained but we’re really not.

      1. It goes back to the Neptune with the veil dropping and revealing the behind the scenes. I think the cracks are becoming more visible. But parents are just failing to understand the full impact of how this is affecting their own children, whether their child is the one with special needs or in a classroom with several of children with special needs. The management team snuffs out any dissident because this is a business in truth and a center that supports child in name only.

        Pluto is in my 4th house and will enter the 5th house with Aquarius. I’m not sure what that will bring. I don’t have any biological children. I have the ones at the center.

        I actually mentioned being replaced by robots in the future. Robots won’t be upset at being hit or spat on, they follow orders, and they don’t need to feel appreciated. Parents might prefer that and children in this generation might not even notice a difference.

  24. In situations where the planets are getting hit left and right, such as mine, is it more helpful to just look at th progressed chart? Hm. I feel for everyone here (just being polite) but this back and forth through cap and Aquarius might as well describe “satan” there i said it.. it’s not helpful in any way..

  25. This was a transit to my 7th and then 8th house. Talk about learning about power balances in relationships via trial by fire! For the 8th house, it wasn’t so much that I was blindsided by its matters but many legacies I became aware of over the years were better understood (after processing personal and likely generational legacies of violence of various types). The takeaway I got was I came from those who survived when many did not, and there’s something I don’t think anything can take away. With the retrograde and return, I think I will have some remaining homework with my 8th house before Pluto graces my 9th.

    1. Thank you, Elsa, for giving us the space to look back, look at where we are now, and make some type of plan to charter the waters ahead.

      In Pluto’s peek back into my 8th house, I anticipate some more deaths as my mother’s generation have been transitioning out of their lives, and I’ll also probably have to think about the remainder of hers (her Ascendant is 2 degrees Aquarius). I’ll probably also do some (I hope) wrapping up ghostbusting 8th house matters. Since this also square the Jupiter/ Uranus conjunction in my 12th house, I may need backup for managing this. Better start putting people on speed dial!

      Since this involves Capricorn and professional matters, I hope I can finalize my divorce with my current employer (coincidentally, I started it right when Pluto entered Cap). It’s been a mutual love-hate relationship. I’ve finally come to a point where I see this professional marriage as untenable and toxic.

      I’m trying to find ways to resolve it, take stock, grieve my losses, and step towards a better situation. I would not say this 16-year relationship has been a complete waste, but the punch-drunk description you gave beautifully captured it. You (Elsa) has been writing about faith a lot lately, and that’s what I’ll need to grasp to get to the other side.

  26. Avatar
    Song Mistress

    My father has been ill, although he continues to rebound trying to live his best life at 80. At some point when I was looking at the astrology for this year, and the Pluto transit, I made a note that he would die on July 20th which I had forgotten about until looking at the new moon effects and then started wondering about the Pluto Transit more and looked at my notes…. my brother and I both guessed the exact day our Mother would die weeks in advance. Looking back at it astrologically it made sense as well.

    Both my brother and I have Pluto transiting our 4th house. His birthday is July 22. I have no obvious aspects to Pluto, my brother however has a lot of them including a square to his Ascendant & Moon, opposition to his natal midheaven, Mercury and his Sun. in trine to Jupiter & Neptune, and Sextile to Mars & Neptune.

    My father’s Pluto transit is in his 1st house, trines natal Pluto, Neptune and his moon, squares Mars & Mercury, inconjunct his North Node and Chiron, and in Opposition to Jupiter….

    My father is a narcissist and bully (oxymoron?) who has been our worst nightmare the majority of our lives that has intensified since my Mother passed away. His death will be bittersweet, but also a blessing on many many levels which includes finally receiving the inheritance from our Mother’s estate he refused to give us….

    Interestingly, or not, My boyfriend’s Pluto transit is in the 8th house, squaring Pluto & Lilith, in opposition to Mercury. Our 3 year anniversary is the end of this month and I have hoped we would be making the commitment to move in together….

    Am trying not to go down the rabbit hole of any kind though I feel more prepared for whatever may come by looking into the astological omens from my novice perspective.

    Love, love, love to all!

    1. I’m sorry to hear that! My mom was the narcissist and so is my brother.

      My brother and I both have Pluto transiting our 4th houses. But my brother is the one who’s threatening everybody. He’s homeless and wants me to take him in. I’m scared to leave the house. Pluto squaring my moon . And for that matter Pluto squaring my brothers moon too ( twins). I have had Pluto sq Saturn , I thought that was the worst transit in my life. But this one tops it all.

