Voice Of Mars – Two-Faced Venus In Gemini

fly-boy-harley.jpg“Did anyone ever call you a fly boy?” I asked. “I never heard it.”

“No, no one ever called me fly boy,” he said before he stopped to consider. ‘But I didn’t tell anyone I was in the Air Force when I was a Marine.”

“Yeah, I guess not.”

“No, hell no. No one knew I that and when I got in the Army no one knew I had been in the Air Force or that I had been a Marine.”

“You kept that all split up?”

“Yep, yep, had to of course. Whatever branch of service you’re in, that’s the best and all the other branches suck so what are you going to do? Keep your mouth shut of course. No way would I admit I was in those other services…”


Yes this means 3 times through boot camp. Can’t imagine why I call him, the soldier.

5 thoughts on “Voice Of Mars – Two-Faced Venus In Gemini”

  1. Loonsounds – he has pretty much had every bit of military training that is available all around the world. Internationally, I mean. Sometimes they trade off soldiers. They send one of theirs, we send one of ours. I really doubt there is another soldier in this world as trained as he is.

    Maybe… but I doubt it.

  2. Three times thru boot camp, all I can think of is Mars, Mars Mars! Like, that this guy must have a super powered (well aspected and well placed) really high functioning Mars.

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