Defenses Fail With Saturn in Pisces

tsunamiI was talking to my lifelong friend, Ben, yesterday.  He’s different than me.  He’s half-white, half-black and gay, for starters. He’s an educator (music) and has been for nearly forty years. We’re peers in this way – we both found our calling.

Ben is a Scorpio with a strong Uranus streak and his moon in Aries. He’s a wonderful source for ideas, insight and just a general outside perspective.

I described a scenario where one person tells another, there is something important they’re missing.  Further, it will change their life if they discover it. They don’t want to know. In fact, they will do anything possible to not know.

I explained, if someone told me such a thing, I would rip down a brick wall with my bare hands to get at it. Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t hesitate. I would stop at nothing to get to this supposed information.  It’s unfathomable to me how a person would not want to get to the bottom of it. “Why, Ben, why?”

“Fear, Elsa. It’s fear.”

My brain heard, “fear” and thought of Saturn of course. Control? A person wants to maintain their paradigm… due to fear? I don’t know that this covers every situation but it does make sense.  The problem is, when Saturn transits Pisces, these defenses will fail.

If you’re living like this, you might want to voluntarily crack a door open with the hope you have a chance to exercise some control over what’s flowing your way.  If it catches you all at once, the chances of staying on your feet during a tsunami are very poor.

I guess this might be compared to someone who just doesn’t want to know, their spouse is cheating, their kid is stealing or doing drugs or whatever.  A person does even want to know they gained ten pounds. This is common and it’s understanble but I’m telling you, when Saturn transits Pisces, you will see these lines disappear.

Neptune is mighty. People forget.

Have you ever been hit by this kind of flood on any level?

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  1. Interesting. Scorpio in general – especially male – does not want to know to much, as I learned throughout the years …

        1. I don´t know, since they would not let me see even their date … not talking about the Scorpio women, they are open to any kind of “supernatural” vibes; Scorpio men do not like uncover their depth, I feel – greetings from Prague

          1. Greetings back atcha!
            It may be that they don’t share it.

            “There is a party of thoughts in my head and you’re not invited.”

            That’s an old quote from my friend, mentioned above. 🙂

            1. Avatar
              ConfuzzledFish 🐠

              Love Ben’s quote!!
              The whole Saturn in Pisces thing is causing me concern, though. Don’t know enough astrology to feel the fear, but the wart on my nose has already started twitching… 🙃

  2. Often pride is the barrier if one has invested their personal or social identity in a facade. A very stubborn refusal to admit they’ve been duped. They fight tooth and nail to stop the exposure of their gullibility.

  3. There were times I just wouldn’t want to know things. As a kid, overhearing my parents talk about me as I was in bed. I could hear them through the wall that separated the kitchen and my bedroom. I hated them talking about me, what I did wrong, or needed to work on. Even if it was good, I just started putting a pillow over my head. I think it felt like pressure on me to act a certain way, as if I were being judged and I didn’t want to know it.

    And later, I guess I realized that there were things I didn’t want to know until I was ready to deal with them. I knew they were there. I’d play games with myself, fool myself, or ignore them. Until one day, rip that shit open. And dealing with it was quicker than I’d feared and sometimes I’d mock or laugh. It is fear. Fear your world, or your control over your world, will change and what will you do now?

    I have Virgo AC, Pisces DC.

    1. Virgo AC, as I see it, is indeed one who likes to make sure, things are under control, overviewable and not to be flooded by the piscean dangerous deep waters. Interesting is the wall between you and your parents – the wall of truth, border, security. What role might be Saturn in, “Lord of the walls … “?

      I have an Aries AC, Sun in Pisces and a Cancer Moon.