      I listen to Richard Grannon on YouTube and Pete Walker they have good info on how to deal with anxiety and PTSD and suffering from Narcissistic abuse.

      My mom died 3 years ago but cut off contact 20 years before that. I felt relief when she died. But she left us an inheritance: my psychotic brother.

      Sometimes I think I won’t make it trough. But I have to be strong .

      I wish you the best of luck and lots and lots of strength!


      1. wow, sounds heavy!
        i’ve been put through the wringer for several years now, with everything from sat to chi.
        now i’ve pluto con mars/venus, and sq mc.
        in fact it will station sq mc soon for a months.
        and v op chiron now.
        it’s so hard, i barely know how to get through 1 day, and then another.
        and this is after getting into ACIM last year, via michael mirdad, that’s been a life saver, but even with that…,.
        i do a lot of what i want to be/see [ see britney shawley short on youtube ] and it does help, else i might not be here, i’ve been suicidal a lot these last few years. and still get that way, a bit now.
        pluto’s in the middle of my 6th house. idk what that even means.
        i’ve worked through a lot of childhood abuse issues, what i wish i’d known sooner is about refilling the cup, i’ve only learned that through michael mirdad, i’ve released plenty, but never , until recently, refilled with positive.
        that does make a difference . i’ll check out those people that you mention, one can’t have to much help.

        1. You are welcome I’m sorry to hear that you are going trough this! I also use Cherry Plum from Bach , it’s a real help, makes my suicidal thoughts silence in my head. I remember myself that I won’t quit on myself. I’ve been a doormat for too long. It’s my god given right to live! And yours too!

          The inner child / inner fear is disregulated.

          I listen to theta waves and brown noises too. They calm my brain.

          You are not your trauma Richard Grannon explained, it happened to you yes. But you are not the trauma.

          Irene Lyon is also a must watch on YouTube, don’t give up on yourself !
          It’ll get better, but first you need to look the fear in the face. The hurt, the trauma. They are messengers telling you something needs to change.

          Wishing you lots of light and strength!


  27. The never ending back and forth of pluto in late Capricorn degrees is so sadistic… I have a natal pluto -saturn in Libra/Scorpio and is triggered perpetually! Ask and you won’t receive energy going on forever. I have endured the Pluto transit in my 6th since 2008 stoically and patiently having Taurus sun mars mercury stellium, however this constant in and out of Capricorn makes me want to scream! All those years I was facing constant crises in employment matters making every day life a nightmare, struggling for survival working without making enough money and so on. I m not sure I can feel the transformation and rebirth of Pluto energy, it definitely is exhausting and painful. I want this to end soon..

    1. yeah, i’ve pluto in the middle of six now since 15, now going between con mars/venus/sq mc, where it will station soon.
      venus stationed op my 7th house chiron, my bleeding wound.

      then back into 12.

      + sat con sun op pluto, uranus sq, various chiron transits, trine asc/uranus, good, sq saturn, not so much.

      being put through the wringer these last 7 years or so, first sat transiting everything , now aLL OF THIS, with ever increasing intensity.
      re relationships especially, also why even live, generally.

      i got into ACIM last year, that helps, but still, idk how much more i can take.

      1. I had the Pluto Saturn conjunction in 2020 squaring my mc and now chiron is on it. Career and employment in general completely destroyed. I feel I will not be able to support myself ever again. I have a hard time finding a decent job that I won’t be exploited ie work hard and flexible for breadcrumbs, the true Plutonian fashion..
        Uranus is also transiting my 10th house, so much instability and disruption.
        It’s unbelievable that it’s not just one bad transit over one career/employment house, all of them are hit hard simultaneously. I am losing hope that this damage and thwarting can be fixed or even replaced..