  4. Yup, fear of being found out. My Mars Saturn conjunction in 8th House wants (is programmed) to keep tradition in place.
    But it’s a Leo 8th House , and sextiled by Uranus. It’s a wild card thrown into that program
    Cowlicks Elsa they won’t be controlled 😳
    Maybe related to disassociating from a habit(natal protocol)
    My Scorpio Sun squares all that Saturn
    It takes a lifetime of many lives
    Saturn in Pisces will be interesting

  5. The “don’t want to know” , possible already
    Holding onto last tiny piece of rope
    Letting go ;the free fall
    Alright perhaps , if no one holding on to you?

  6. Hi 5 girl, to the next 500 more miles!
    Time to roll , no sunshine here
    Just plenty plenty cold
    Wondering if my brain has a special corner for the cold, where I dress like a koala bear
    Where I say” no, no, not that coat again.
    Sooooo excited for Mercury direct❤️

  7. I live with Piscean tsunamis – a Mercury/Neptune 12 th house conjunction. Everyone of them is followed by a resurrection away from knowledge and cerebral functioning that takes me down into the heart.
    It is a continual movement away from knowledge as judgement.

    The defenses that will be washed by this upcoming Saturn in Pisces tsunami are as much (probably more) related to Uranian control and fear as they are to the control and fear of Saturn. The shadow of Uranus as knowledge that becomes judgement is much more significant now than that of Saturn after all of these years of Pluto in Capricorn.

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    Gabriella L Garlock

    Pisces rules my DC and 7th Houses. Saturn in Pisces 5th House opposite a 4-planet Sun conjunction in the 12th.

    My tsunamis happen while I sleep, in my dreams.

    1. Saturn will be in Pisces 6th House then, right? Virgo House 12 in a stellium will lead to a caring job for the whole of the world (or a very big organization), the more, when ruler of H. 12, the sun, is in H. 12, too. Does it? Saturn in Pisces is like Jesus walking the water … – did you experience Neptune-transit on Saturn, jet? Take care on this one to keep feet on the ground.

  9. thats my mom and also my sister for some reason, they love secrets that are even toxic and should be in the family and not be told for fear of bad things and exposure to bad gossip. and i dont blame them because they truly understand that alot of people dont get ” deep” and understand the depth of human fraility and generations of programming and yet they want to be loved and understood themselves. Yet weirdly human nature sometimes just are too harsh and gossipy and mean to others. its like we want to be loved and deeply understood and not judged yet at the same time they go about judging others. That i understand truly that the fear of being judged. yet i have seen my mother and sister judge others. lol its not because they mean to, its just something that just happens. Ive seen it happen all the time with my mother in law, super judgemental and my husband complains his step mother(the woman who married his father and was happy with her) that she’s super judgemental and hates to be around her most of the time and avoids some get togethers with her.

    due to her super judgemental pointing fingers at others, yet i have told him repeatedly that his own mother has done it too and gave him evidence. See? People give more forgiveness to those they are close to and love and yet one cannot be blind to the flaws we all have. Although in truth his mother is more reflective and sees that she is in the wrong and feels bad. We dont know about the step mother, maybe she is that way too but she has her own children and maybe they avoid her and dont tell her that she’s doing bad by judging harshly on others. I know that i tell my mother straight up bluntly that she can be super mean and judgemental (thats in the old days before she became elderly and frail and dementia) and she would get super angry at me and say what a horrible child i am to tell her how she should live her life and that mothers knows best. pffft. thats not always true. If their children didnt point out stuff they would continue being that way.

    However, she has changed over the years when i tell her kindly dont do that anymore and she realizes. Sometimes it just takes a strong firm hand to those we love to tell them how it is. Lord knows my mother and family members and even my husband tell me how it is. My husband has changed me over the years too, because he used to say i was super snappy to him but also super sweet. like a weird combo. Now i’m just super sweet. Although i realize i got that from my mother who is also super mean and snappy and also super loving and kind. now i’ve become just super sweet and i like that, the awareness helped also because he’s always been supportive and kind to me and made me see the error of my ways. also i help him alot too.

  10. I don’t understand. Why would Saturn in Pisces break down the defense against seeing what someone does not want to see? I think of Pisces as being very slippery and having a loose relationship to the truth.