        1. i’m lucky re that, well, i’m chronically ill/semi disabled, not much fun, but i get by at least, i can only keep hoping that after the wringer comes renewal.
          or in my darker moods ” next live will at least benefit ”, lol.
          i get very suicidal, and this is after the god finding that was such a bright spot last year, but since march it’s been very heavy again.
          i’m tryng to have faith, michael mirdad is a huge help, though i was so down this week i could barely connect to the sunday service.

          hypothetically if he/ACIM are right, anything could happen and things change in spectacular fashion. i must believe that.

          i know there’s a reason for what i’m going through, having been hiding from relationships more than having them, out of fear, and even vanity, i just realised, as in ” i can’t let anyone see that i’m not perfect” physically, emotionally , it’s really vanity when it comes down to it.
          + fears connected with abuse and such, obvs, there’s more.
          i also realised that i might have hurt a good few men, running away in fear of being hurt, never thinking that they might be, cause men are monster, i literally only started seeing them as fully human a flew months ago. one reason i’m happy with MM as teacher, a safe male, i never had growing up.
          i’m 63, i feel like i should have been where i am 30 years ago, i hope i get just a tiny bit of happiness before i die, and that things work out for you as well.

      2. Yesterday, sun was opps. Pluto and Venus went Leo. My 6th house is Leo. My moon is in Leo too. So my Venus and Mars in Cancer in the 5th does what? Eats one litre of chocolate ice-cream on special at 1/2 price. Did l enjoy it? Yes. Did l enjoy what happened after…NO!
        Some-one wrote about Bach flower rememdies. I have thought about this for years and will try them as rec. by Donna Cummings.Healing Pluto Problems.
        Many of you have more serious issues than a self induced belly ache (l knew better and did it anyway). Trans Saturn conj. my Asc opps Pluto in Virgo 6th. Changes are here. My wellbeing is my responsibily. My habits good, bad and indifferent are mine to manage. And eventhough l know perfection is impossible l will keep chipping away…
        There was an old Japanese sage who said something like: pick a flower is it perfect?
        Go on try it.
        Have a better day everyone.

          1. I had to look up MM. If he helps you good. If you like chocolate enjoy it.

            The past is a hunter.

            I hope you find your happiness today.

  28. I met my boyfriend in January 2022, just as Pluto had entered Cap. I thought I would spend rest of my life with him.
    Around June 2022, our relationship started becoming bitter.
    Inspite of CPR, it died around 15th July 2023.
    Am a 26 cap.
    This is uncanny.

  29. Cuts Deep !
    Gave up my medical career & my retirement to be a stay at home Mom for my son who was very sick.
    Today I am struggling to make ends meet. Now I’m so angry with myself
    because of asking for help from him.
    Of course I will get help if I pack
    up all my valuables which is not much and Express mail to him. I am deeply hurt myself!!!
    Never should have given up my Career.

    1. Hello Cappy,

      Does your son want you to move to where he lives? I dont know what condition he had and what other choices were available at that time.
      To give up your career–that is huge.
      Are you no longer able to work in medicine?
      When l read about some of the health troubles (here) and the poor service some receive, I thought of Barefoot Drs.

      The past cant be changed. I hope you can forgive yourself.

  30. Same old plan…reduce all risk everywhere to the extent possible..”the Goblins will get you if you don’t watch out…”

  31. “I want to maintain my posture and integrity, even when the lights go out.”

    Words to live by, Elsa.

    Pluto in Cap hit my 6th house and during that time, though it took many years, I finally found relief for my chronic back pain from a car accident 30 years ago. I also finally got up the courage to go to the dentist and ya know what? The universe guided me towards the BEST dentist ever!

    So, after finally taking care of my spine and teeth I’m hoping Pluto’s retrograde will notice I’ve done some hard work in the areas of my health that I needed to face head on and perhaps let me off easy. 😂

    But just in case it doesn’t go that way I’m gonna put that quote from you Elsa on the mirror in my bathroom.

  32. This makes me soo..tired?Weary? Wary?? It’s taken me a year and a half to get to some new kind of normal after so much illness and stress in my family related to Covid jabs. Some days I think I am doing great,some days I think I might just be “playing dead..” I let a lot roll off my back.. or is it that I am still stunned,paralyzed, in some emotional areas,now? I try not to think about it.And yes, I am “woke” AND awakened ( how can we NOT be with all going on in this world just now??) I also wish to maintain my dignity, and my place, through all that may come. Will just keep putting one foot in front of the other.Am so grateful for the happy beautiful days, for simple pleasures, for time with husband, for the bit of healing that has come for my son (though I still grieve some, daily for what he has lost..)Since 2020 My own body has aged, I have some aches and pains that make. me a little crazy, and I have to devote inordinate amounts of time to stretches,yoga, etc. to stay as mobile and active as I want to.. I am fortunate we can travel and leave home once again now that I am not a caregiver..and all time by the ocean is very healing as well as invigorating… Life is just very very strange these days.

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