    But I do agree with Ben about fear. The additional information could increase the pressure to deal with the situation and that is precisely what people may want to avoid.

    It’s like the person who says “I don’t fear change – I just don’t want to make any changes.” I’m like that.

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    Gabriella L Garlock

    Thanks–interesting. Yes most of Saturn’s Pisces transit will be in 6th, after my 2nd Saturn Return in 5th has done its thing.

    I’ve been learning to meditate, to moderate healing energies, hoping I’ll be ready for the task!

    =D –with all those planets in 12th, I always DO struggle to keep my feet on the ground.

  12. I see Saturn coming down HARD on the “Final SOLUTION” ie the Death Jab. It’s a mysterious liquid (Pisces).
    Saturn won’t tolerate any more deception about it. Will lower the boom on the deceivers.

    1. I agree. It is difficult to watch this already at play.

      With regards to this topic in relation to Saturn/Pisces I am keeping my compassion/sympathy (emotion/water) in check because it could be a massive wave for those who are on the other side observing the dissolving of defenses e.g. family, friends, coworkers.

    2. `im (Saturn Pisces) makes the structures melt. Neptun & Saturn – sugarcone in waterglass – bridge over troubled water – get a home in a boat … 🙂 … but! Pisces is not only mysterious liquid, is also spiritual enlightenment – as Neptune home keeper is still on board – we will have a couple years (until 2025) to structure and renew religion and truth. Pharma fascism might have a harder time.

  13. i feel those moments with uranus a lot. whiplash. the entire ground shifts. maybe with pisces it’s more erosion or the submerged emerging?

    1. water is more powerful than earth, if floods happen (even in bible, the flood with no earth/no land for months…it sounds catastrophic) >_<

      1. Are true, the more Saturn moves from strength in Aquarius to weakness in Pisces. Neptun rules (mostly undercover) until 2025 (like all the years before since 2011 and deepwater horizon thing).

    2. Well yes, but it may depend on the own radix Neptune & Saturn position. If – for instance – Neptune is in Scorpio and Saturn gives a good angle to it´s radix-position, it should not be too bad.

      And then again: my approach to astrology is to beat the shit (excuse my language) out of a bad aspect, to give it a good outcome anyhow. Otherwise we all get to be rabbits frozen, looking in the snakes eye.

      That means: what expression do I give this Saturn/Neptune thing in Pisces? Because: when it comes to the front-door, it will not hurt through the back-door.

        1. What you do and design with purpose yourself does not hit you by chance. Keep control. Captain on board. The system is from old Egypt. Thorwald Dethlefsen´s teachings: “Challange of Fate”.

          It´s actually one good reason for astrology on a daily basis.

  14. Really happy you mentioned Ben, it’s been while since I’ve seen anything about him. I tend to enjoy these posts, this one is no exception.

    As for me, I’ve been actively working to be as ‘real’ as possible, see things as ‘realistically’ as possible, so as to do what you said “crack open a door”. Now I’ve know why, late Aquarius/early Pisces will trine my Cancer sun.

    1. Yeah, Ben, is always busy. But he showed up to watch that radio show… we’ve been talking frequently, since. He may come live here… possible.
      He will retire soon.

      1. Wow that would be something: a version of The Gray Panthers I’d love knowing was playing through (Ben and Elsa the second half) 🤞👍🏽
        Pisces in Saturn has a strong and empowering message from my culture’s point of view
        Pisces (the ocean) is our most ancient of ancestors and they have gotten a bad rap Saturn on steroids😳(since the 1880’s) Groups of us are tapping into course corrections. It’s empowering and like learning to surf at any age and from all points on the earth now(2023)
        I love that you have opened up the “wild wires content “ here Elsa.
        Wild Hares in time for the Year of the Black Water Metal Rabbit !!

  15. I have a strong urge to not know, to never want to know anything. But I have Virgo. It’s always always better to know than to not.

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